Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

How To Show the Ratio

The Zoom slider in EdrawMind makes it easy to adjust the magnification of the content on the screen. It allows you to see more or less of the mind maps, depending on your needs. For example, you might zoom in on a mind map to see the details more clearly or zoom out to see the entire mind map at once.

01 Using the Zoom Slider

Here's how to use the Zoom slider in EdrawMind:

Step 1Click the Zoom slider in the bottom right corner of the canvas.
Step 2Drag the slider to the right to zoom in on the mind map. Otherwise, drag the slider to the left to zoom out.
edrawmind drag the zoom slider

You can also click the (minus) - icon to decrease the zoom level by 10% or the (plus) + icon to increase the zoom level by 10%. The number next to the slider tells you the current zoom percentage or the zoom level.

02 Using the Zoom Level

You can also change the zoom level of the mind map from the zoom percentage. Here's how:

Step 1Click the Zoom Level percentage display for more options.
Step 2Enter a value in the Percent input field to specify the zoom level precisely or select from a predefined range of zoom levels from 25% to 400%. You can also choose to have the mind map fit to the window size or window width.
edrawmind select zoom level percentage