Bank Org Chart - Complete Organization’s Structure

Want to know how banks operate? Check out this bank org chart to understand the the bank’s employees structure. Make similar org charts online in a few steps.


Are you interested in building a bank org chart representing its internal structure? This post explains the bank organization chart and its benefits and discusses the complete method of using templates.

Banks play a vital role in stabilizing a country's economy. Whether you want to deposit your savings or withdraw cash, banks are reliable financial institutions that handle all such monetary services. They are regulated at the federal and domestic levels to provide users with different types of accounts and loans.

To facilitate customers, banks deal with diverse operations and services with an intricate organizational structure. Understanding these functionalities is only possible through graphical representation and org charts, which, fortunately, help represent the internal hierarchy and explain the roles visually. We discuss the significance and benefits in this post and explain the method to use bank org chart templates with an online tool.

Bank Org Chart

Banks are complex institutions that has the hold of our finances. Since individuals and companies from different groups and backgrounds seek banks for investments and deposits, these corporations are involved in various monetary facilities.

Customers need to follow a formal breakdown to understand the operations and structure of these institutions. This brought up the idea of generating bank org charts to demonstrate and visualize the framework of banks. One such example of a bank organization chart has been added below:

Banks have a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in a high-level position who provides directions and supervises programs offered by these financial institutions. The CEO administers products and services and monitors the bank's overall performance. Moreover, he/she is responsible for tracking regulatory compliance, quality of operations, business development, and risk reduction.

Moving below this line, we have bank managers who come under the CEO. They manage the different departments of a bank and oversee customer service, administration, sales, security and compliance, and HR matters.

Bank managers handle various functions, like managing budgets, supervising employees, tracking sales, achieving targets, monitoring employee performance, encouraging staff, arranging training sessions, devising business plans, promoting services, and boosting revenue.

Some of the departments that fall under the manager's control are:

1. General Banking Department

The general banking department is at the core of the overall banking system and performs the day-to-day operations. It is the central customer service center that deals with opening customer accounts and receiving and managing cheques, drafts, deposits, and cash. This department also helps with clearing bills, sending remittances, maintaining security, handling lockers, etc.

2. Inspection Department

The inspection department in a bank maintains the integrity of the institution. It supervises internal audits and controls risk management for banks. Furthermore, it ensures compliance with laws, policies, and regulations while safeguarding the rights of the depositors and sustaining the asset quality.

3. Human Resource Department

The HR department of a bank focuses mainly on recruiting employees. It also organizes training programs, conducts interviews, spots talented individuals, identifies the need for recruitment, and rewards the existing staff. Most importantly, the HR team effectively communicates with the employees to resolve their issues.

4. Risk Management Department

The risk management department implements policies for managing risks in the financial sector. It identifies, evaluates, quantifies, mitigates, and reports risks to prevent loss and by taking immediate action. These teams work attentively with all other bank departments to ensure smooth operations.

5. Cash and Treasury Management Department

The Cash and Treasury Management department optimizes and maintains cash flow for sufficient working capital. Its job is to take measures to meet the long-term sufficiency of funds.

How To Make Such an Org Chart in EdrawMind

Making org charts only is a matter of few steps on EdrawMind. It allows you to create mind maps, org charts, and various other drawings. xFurthermore, EdrawMind offers many built-in templates that can be customized in minutes. You can edit your desired template with various in-app features and options.

Before you start, download EdrawMind or try it online for free. Sign in with an account of Wondershare, Google Facebook, or Twitter.

Here are the steps to create an org chart in EdrawMind:

  1. Open EdrawMind and go to the Gallery. Either type org charts in the search bar at the top or select the Organizational chart category in the Diagram Types.
  2. Select the template from the search results and click the Duplicate button to open and customize the chart.
  3. select and open template pick template
  4. After the template opens, edit the text by clicking on the shapes sequentially. You can fill the shape, set borders, change the layout, and add connectors. You can even add more topics and relationships from the Start tab.
  5. add text and format
  6. Navigate to the Insert tab to add pictures, marks, clipart, tables, and formulas to your org chart. To add any image, click on Picture, select the Pexels HD image display option, and type the keyword in the search bar.
  7. add picture insert picture clipart
  8. Go to the Page Style option to change the theme, select font, add a background image, and apply magical effects to the shapes. Also, you can generate an AI-based background image.
design template set template style
  • After you finalize your org chart, click the Disk icon below the file name in the top menu. You can also export files by clicking the export button. You can export in the form of PDF, graphics, or other formats.
  • save template save export template

    What is Wondershare EdrawMind?

    Wondershare EdrawMind is a feature-rich mind-mapping tool with visualization capabilities. It is not an ordinary drawing tool that provides basic functionalities, it offers AI-based tool boxes for advanced options. Moreover, it helps you brainstorm ideas and represent concepts visually using various charts and diagrams. It lets you bring your imagination to life with AI-powered image generation.

    Some of the best features of EdrawMind are:

    Key Features

    • Real-time collaboration: Many users can work on the same document simultaneously Morevoer, they can provide feedbacks or ask for revisions. Only authorized users can access the document.
    • Templates: EdrawMind offers different types of built-in templates in the gallery. You can search for org charts, mind maps, timelines, concept maps, and many other categories of drawings using this tool.
    • Import Files: EdrawMind allows you to import drawing files from other platforms. So, you can edit the diagrams and charts of other platforms too.
    • Export Files: EdrawMind allows you to export your diagrams into 14+ formats. It includes XLSX, PDF, SVG, PPT, DOCS, and several other file formats.
    • Publish files: The template gallery is full of templates, all thanks to the professionals who publish their diagrams. You can also publish your diagrams under your name to help the community.
    • AI drawing toolbox: Edraw AI has drawing super powers. It is designed to create diagrams, charts, mind maps, etc., only from your prompt. Write what you want and let the AI magic help you out.
    • Symbols: EdrawMind provides thousands of diagram-specific symbols to help with the diagramming process. All you need is to drag and drop the symbols and join them together to make your charts, mind maps, and other diagrams.

    Reasons to Choose

    Here are the reasons why you must try EdrawMind:

    • Simple: EdrawMind comes with simple-to-use apps with all the necessary features. It follows a clear procedure for creating any type of drawing.
    • User-friendly: EdrawMind comes with a self-explanatory interface that aids users in trying the tool without any prior experience or drawing skills.
    • Affordable: EdrawMind brings a free version with all the basic functionalities and a decent set of customizable templates. If you want to get advanced packages, EdrawMind offers three premium subscriptions for different use cases.
    • File sharing: Once you create and finalize your org chart, EdrawMind allows you to share it with other team members. This facilitates quick feedback and approval.
    • Cross-platform compatibility: EdrawMind has dedicated apps for desktops and smartphones, including installers for Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
    • Cloud Storage: EdrawMind lets you save all your changes across your devices and stores your files in your personal cloud or DropBox.


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    Pricing Plans

    EdrawMind offers special subscription plans for individuals, Teams, and Educators. Users can choose the package that suits their needs and matches their budget.

    Let us review the plans and their respective prices in the table below:

    Plan Category



    Annual plan: $59

    Perpetual plan: $118

    Perpetual bundle plan: $245

    Team & Business

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    Semi-annual student plan: $35

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    To keep an eye on changing prices, always visit the official website for the latest price plans.

    Why Make an Org Chart?

    Organizational charts are visual representations of the company's structure, which is otherwise hard to understand. Since banks have complex hierarchical designs, visualizing the organizational architecture can help employees understand how the system works.

    Benefits of Org Charts

    Apart from defining roles and responsibilities, org charts have several benefits. Let us go through some of the org charts benefits in this section:

    • It promotes clear communication
    • It helps employees understand their roles and tasks better
    • It facilitates linking employees to their heads and subordinates
    • It helps identify resource utilization patterns
    • It lets managers make healthy decisions and work on efficient plans
    • It gives a clear picture of the system's operations
    • It enables the HR team to restructure the positions and hire new employees when needed


    Banks are sensitive corporations that perform rigorous operations on a day-to-day basis. Many top-tier companies and businesses invest in banks worldwide to generate revenue. However, the majority has no idea about the internal hierarchy of this financial system on which the national economy lies. Therefore, users need an approach to understanding the structure of these institutions. Fortunately, a bank org chart can help you visualize this structure effectively.

    Organization charts help explain the company's total work force and operations. If you want to make similar org charts for your own or other firms, try out the EdrawMind template gallery. It has different org chart templates to give you an idea of where to start. You can also edit these templates and make them your own.

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