Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

How to Fold and Unfold Branches

Folding parts of a diagram lets you focus on one section at a time when it gets too complex or overwhelming. It makes it more manageable to navigate and understand. When working in a team, folding allows you to hide and reveal specific parts as discussions evolve, keeping the focus on the topic at hand. For troubleshooting or brainstorming, folding sections might help identify issues step by step.

Follow one of these steps to fold and unfold the branches of the diagram on the canvas.

  • Fold Each Level: Select a Topic and click the minus icon on the right side of the Topic.
edrawmind fold subtopics to hide
  • Fold All Subtopics: Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F3 to fold all subtopics. But it doesn't apply to the Main Idea and Main Topic.
  • Unfold Each Level: Click the number beside the Main Topic to unfold the branches for each of them.
edrawmind unfold subtopics to view