What Is an Energy Concept Map? [with Templates and Applications]

This article makes you familiar with an energy concept map, its benefits, and potential applications. In addition, you will see some energy concept map templates in this guide.

a concept map for energy sources

When it comes to solving a problem, how you present it in front of your team members matters the most. They will only be able to share their thoughts and views once they understand the problem clearly. Text-based problems usually become difficult to understand. This is where visual representations play their part. There is nothing better than using a concept map to present your idea, problem, or topic.

If you want to present different energy types visually, how they are generated, and other similar subjects, using an energy concept map will surely be worth it. This article explains the value of this diagram, along with its applications and benefits. In addition, you will come across different energy concept map templates created in an amazing concept mapping tool, Wondershare EdrawMind. Let’s explore this in more detail.

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What is an Energy Concept Map

Well, energy is a broader term that we use frequently on a daily basis. This term has a proper physical meaning. The ability of an object or anything to do some amount of work is commonly known as energy. It exists in different forms, including but not limited to nuclear, electrical, kinetic, chemical, thermal, and potential.

Every form of energy is associated with motion in one way or the other. For example, every moving body has kinetic motion. Similarly, a spring or bow always has the potential energy, even if they are at rest. Nuclear energy is a kind of potential energy because it appears when subatomic particles in an atom’s nucleus are configured.

Simply put, energy often becomes a tricky subject, and people find it difficult to understand. Exploring energy types, their conversion, and their uses is not as easy as it seems. This is why you always need an engaging method or technique to explain what energy is and other aspects of this topic.

This is where a concept map will lend you a helping hand. When you draw a concept map to get into the detailed specifics of energy, it is called an energy concept map. This diagram can be specific or general, depending on whether you want to explore energy conversions or understand the basic idea.

Applications and Benefits of an Energy Concept Map

Now that you know what an energy map is. It is time to get familiar with the benefits it offers and the area of use. This section presents a quick overview of both applications and benefits of an energy map. Let’s have a look.

1. Applications

The top three applications of energy concept maps are as follows.

A. To Enhance Students’ Storytelling Abilities

Presenting information in the form of a story is one of the greatest ways to share information with others. This technique helps everyone to grab the main points quickly and remember them in the long run. A concept map always assists students and learners in developing storytelling abilities and making complex information easy to understand.

B. To Improve Teaching Quality

In education, the quality of teaching matters the most, as it is directly associated with the performance of students or learners. The better the teaching quality is, the better the performance of students will be. You can introduce concept maps in the higher education system for teachers to make the learning process engaging and efficient at the same time.

C. To Assist Authors in Research

Performing research and finding credible solutions to a problem has always been a tough nut to crack. This is why the job of authors is pretty challenging, as they work on gathering bulk data and then analyzing it to shortlist the most fine-tuned information. If you are an author, you can use a concept map to create an outline of important points and organize information very well.

2. Benefits

The potential benefits you can get from an energy concept map are given below.

A. Easy to Create

Don’t be concerned if you have to create a concept map to solve a problem, as it is super easy to make. You can easily access different online and desktop applications, like Wondershare EdrawMind, to create this diagram.

B. Organizes Information

Gathering a huge amount of information becomes frustrating if you don’t organize it well. This is where you can get assistance from a concept map diagram.

C. Assists in Visualizing End Goals

Regardless of the nature of your problem or topic, visualizing end goals is crucial to setting up a smooth path to achieve them. You can use a concept map at any time to visualize your end goals clearly.

Energy Concept Map Templates

Let’s explore some pre-built energy concept map templates from the EdrawMind gallery to understand the credibility of this unique diagram better.

1. Energy Sources Concept Map Template

The diagram below displays the two major sources of energy, including renewable resources and non-renewable resources. Each source is further categorized into different types.

Renewable energy sources have six branches, e.g., nuclear energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, hydro energy, biomass energy, and tidal energy.

Similarly, non-renewable resources have four branches, according to the diagram given below. They include coal, natural gas, fossil fuels, and petroleum.

2. Forms of Energy Concept Map Template

This editable EdrawMind template presents various forms of energy with symbols. They include sonic energy, mechanical energy, thermal energy, radiant energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, and gravitational energy.

If you want to make a concept map for this purpose, you can save your time by using this fully customizable and editable EdrawMind template.

3. Solar System Concept Map Template

Well, it is a complex system that often becomes challenging to explore. A solar system consists of eight planets, moons, asteroids, the sun, and a number of other celestial objects.

The solar system concept map template given below explains this domain in detail by presenting different components and characteristics of the solar system. You can see six boxes for the sun, inner planets, outer planets, asteroid belt, oort cloud, and kuiper belt.

If you are looking forward to creating a concept map for the solar system and its components, try this EdrawMind template. It is fully customizable, and you can mold it easily according to your needs.

4. Energy Definition Concept Map Template

This template presents basic information about energy, including its units and types. According to this diagram, the ability of anything to do some work is called energy. The types of energy it highlights include kinetic and potential energy. For example, an object in motion always possesses kinetic energy.

It also explains the power, i.e., energy converted or work done per unit of time. You can try this editable template if you want to create a similar concept map. It is easily accessible from the EdrawMind gallery, and you can make as many changes to it as you want.

5. Energy & Types Concept Map Template

This diagram talks about three major things, including the transfer of energy, energy types, and conservation of energy. It says that the frictional force causes heat energy. On the other hand, the movement of an object produces kinetic energy.

Similarly, an object away from the earth always possesses potential energy, which is due to elastic force or gravity. The gravity of the earth depends on the mass or height of an object or gravitational acceleration.

Final Words

A concept map is a visual diagram that organizes your information in an easily understandable manner and promotes memory retention. When this diagram is used to elaborate energy, its types, or other similar subjects, it is called an energy concept map. The above discussion has provided the applications and benefits this diagram offers.

A couple of concept map templates, including a solar system concept map, are also part of the discussion above. They are all editable and customizable examples created in EdrawMind.

If you are searching for a dependable concept mapping tool, make sure you give EdrawMind a try. It is simply an unmatchable diagramming tool that makes concept mapping easy by offering a number of ready-made templates, layouts, connectors, and much more.

You can either use this software online or download its desktop application. Both options are readily accessible. Don’t worry about the price of EdrawMind in the beginning, as you can try the free trial to test all the basic features.

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