A Comprehensive Guide to the Respiratory System

This guide explains what the respiratory system is and presents a detailed understanding of this subject with Wondershare EdrawMind examples.

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Staying alive, without a doubt, is the biggest blessing we all have. There is a specific system that helps us stay alive. It ensures that our body has all the necessary ingredients that are required for the proper functioning of our cells. This system not only provides us with the necessary material but also assists us in removing the ones we don’t need.

The system we are talking about is none other than the respiratory system. If you are looking forward to exploring this system in detail, don’t miss reading through the discussion below. It lists examples of concept maps of the respiratory system. In addition, it presents an incredible online concept mapping tool - Wondershare EdrawMind. Let’s get a bit deeper into today’s discussion.

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What is the Respiratory System

A network of tissues and organs that assists us in breathing is commonly called the respiratory system. This network includes your blood vessels, lungs, and airways. The human respiratory system consists of two processes, i.e., inhaling and exhaling.

The inhaling process provides us with the amount of oxygen we need to stay alive and for our body to perform all functions properly. In contrast, the process of exhaling removes unnecessary gas from our body, i.e., carbon dioxide. Simply put, the respiratory system maintains the exchange of gasses.

If we talk about the functions of this system, they are more than just helping us breathe. The respiratory system protects airways from irritants and dangerous substances and provides our body cells with oxygen. In addition, it allows us to smell and talk. Another important function of the respiratory system is to warm air to match the human body’s temperature.

There are two areas of the respiratory system, i.e., the upper and lower respiratory system. As far as the upper respiratory system is concerned, it is made up of the trachea, Larynx, pharynx, sinuses, mouth, nasal cavity, and nose. In comparison, air sacs, small airways, large airways, and lungs make up the lower respiratory system.

The intake of bacteria and viruses can badly affect your respiratory system. The top conditions that are harmful to this system are aging, infection, asthma, allergies, etc. If you want to keep your respiratory system healthy, make sure you don’t smoke, exercise regularly, and eat healthy. Furthermore, develop the habit of washing hands frequently to prevent infections and use masks when exposed to dust, fumes, or other pollutants.

Explain the Respiratory System with EdrawMind

Now you understand what a respiratory system is, what functions it performs, and how you can keep it healthy. It is time to understand this subject in more detail with an amazing online concept mapping tool, Wondershare EdrawMind.

What Makes EdrawMind Stand Out

Before we move towards the examples of the concept map for the respiratory system, let’s first explore the potential features and credibility of EdrawMind to understand how it can add value to your concept map-making experience.

Being a credible concept mapping tool, EdrawMind is highly compatible with different operating systems, like Linux, Mac, and Windows. In addition, it also supports Android, iPad, and iOS devices. Furthermore, you can also find the web-based version of this software.

The availability of infinite canvas and a decent collection of ready-made concept map templates make EdrawMind a top choice for millions of people across the world. When it comes to customizing your concept maps, this tool provides you with rich styling options and customizable themes. Moreover, abundant layouts take your diagramming experience to the next level.

The integration of AI technology adds extra value to the credibility and diversity of EdrawMind. The top AI-powered features you will find in this tool include AI summary, AI poster, AI video, AI copywriting, AI smart annotation, AI brainstorming, AI language translation, AI presentation, AI weekly report extraction, and more.

EdrawMind allows you to switch between multiple modes, including outline, presentation, Gantt chart, and ZEN mode. It helps you look at your concept map in different ways to gain a better understanding. Moreover, EdrawMind supports Cloud file synching, team management, easy file sharing, and real-time collaboration. Furthermore, you can also share your concept maps instantly with QR codes.

This tool guarantees uncompromised security, so you don’t need to worry when making your concept map in EdrawMind. It also features cross-platform compatibility and password protection. If we talk about the global usage of EdrawMind, it has more than 100 million downloads, over 25 million active users, and is operating in more than 100 countries with 16 years of experience.

The best thing is that you can download the desktop version or use EdrawMind online for free to experience the basic features. If you like them, you can switch from your free trial to the premium package. Here is everything that helps EdrawMind keep its head up in the competition.

3 Examples of Concept Maps for the Respiratory System

Let’s now go through the examples of the respiratory system created in Wondershare EdrawMind. They will make you more familiar with this subject.

1. Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS)

This happens to newborn babies who are premature because their lungs are not developed fully to perform all functions perfectly. The earlier the baby is born, the higher the chances for RDS to occur. In such conditions, they need an extra amount of oxygen to maintain their breathing operation.

Most babies suffer from RDS because they have insufficient surfactant in their lungs. Surfactant is made in the babies’ lungs in the 26th week of pregnancy. RDS is also called hyaline membrane disease.

If you want to create a concept map for RDS and are looking for a pre-built template to make your job easier, try this EdrawMind example. It is editable and fully customizable. You can make online changes to it.

2. All About Respiratory System | Concept Map

This is another editable example of the respiratory system. It presents comprehensive details on this subject, including but not limited to respiratory physiology, factors affecting this system, exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, and anatomy. Every section is presented with different colors in the diagram below.

According to this template, the top factors that affect your respiration include anxiety, aortic arch, irritation of the pharynx, voluntary control by the cerebral cortex, and more. At the same time, the exchange of gasses includes the transport of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Do you want to create a similar concept map? Try this editable EdrawMind template. It is easy to access and edit.

3. Four Parts of Respiratory System

This EdrawMind example talks about four parts of the respiratory system, as listed below. Details of every section are presented in the form of different branches, as you can see in the picture below.

  • Breathing process
  • Diseases
  • Cleaning process
  • Parts

Along with explaining the breathing process in detail, this example also presents a list of diseases that can affect your respiratory system. They include asthma, sarcoidosis, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, lung cancer, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Similarly, the “Parts” section of the picture below lists capillaries, alveoli, bronchioles, bronchi, lungs, diaphragm, trachea, esophagus, larynx, epiglottis, tonsils, oral cavity, pharynx, adenoids, nasal cavity, and sinuses. You can see them all in the example below.

Try this editable EdrawMind respiratory system concept map template if you want to make a similar diagram. It allows you to customize this diagram, keeping your needs in mind fully.

Note: Unlock your creativity and organize your ideas effortlessly with more captivating concept map templates - your gateway to visually stunning and insightful mind maps awaits!

Wrap Up

The respiratory system is one of the most important systems of our body, as it keeps us alive by taking in oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from our body. Moreover, it allows us to smell and talk. Protecting airways and warming air to match the human body are also the leading functions of the respiratory system.

There is nothing better than understanding this subject using a concept map for the respiratory system. This is what the above discussion has focused on. It has presented three examples of concept maps of the respiratory system to get into the detailed specifics of this topic.

If you want to create a concept map for the respiratory system, try none other than Wondershare EdrawMind. It is one of the finest tools to enjoy making your concept maps with built-in templates. You can also create these maps from scratch using EdrawMind.

AI-assisted features of EdrawMind, like AI annotation, AI presentation, and AI summary, make your concept mapping experience simply amazing. Moreover, this tool enables you to customize your concept maps fully. The free trial for beginners is something that attracts newbies to use this software.

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