10 Free Mind Map Templates & Examples

Mind map templates and examples give the users the initial grounds for brainstorming. In this detailed EdrawMind guide, we will provide you with 10 free mind map templates and examples that you can use for your personal or professional projects.


Mind maps are powerful tools that help us brainstorm or organize our complex thoughts. If you ever find it difficult to create a mind map, we recommend downloading the mind map templates that would help you in your personal and professional endeavors.

mind map templates & examples

In this EdrawMind article, we will explore 10 free mind map templates and examples that will assist you in various aspects. By understanding the structure and purpose of these mind map templates, you will actually become proficient in making mind maps and using this brainstorming technique to enhance your problem-solving abilities.

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10 Free Mind Map Templates & Examples

1. Mind Map for Business

1.1 Project Management Mind Map Template

The project management mind map template helps the project development team to brainstorming different ideas that would escalate the overall process. In this project management mind map template, we have started the core topic by talking about a book: Highly Effective People. In this mind map, we have outlined the core concepts of the given book and how it helps in organizing the thoughts that ultimately lead to proper project management.

1.2 Business Model Design Mind Map Template

A business model design is an integral part of starting any new business. In this business model design mind map template, the core topic of discussion is 'Significance of Business Model Design & Construction.' In order to understand the topic clearly, we have elaborated it into different parameters and added significant information to them. With such mind-mapping examples, startups can understand the core concepts and ideologies behind creating a business model design.

2. Mind Map for Education

2.1 Book Mind Map Template

Book analysis is a core part of education, and this can easily be achieved by creating a mind map for education. In the mentioned book mind map template, we understand the book, 'The American.' In order to properly understand the book, we have added different topics to it, like Symbolism, Plot Device, Characters, Overview, and more. We have further added definitive content to the subtopics here to elaborate the book in detail. By creating similar mind map templates, students can retain the information for a longer time.

2.2 Book Analysis Mind Map

Book analysis mind map templates help the students and their peers dive deep into the book and understand every part. Such mind maps are useful during the tests as they provide a quick summary of the book. But before doing a book analysis, one should know how to read a book in the correct manner, and that is what we are discussing in the following book analysis mind map template. Download this book analysis mind map example and start adding relevant information as per your book or study material.

3. Mind Map for Marketing

3.1 Marketing Mind Map

A marketing mind map template is very important when it comes to understanding where a company is going in terms of profit and loss. In order to understand the business model clearly, organizations create PESTLE analysis. As mentioned in the following marketing mind map template, PESTLE analysis stands for Politics, Economics, Social, Technology, Legal, and Environment. As marketing experts say, all these factors influence a business, and when organizations conduct half-yearly or yearly PESTLE analysis, they understand how they can improve their business growth.

3.2 Content Marketing Mind Map Example

A content marketing mind map example suggests different ways a marketing team can leverage the power of content marketing to improve their business. As stated in this elaborated content marketing mind map template, a marketing team must be aware of different areas where they need content and how they will ensure the quality. For this, we have added a basic metric that the team has to follow when they create content according to the business.

4. Mind Map for Medical

4.1 Medical Laboratory Mind Map

If you plan to make a career in a medical laboratory, the following mind map for medicine is for you. In this mind map, we have elaborated different career options for those who have studied chemistry and want to pursue a career in a science laboratory. You can download this medical mind map and customize it per your domain. The same template can easily be converted for those who are looking for a career in computer science and so on.

4.2 Drug Redistribution Mind Map

Drug distribution is the process employed by several agencies where they collect unused medications from their original place and distribute them to the patients who actually need them. As stated in the following drug distribution mind map, there are four main types of drug redistribution channels -- Donations, Buybacks, Exchanges, and Recycling Programs. Download this dynamic mind map template from EdrawMind and customize it per your company's policies.

5. Mind Map for Entertainment

5.1 Film Mind Map Template

Green Book is an acclaimed American comedy-drama movie starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. In the following film mind map template, we tried to go deep into the movie's plot and talk about different characters and how the characters like Tony Lop, Bobby Rydell, Don Shirley, and others push the narrative forward. Creating such a detailed mind map lets you easily find connections between different categories and plot points. Download this film mind map template and start customizing it as per your preference for any film.

5.2 Classical Music Forms

There are different kinds of music. Some prefer listening to jazz, while some go for country music. In this mind map template, we have outlined different classical music forms and elaborated on them based on their definition, types, and symbolism. Such classical music form mind map templates are extremely helpful for musical students as they can learn the intrinsic details of the classical music forms just by going through such diagrams.

How to Use Mind Map Examples

Now that you have seen some amazing mind map examples by EdrawMind let us show you how to use these templates for personal or professional use.

Step1Install EdrawMind

The first step is to download the EdrawMind in your system and register using your email address. It will take you to EdrawMind's homepage, which would look like this.

How to Use Mind Map Examples

Step2Download the Template

Click on any of the above-mentioned templates or head to the MindMap Gallery to Duplicate the mind map template. If you download the templates available here, they will be saved in your system. If you access the MindMap Gallery for the template, it will directly take you to the EdrawMind canvas.

How to Use Mind Map Examples
Step3Open the Template

Once downloaded, head to the location in your system and open the template. Head to Open > Computer > Browse and go to the location where you have downloaded the emmx* file.

How to Use Mind Map Examples
Step4Customize the Mind Map Template

Once the template is available in your EdrawMind system, start customizing it as required. You can change the layout, theme, color, and text and add different Floating Topics as needed.

How to Use Mind Map Examples
Step5Save or Export

After customization, you can share the mind map template with the community by clicking the Publish option or exporting it in Graphics or PDF formats.

How to Use Mind Map Examples
Want to learn how to make a mind map in 5 easy steps? Click here!

When to Use a Mind Map Template

Creating mind maps is a great way to visualize thoughts, but you might often be stuck with some idea or thought and do not know how to proceed.

In those cases, we recommend using a mind map template. The predesigned mind map templates inspire you and let you customize them as per your requirements. Using a mind map template serves many benefits, like:

  • It will save you time and resources.
  • The chances of making mistakes are slim as you already have a predefined setup.

Free Mind Map Maker

free mind map maker

EdrawMind is a tool that lets you create multiple types of mind maps. Some of the most notable features of this free mind map maker are:

  • Built-in Templates: EdrawMind has a collection of a wide range of templates. In the MindMap Gallery, free mind maps for Science, Education, Project Management, and other domains will be found.
  • Gantt Charts: EdrawMind is not limited to mind maps. In this tool, you can also brainstorm and create dynamic Gantt charts per your projects' timeline.
  • EdrawMath Formula: This free mind map maker offers built-in mathematical formulas that help professionals solve complex problems they might need in their mind maps.


Creating a mind map from scratch can be daunting. Even if you use mind map software, most beginners or students will have difficulty creating mind maps from the ground. As you saw in this article, Wondershare EdrawMind has a ton of free mind map templates that get you started. From choosing a mind map template from the medical or entertainment domain, EdrawMind offers a magnitude of fully customizable templates. Download these mind map templates and make your first mind map with EdrawMind.

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  • 1. What tops for creating a mind map?
    Creating a mind map can be challenging and daunting, but if you follow some tips, then it becomes easy. Always go ahead with mind mapping software, to begin with, and use free mind map templates. These mind map templates will give you the start that would help in creating the diagrams.
  • 2. How do I make a mind map template?
    Creating a mind map template is very easy. Head to your EdrawMind account, create one mind map, and save it in your template for later usage.
  • 3. How do you write a mind map?
    It is recommended to start with a central theme or topic and then add different categories that resonate with the core idea. You can then add different subtopics to it.
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