Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Save/Recover a Mind Map

Storing your mind maps in multiple locations can help protect data from loss or corruption. If something happens to your computer, you can still access your mind maps from your personal cloud storage or Dropbox account. In EdrawMind, you can do all these things and even save the mind maps as personal templates.

01 How To Save a Mind Map

Follow these steps to learn how to save your mind maps:

Step 1Click the Save icon on the quick access toolbar on the top navigation pane once you have finished editing your mind map. Alternatively, click the Workbench tab in the upper navigation pane.
edrawmind open file from storage
You can also press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S.
Step 2Choose Save As > Computer, Personal Cloud, personal template, or Dropbox.
edrawmind select a save location

02 How To Auto Save a Mind Map

EdrawMind has a flexible auto-save feature that lets you save your mind map files at the frequency that works best for you. The default interval is three minutes, but you can change it. Here's how:

Step 1Click the Workbench tab in the upper navigation pane.
Step 2Choose Options > Save.
Step 3In the Save section, enter the number of minutes in the Auto save for recovery input field. You can use the stepper to adjust the default value if you'd rather not type.
edrawmind auto save recovery settings
If you open a new mind map file, the auto-save feature will not save the file until you have manually saved it for the first time. After that, the software will automatically save the file every few minutes, as you specified in the auto-save for recovery settings.

03 How To Find and Recover Automatically Saved Files

This diagramming tool also allows you to easily restore previous auto-saved versions of your mind map file if needed. Follow these steps to learn how to find and recover automatically saved mind maps:

Step 1Go to the Advanced tab in the upper navigation pane and click File Recovery.
edrawmind file recovery in advanced tab
Step 2Select the file you need in the File recovery dialog box and click Open.
edrawmind file recovery dialogue box