Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide


Optical Character Recognition, commonly known as OCR, is a powerful technology that allows computers to identify and convert printed or handwritten text into digital format. This digital text can be easily edited, searched, and stored in a database for convenient access and organization.

With EdrawMind's built-in OCR feature, you can effortlessly extract text from images in just a few simple steps. Here's how:

  • Click on the AI tab in the EdrawMind interface. Locate and click on the Image Text Extraction option. This will open the OCR window.
  • In the OCR window, click on Select a document to import the image file from which you want to extract text.
edrawmind ocr
  • Once the file is imported, the OCR feature will start recognizing the text within the image.
start to recognize text with edrawmind ocr
  • Now, you can easily edit the recognized text. Each paragraph corresponds to a subtopic in your mind map. To adjust the hierarchy and structure of the text, you can use the [Tab] and [Shift + Tab] keys to increase or decrease the indent.

After editing, you have two options to incorporate the recognized text into your mind map:

  • Click on the Insert paragraphs as subtopics button to add each paragraph as a separate subtopic.
  • Alternatively, you can choose the Insert current topic option to add the entire recognized text to the main topic.
insert paragraphs as subtopics button
The OCR feature is designed to recognize text from images, and its accuracy may vary depending on the quality of the image and the clarity of the text.