Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

AI Video Export Function

With Wondershare EdrawMind's AI video export function, you can create engaging videos from your mind maps. Follow these steps to start creating videos that will help you practice your presentation skills better using AI:

Step 1 Choose a mind map template from the Workbench section or open an existing document from your recent files.
edrawmind workbench section interface
Step 2 After you've customized and edited the mind map to your liking, go to AI in the upper navigation pane. Then, in the Edraw AI Features group, click AI video export to create a video of your mind map.
edrawmind ai features and canvas interface
Step 3 In the Export as video MP4 section, choose the Video mode as either of the following:
  • Select AI smart recording, then click Generate Script. Wait while Edraw AI create a video script for you based on the content of your mind map.
export video as ai smart recording
  • Then, click Export to save it on your computer or Generate new script for another video script version.
ai smart recording generated video script
  • Select Play video export and click Export to export the media files with the same structure and hierarchy as the original content. Please wait while your media files are being processed.
play video export mode
  • Once they're ready, you'll see your new exported video in the Audio Video Cloud File List pop-up window. Click the Download icon to save it to your local storage.
audio video cloud file list
Upload a Cover image and select an option from the Playback level dropdown list.