Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Real-Time Collaboration Feature

EdrawMind has revolutionized the collaborative experience with its latest real-time collaboration feature. This innovative feature enables multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on mind maps, allowing instant updates and changes to be visible to all participants in real time. Users can brainstorm ideas, plan projects, organize thoughts, and refine strategies collaboratively, regardless of their physical location.

edrawmind real-time collaboration feature

How To Collaborate in EdrawMind

Collaborating in EdrawMind requires you to follow a few simple steps. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to convert your EdrawMind file into a collaborative file.

Step 1 Open a mind map first to access the real-time collaboration features. Then, click the Share button on the top-right portion of the workspace.
edrawmind share button
Step 2a Then, click Copy Link and send it to your friend/teammate to give them access to your file. Ensure the sharing option is set to Anyone with the link can edit the file.
Step 2b Alternatively, you can give access using the Send Invitation option. Just type in your friend's email address (connected to Wondershare) and ensure the Editor option is enabled.
edrawmind collaboration options
Step 3Ask your teammate to open the link and log in with their accounts.
edrawmind collaboration card
Your workspaces should now look like this, with your avatars available on the top panel.
edrawmind collaboration avatars
Step 4Now, any of you can add changes to the mind map document. Use the EdrawMind workspace as you normally would. All changes will be reflected in real-time. For example, editing texts, such as in this case, should appear like this on your teammate's screen.
edrawmind workspace with collaboration