Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Adjust Topic Margins and Topic Text Width

Changing Topic Margins and topic width allows you to adjust the structure of your mind map slightly. The content below will tell you how to set them quickly and easily.

01 Change Topic Margins

Here's how to set topic margins and topic text width on your maps.

Step 1:Launch EdrawMind. Click Create to start a new map or Import the file saved on your computer. Choose a target topic or multiple topics and go to your menu bar. Click Advanced > Topic Margins > Topic Margins.
edrawmind topic margins
Step 2:Set Topic Margins by inputting number values of Left, Right, Top, and Bottom margins or click the up and down arrows beside them. Choose between adjusting the margins of Selected topics or All same type topics in the document. Once done, Click Apply > Ok.
apply the topic margins to mind map

02 Adjust Topic Text Width

When creating your mind map, follow the steps below to change the Topic Text Width.

Step 1: Choose a topic or multiple topics. Go to Advanced > Topic Text Width > |A| Top Text Width in the menu bar.
Step 2:Next to Topic Text Width, select Customize in the drop-down menu, and adjust the number by inputting or clicking the up and down arrows.
Step 3:Choose between setting the topic for Selected Topics, All same type topics in the document, or All topics, depending on your preference. Once done, click Apply > Ok.
edrawmind change the topic text width