Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Start Slideshow (Start/Show Interface/Exit Slide Mode)

Welcome to the Start Slideshow section of EdrawMind. Launch your mind map presentation and captivate your audience with your ideas. Enjoy a seamless experience as you navigate through your slides and deliver impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression. Here's how.

Step 1To start your presentation, click the Start Slideshow button in the Slideshow tab bar.
  • Left-click once anywhere on your screen to jump to the next slide. You can also use the mouse wheel to proceed to the next slide conveniently. Alternatively, use the Left and Right or Up and Down arrow keys on the keyboard to move back and forth slides when presenting.
  • To show a specific slide for your presentation, right-click on a slide and click on the Start Slideshow from Current Slide.
starting your slide presentation
Step 2When a slideshow is being played, you can use a toolbar at the lower left of the canvas.
  • Move your cursor to the lower left of your slide, and seven buttons will appear.
  • Choose between the Previous and Next Page, Zoom In or Out, Fit to View, and Exit Show buttons as needed.
quick access toolbar during presentations
Step 3Once you've finished your presentation, an Ending screen will appear to show the end of your slides. You can left-click your mouse again or press the Esc button on the keyboard to finish your presentation.
presentation ending slide window