How to Create a Police Org Chart with EdrawMind

Learn how to create a police org chart effortlessly with EdrawMind. Visualize hierarchy, roles, and structure for better organization and communication.


Police work is all about being courageous. Officers face dangerous and unpredictable situations every day. They need to act quickly and decisively to protect the public and enforce the law. But do you know how a police department or force is organized and structured? If not, you might want to learn more about police org charts.

org chart of police

A police org chart is a type of organizational chart that depicts the structure and hierarchy of a police department. It explains how the power dynamics work in this department and how this department works. As serious as their job is, similar is its complex organizational structure. That's why we have created this article to help you understand and show you how to create org charts as complex as police org charts.

Police Org Chart

A police org chart is a diagram that shows the hierarchy and structure of a police department. It helps you visualize the roles, ranks, and responsibilities of the officers and staff, as well as how they communicate and collaborate. It can vary depending on the size, location, and function of the police organization. Generally, it consists of the following levels:

  1. Chief of Police: Heading the police department, the Chief of Police holds the highest position. They guide the organization, plan strategies, and collaborate with other agencies to maintain safety and order.
  2. Deputy Chiefs: Deputy Chiefs assist the chief of police and support daily operations, manage administrative tasks, and oversee various divisions within the department. They lead units such as patrol, investigations, traffic, or support services.
  3. Captains: Positioned as senior leaders, Captains oversee lieutenants and sergeants, supervising specialized units like homicide, narcotics, or community relations. They ensure the smooth functioning of their assigned sections.
  4. Lieutenants: Lieutenants operate at the middle management level. They coordinate sergeants and officers, managing shifts, squads, or teams like patrol, detective, or SWAT. They also ensure sure effective execution of departmental tasks.
  5. Sergeants: Frontline supervisors, Sergeants monitor officer performance, assign duties, and enforce discipline. They play an important role in maintaining order and adherence to departmental regulations.
  6. Officers: They are known as the backbone of law enforcement. Officers carry out essential tasks such as patrolling, responding to incidents, investigating, arresting, and documenting. They work in pairs or groups to handle various situations effectively.

How to Create a Police Org Chart with EdrawMind?

Creating an organizational chart for a police department can be challenging due to the hierarchical structure and various roles within the organization. With multiple levels of leadership and diverse responsibilities, visualizing this structure accurately is important for effective communication and management.

By utilizing EdrawMind you can create a police org chart within minutes. You can use the built-in templates, shapes, and symbols to design org charts. Or you can import your existing data and let EdrawMind generate the org chart for you automatically.

Before you start, download EdrawMind or try it online for free. Sign in with an account of Wondershare, Google Facebook, or Twitter.

Follow these steps to create a police org chart with EdrawMind:

  1. Open EdrawMind and head to Workbench from the left menu bar. Select Orgchart from the main menu and pick the default Orgchart from the example diagrams.
  2. create a new org chart file
  3. Start customizing the basic layout. First, double-click any element to change its text content.
  4. edit text of each element
  5. We are running short on elements in our current org chart. So, let's add some. Right-click the Main Idea (Chief of Police), go to Insert, and select Topic.
  6. add more elements
  7. Let's continue customizing our org chart. Select any or all elements and head to the right toolbar. You can change the font, color, size, shape, shadow, border, branch, and more.
  8. customization via right toolbar

    Pro-tip: You can also find most of these customization options in the floating menu. You can view that menu when you click an element.

  9. Once we are done, it's time to save our org chart. So, click the Save or Export icon from the top menu bar and select your preferred settings.
  10. save or export org chart

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Why Make an Org Chart?

An org chart is not only a useful tool for displaying the structure and hierarchy of an organization, but also a valuable tool for improving the efficiency of the organization. Some of the benefits of making an org chart are:

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities: An org chart shows everyone's roles, responsibilities, expectations, and goals in the organization. It prevents confusion, and duplication of work, and ensures everyone knows what they should be doing to help the organization succeed.
  • Facilitate communication and coordination: It helps clarify communication and coordination within and outside the organization, streamlining decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Identifying resource gaps: Managers use org charts to see if they have enough staff with the right skills. They can figure out if they need to hire more people, provide training, or rearrange teams.
  • Enhance performance and productivity: It can optimize an organization's performance and productivity by facilitating effective resource allocation and management. It also enables progress monitoring, evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, and identification of improvement opportunities and challenges for better outcomes.

Closing Remarks

So, now you know how org charts work and how to create a police org chart using EdrawMind, a user-friendly tool for diagrams. These charts clarify roles, prevent confusion, and improve communication within the organization. EdrawMind users can easily design professional org charts with the help of org-chart symbols and icons. Plus, it offers you thousands of org charts templates, all editable and free. So, explore EdrawMind today for seamless diagram creation and save your time and energy.

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