Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Insert Comment

When working with EdrawMind, a powerful mind-mapping tool, viewers can share their thoughts directly within the mind map using the comment feature, which is helpful for collaboration or reference purposes. You will notice a blue comment icon when you add a comment, making it easy to locate.

Hovering your cursor over the icon reveals essential details such as the author, content, and timestamp. You can add multiple comments to a topic, allowing in-depth discussions and feedback. This feature empowers map makers to gather insights, facilitate communication, and streamline collaboration within the mind map.

Follow the steps below to facilitate collaboration and idea-sharing among team members. Adding a comment will help ensure the mind map reflects the latest insights and feedback.

Step1Select a topic on the canvas.

There are two ways to insert a Comment in the mind map.

  • Option 1: Right-click a topic, then select Comment.
  • right-click topic and select comment
  • Option 2: Click the topic you want to comment on. Then click the More dropdown list in the Home tab, and select Comment.
  • select comment from more dropdown list
Step2In the Insert Comment dialogue box, enter a remark in the text field, then click Send.
open insert comment dialogue box
If you want to edit a comment, click the blue comment icon within the topic. It will open the Insert Comment dialogue box. Click Modify to make your desired changes, and then click OK. If you are satisfied with the changes, close the dialogue box.
edit an existing comment

To remove an existing Comment, repeat the steps above to open the Insert Comment dialogue box. Next, Click Delete, and close the Insert Comment dialogue box.

remove a comment