Large Hotel Org Chart - Definition, How to, & Templates

Want to design the hierarchy of a large hotel org chart instantly? Check this post to learn how to create org charts with an online drawing tool.


Are you looking for a quick method to effortlessly create a large hotel org chart? This post covers a complete tutorial on drawing org charts and discussing their benefits.

Hotels are the temporary homes away from home for travelers and tourists globally. They offer meals, paid accommodation, meeting rooms, and many other guest facilities. Since different departments handle these services, the complete structure would collapse without proper work division. Therefore, hotels require effective management to maintain a smooth flow of operations.

Org charts outline the hierarchical structure of an organization and help in task allocation. Therefore, these charts can be used for efficient hotel management and clear communication. We discuss the steps of creating a large hotel org chart using an online drawing tool and highlight their advantages in this post.

Large Hotel Org Chart

Hotels provide lodging facilities to visitors worldwide. From handling budgets to supervising food quality, hotel management runs several operations, which is not a one-person job. Therefore, the internal hierarchy of hotels is divided into various departments.

Each department is led by a manager who is responsible for overseeing all the operations within that department to ensure high performance and efficiency. The hotel structure comprises the administration and staff performing individual operations targeting customer satisfaction. It has a logistics, front office, HR, finance, and sales team with respective managers supervising their performance.

From the large hotel organization chart added above, we can better understand this industry's internal working structure.

Hierarchical Structure of Large Hotel Org Chart

Broadly, this organizational chart is neatly divided into different branches for each department, where the highest authority lies with the General Manager, handling major operations and decisions.

Going below this line, we have an Assistant Manager and a Deputy Assistant Manager who are closely linked with the departments.

Logistics: The logistics manager supervises the purchase, security, and maintenance managers. Similarly, the front desk manager takes care of subordinate managers and agents for velvet and parking services.

Sales: The sales representatives work on their planned actions with different strategies.

Finance: The finance domain comprises the accountants and cashiers helping in budgeting and analysis.

Food and beverage: The main task is supervising the food and beverages department to maintain quality and sustain supply. It further categorizes kitchen and restaurant workers as chefs and waiters. A head chef leads these kitchen chefs having individual expertise in side dishes, main dishes, and desserts.

In a nutshell, having a clear and elaborate org chart is essential for effective hotel management. Using such an organization chart large hotel diagram, you can understand the hierarchy, roles, and responsibilities of any big chain of hotels.

How to Make Hotel Organizational Chart on EdrawMind

Org charts can be drawn easily with the templates. EdrawMind has several types of org chart templates that includes concept maps, mind maps, tree maps, fishbone diagrams, and timeline. You can search, select, and customize the org chart in a few simple steps.

Before you start, download EdrawMind or try it online for free. Sign in with an account of Wondershare, Google Facebook, or Twitter.

Here are steps of how to create hotel org charts:

    1. Launch EdrawMind and navigate to Gallery from the left panel. Select the Diagram Types category > Organizational Chart to view all relevant template results.
edrawmind org chart templates open orgchart template
    1. Type the Org Chart keyword in the search bar to get more refined results. Hover over the template you like and click the Duplicate button to customize it.
duplicate template duplicate template
    1. Start customizing the org chart template by entering the positions/roles of the hotel employees in the boxes. Click the text to open the menu to change the font color, style, and size. You can also add borders, branches, and connectors to the shape.
change font type style font
    1. From the Insert option, you can add numbering, clipart, pictures, tables, and formulas. You can also add images to these org charts by clicking the Picture button, searching through Pixabay, and then adding them to the shapes of your choice.
insert pixabay pictures insert image
    1. Navigate to Page Style to change the theme, theme font and color, background color, and texture. You can also apply magic drawing effects on your org chart shapes and text by choosing your desired style from the menu.
apply magic drawing effects apply-magic drawing
    1. Select the Background image option and click the AI-generated background button to be more creative and imaginative. Enter a text prompt, select the desired image dimension and image style, and click Generate to create an AI-generated background image.
create ai painting background add ai painting
  1. Finally, save your org chart large hotel version by clicking the Disk icon next to the Printer symbol in the top-left menu.

What is Wondershare EdrawMind

Wondershare EdrawMind is a robust mind-mapping tool. It enables a visual representation of ideas, concepts, data, and processes with a huge set of charts and diagrams. EdrawMind offers a simple, user-friendly interface to boost your creativity and diagramming skills. It allows you to plan, organize, and present information in lesser time and work. Here are some of its highlighting features:

Key Features

  • Real-time collaboration: EdrawMind allows several users to edit the same document at the same time seamlessly.
  • Templates: EdrawMind provides a variety of ready-to-use and easily customizable templates for different use cases. You can also access different styles and themes to create eye-catching charts and presentations.
  • Import Files: It allows users to import drawing files created with third-party tools, such as EdrawMax, FreeMind, MindManager, etc. It also supports diagrams made in Markdown, HTML, Word, and other traditional formats.
  • Export Files: EdrawMind lets users export various file formats, including Excel, SVG, PDF, PPT, Word, and many image formats.
  • AI drawing capabilities: EdrawMind's AI toolset includes advanced mind mapping functionality and intelligent file analysis to create seamless drawings from your text and imagination.
  • Symbols: EdrawMind has a useful collection of symbols and fonts to enhance the style of your mindmaps and org charts. It brings many fonts and shapes, including connectors and branches.

Reasons to Choose

The following features make EdrawMind stands out among the competition:

  • Simple: EdrawMind offers all basic features with quick access. Users can easily customize templates, transform maps, and create org charts without any complication.
  • User-friendly: EdrawMind brings a clear and neat interface for beginners with drag-and-drop functionality. You don't need to be an expert to draw stunning creations using this tool.
  • Affordable: EdrawMind offers quite affordable pricing plans compared to big competitors in addition to the free version. You can also go for the paid plan to access advanced tools and templates based on your needs.
  • File sharing: EdrawMind lets you share your org charts, mind maps, and other unique creations across the platform. Once you select the file format from the several available options and save it, you can share it with colleagues or friends.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: EdrawMind offers desktop and smartphone apps and user guides to help with installation. You can quickly download this software on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Cloud Storage: With EdrawMind, all your changes get stored in the cloud and synced to all your connected devices. You can easily save your creations in your personal cloud or DropBox.


G2: 4.6/5

Capterra Ratings:

Ease of Use: 4.5

Customer Service: 4.3

Features: 4.5

Value for Money: 4.4

Pricing Plans

EdrawMind has categorized subscription plans into different packages. Users can pick the plan that meets their requirements to utilize customized features and functionalities. Broadly, EdrawMind has three subscription plans, namely Individual, Teams & Business, and Education.

Here are the complete details of the subscription plans, along with their prices.

Plan Category



Annual plan: $59

Perpetual plan: $118

Perpetual bundle plan: $245

Team & Business

Basic plan: $335.75

Custom plan: [Contact sales team]


Semi-annual student plan: $35

Yearly student plan: $49

2-year student plan: $79

Educator plan: [Contact sales team]

As the prices keep fluctuating, we advise you to always check the latest price plans.

Why Make an Org Chart

Org charts are useful for personal and commercial records. Whether you are a newcomer or the head of the company, org charts are equally helpful to every worker of a company. Here are some of the benefits of using organizational charts:

  • It helps in defining the roles and responsibilities of employees within the organization
  • It ensures clarity of tasks and promotes productivity and efficient performance
  • It enables efficient allocation and utilization of resources, reducing overall expenses
  • It helps understand the hierarchy of the organization
  • It eliminates the chances of task duplication
  • It minimizes conflicts between coworkers and promotes clear communication
  • It facilitates managers in preparing effective plans by visualizing the structure
  • It allows HR officials to detect ineffective practices and remodel the departments
  • It lets managers evaluate the workflow and operations to make healthy decisions and take the right measures for the company and employees.


Whether you run a top chain of hotels or you work as an HR official responsible for recruiting people in the same industry, you can't handle tasks effectively unless you understand the hierarchy of the company. This is where the org charts come in, helping professionals build links and communicate clearly to their heads and subordinates.

With a large hotel org chart, you can easily assign tasks and report any loopholes in the process. Fortunately, drawing these large hotel org charts is easy now with online tools. If you want a simple and professional tool with a wide range of built-in templates, you can try EdrawMind's free version.

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