Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Print a Mind Map

Follow these steps to print your mind map:

Step 1Click the Print icon in the quick access toolbar on top. Alternatively, click the Workbench tab in the upper navigation pane.
You can also press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P.
edrawmind print in quick access toolbar
Step 2Choose Print. Select the Printer, enter the number of Copies, change the Settings, choose the Pages to print, select the Layout, and set the Size of the file.
edrawmind print section
Step 3Click Print to start printing the file.

Printer Properties

Follow these steps to change more printer properties:

Step 1Click Printer Properties in the Print section.
Step 2In the Print dialogue box, you should see the following settings in the General tab:
  • Select Printer: Select from the available printers connected.
  • Print to file: It is a way to save a document in a format that a different printer can use. Selecting Print to file can be helpful if you want to print the file on a printer with different capabilities than your current printer.
  • Page Range: You can print all or a specific range of pages in the Page Range section. Select the All radio button to print all pages. To print a specific range of pages, enter the required number of pages in the Custom range.
  • Number of Copies: Click More Settings > Advanced > Copy Count and enter a value for the number of copies you want to print.
edrawmind printing properties settings
Step 3Click Apply to save the changes. Then, click Print to start printing the file.

More Setup

Here are the steps on how to set up page print settings:

Step 1Click More Setup… in the Print section.
Step 2In the Print Setup dialogue box, you can change Print Zoom, Page Margins, and Page Contains sections according to your preferences.
edrawmind print setup settings
Step 3Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialogue box.