Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Topic Spacing

Topic spacing plays a crucial role in mind map editing as it optimizes the layout and visual organization of the mind map. Proper spacing between topics enhances readability and facilitates effective communication of ideas and concepts.

EdrawMind lets you create a mind map with evenly distributed and aligned topic shapes by adjusting the topic spacing. For example, increasing it adds extra white space, reducing clutter and improving understanding. Conversely, reducing spacing can accommodate more content in complex mind maps. Here's how to customize topic spacing in your mind map for optimal visual organization.

Step1Go to the Map tab bar in the right-side panel.
Step2In the Topic Spacing section, click the up-down control of the Horizontal or Vertical spin box. Alternatively, manually enter a value in the corresponding text field to set the desired spacing.
Step3Press the Enter key on your keyboard or click anywhere on the canvas to apply the change
change entire mind map topic spacing
The initial values in the Horizontal and Vertical spin boxes are set to 30 by default. The maximum value is 100, while the minimum value is 20. You can input values within this range to configure the desired spacing for your mind map topics.