Top 10 Online Mind Map Makers for 2024

If you ever plan to make mind maps online and are confused between several online mind map makers, we have you covered. We will introduce you to the top 10 online mind map makers for 2024 and would recommend them based on their pros and cons.

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Ever since the remote work culture has risen, more and more institutes and companies have started looking for online tools that increase their productivity. One such domain is brainstorming, where several remote team members come together to find a solution, or teachers use them to assign different activities to their remote students.

Gone are the days when we had to mail our documents or diagrams. Technological advancement allows us to collaborate in real-time and create mind maps for our brainstorming sessions. This extensive guide will introduce you to the top 10 online mind map makers that provide mind map templates and are also easy on your pocket.

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10 Online Mind Map Makers

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1. EdrawMind

EdrawMind is a powerful mind-mapping tool, and if you plan to use the real-time collaboration feature, head to EdrawMind Online, and you will find that this online mind-mapping tool has a lot to offer.

EdrawMind - Online Mind Map Makers

Some notable features of EdrawMind Online are:

  • It lets you create a virtual workspace.
  • The tool comes with built-in templates and cliparts that help in customization.
  • There is a wide range of layouts and themes that you can choose to create online mind maps.
  • Real-time brainstorming helps in creating complex mind maps.
  • It comes with an Edraw AI drawing feature that instantly generates a diagram based on the given prompt.
  • One-click Invite to Collaborate feature allows beginners to start real-time collaboration.
  • It requires a stable internet connection.
  • The AI lab feature is still learning, so the generated mind maps may require additional editing from the user's side.

2. MindMeister

MindMeister is one of the most famous mind-mapping software out there. From integration with Google Drive to creating virtual teams, MindMeister always goes one step to impress the users.

MindMeister - Online Mind Map Makers
  • It lets you export the mind maps in multiple file formats.
  • It comes with an Outline mode that easily transforms your mind map into traditional-looking notes and vice versa.
  • You must upgrade your account to the Pro version if you need to export the mind map in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.

3. MindMup

Just like EdrawMind, MindMup is also a free mind-mapping tool that can be used to create online mind maps and conduct note-taking sessions. This online mind-mapping software offers many features that help create great-looking mind maps.

MindMup - Online Mind Map Makers
  • This online mind map software can also be used for project planning and getting real-time updates.
  • It easily integrates with Google Drive, which helps the students to share their mind maps.
  • The free version offers very limited features.
  • The free version does not allow collaboration with team members.

4. Venngage

When creating infographics and project management diagrams, companies prefer Venngage for its intuitive designs and stock photo collections. From templates to icons, charts, background removal, and image uploads, Venngage truly offers some great customization options.

Venngage - Online Mind Map Makers
  • It offers an easy-to-use design solution for all.
  • You are not limited to creating mind maps and can use this tool to make roadmaps, timelines, posters, and more.
  • Some users have complained that the interface of this mind-mapping maker is difficult to use.
  • The tool lacks features when it comes to customizations.

5. Canva

Canva is a brilliant online diagramming tool that offers astounding features at zero cost. With Canva, even a non-designer can become a professional -- all thanks to its simple-to-use and user-friendly dashboard that provides highly intuitive design options.

Canva - Online Mind Map Makers
  • It has built-in mind map templates that can easily be customized using available Canva Elements.
  • Mind maps can easily be shared in multiple formats.
  • Canva's Free Plan offers a very limited number of templates.
  • There is no option to download the 'Raw' file to your computer.

6. Miro

If you are planning to create a virtual workspace and are looking for ways to securely share information for mind maps -- Miro can be your mind-mapping software. This online mind map maker offers a wide range of features, like Talktrack recording, video chat, timer, and voting.

Miro - Online Mind Map Makers
  • It enables a virtual team workspace, allowing different team members to brainstorm on mind maps.
  • With Miro, you can easily switch between different shapes.
  • All the distinctive features that make Miro a good tool come under its paid plan.
  • Under the free plan, you are restricted to saving the mind maps at 2449*1632 px size.

7. Creately

Creately is a powerful diagramming tool for everyone who is looking for an all-in-one diagramming suit that lets them create mind maps, flowcharts, and other project-related diagrams. With Creately, users can even convert projects to different libraries so they can reuse the diagrams for later purposes.

Creately - Online Mind Map Makers
  • It offers Smart objects that automatically adjust to the context.
  • This mind-mapping tool offers real-time collaboration with your team members.
  • The place often stocks to a blank page.
  • There is a learning curve involved with this online mind-mapping maker.

8. GitMind

GetMind is the latest edition in the world of mind mapping. This online mind-mapping software is great for brainstorming and stimulating the flow of ideas. Like other prominent mind mapping software, GetMind lets users create organizational charts, UML diagrams, Swimlanes, and mind maps.

GitMind - Online Mind Map Makers
  • GetMind lets you set the rendering ratio when exporting pictures.
  • One can simply change the node positions in the outline mode by dragging them to the desired place.
  • The Basic Plan (free version) has limited customization features.
  • Some users have pointed out how they face "network issues" when they create their mind maps.

9. Boardmix

Boardmix is considered a go-to tool for collaborative whiteboards because of its amazing features. In this online mind-mapping software, users can easily find ways to create Venn diagrams, SWOT analysis, timelines, and more.

Boardmix - Online Mind Map Makers
  • The tool now lets you import/export JSON and TXT files.
  • Users can easily extract graphic elements from attachments and later turn them into canvas objects.
  • The Free Plan of this online mind map maker only allows you to work on a single workspace with three editable boards.
  • Some of the features can be overwhelming to those who are new to diagramming.

10. EdrawMax

EdrawMax is a great diagramming tool with dynamic features that help create diagrams. EdrawMax Online lets you create your diagrams on the go and does not require any extra charges to access the web version.

EdrawMax - Online Mind Map Makers
  • The offline and online version offers similar interfaces, making it easy for beginners to create mind maps online.
  • This online mind-mapping tool offers free templates and customization options.
  • The online version of EdrawMax does not support real-time collaboration.

How to Make a Mind Map Online?

Check out the following steps if you are planning to make a mind map online:

Step1Open EdrawMind Online

In your internet browser, type and enter This will take you to the online mind mapping maker's homepage. From here, you can either click on New MindMap or New Outline. You can also check One-Click AI MindMap if you plan to generate a diagram using the written prompts.

How to Make a Mind Map Online
Step2Duplicate Templates

Head to EdrawMind Gallery from the left panel and search for the mind map template that comes closest to your requirement. Click on Duplicate and instantly start with the free online mind map template.

How to Make a Mind Map Online

Once you are in the online canvas, you can start labeling it as per your requirements. You can add and remove different topics or subtopics and even add different relationships between them to properly categorize them. Use EdrawMind's built-in customization options to change the theme, color, and text size.

How to Make a Mind Map Online

After you are done making the mind map, you can instantly share it with your team using the 'Invite to Collaborate' feature or make the diagram public by selecting the 'Public Sharing' option.

How to Make a Mind Map Online

Mind Map Online FAQs

  • 1. What are the benefits of using a mind map online tool?
    Using an online mind map software offers flexibility, organization, and accessibility. With different online mind mapping software in the market, users can choose the one that fits their requirements.
  • 2. Is it possible to export or share mind maps created online?
    Yes, most online tools allow you to export and share mind maps in various formats. As mentioned in this article, Boardmix lets you export in JSON format, which is a unique feature.
  • 3. Can I collaborate with others on a mind map online?
    As mentioned here, multiple online mind mapping software, like EdrawMind, Creately, and MindMeister, support collaborative mind map creation with others in real-time.


Creating online mind maps allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time. With the mentioned online mind map makers, you and your team can brainstorm on different mind maps and find solutions to your problem. Even though there is some great mind map software, we recommend checking out EdrawMind Online. The free mind map maker offers templates and lets you collaborate with your team.

EdrawMind logoEdrawMind Apps
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5,000+ free templates & 750+ cliparts
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5,000+ free templates & 750+ cliparts
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