Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Open/Import a Mind Map

EdrawMind lets you open and import a mind map from several locations to help you become more productive. You can easily organize mind maps by the project, the client, or any other criteria that make sense. EdrawMind makes it easy to find the mind map you need.

01 How To Open a Mind Map File

Follow these steps to open a mind map:

Step 1Click the Folder icon on the quick access toolbar on the top navigation pane to open the Mind Map.
Step 2Choose the file location from the Local Files section. Select from Recent, Computer, and Dropbox.
edrawmind open file from storage

02 How To Import a File

You can import files in various formats, including MindManager, XMind, FreeMind, EdrawMax, Word, HTML, and Markdown in EdrawMind. However, note that the imported files may not be 100 percent compatible with it.

Follow these steps to import a file:

Step 1 Click the Import icon on the quick access toolbar on the top navigation pane.
Step 2Select a format below the Import other file formats section.
edrawmind import a mind map file
Step 3Upload the file from your local storage.