Top 10 Online Genogram Makers in 2024

Digital genogram tools help you visualize complex heredity and inherited medical conditions. Are you a healthcare professional using genograms to visualize your patient’s family history? Check out these top ten free online genogram makers.

10 free online genogram makers
10 free online genogram makers

Genograms offer visual illustrations of your family’s pedigree. Most people confuse genograms with family trees and ecomaps. However, genograms go a step further in conveying ancestry information. Unlike family trees, genograms include emotional associations, behavioral influences, cultural sensitivities, and medical conditions.

Simply put, genograms are family trees with complex dynamics. Hence, therapists, sports coaches, and medical professionals use them widely in healthcare setups. They provide valuable insights into the family’s patterns of health, drug abuse, heredity diseases, or mental health issues.

Today, these diagrams are used in routine life for research, education, and clinical purposes. And the best way to make these diagrams is by using a free online genogram maker. This article explores the top ten online genogram makers with simple UI, premade templates, AI assistance, and modified editing tools.

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  1. 10 Free Online Genogram Makers
    1. EdrawMind Online
    2. Miro
    3. Venngage
    4. Creately
    5. Qwoach
    6. Lucidchart
    7. Visual Paradigm
    8. EdrawMax Online
    9. GitMind
    10. MindOnMap
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10 Free Online Genogram Makers

Confused about which online genogram maker is suitable for your skill set and requirements? Let us discuss the ten best web-based genogram tools in detail.

1. EdrawMind Online

interface of edrawmind

EdrawMind is a professional genogram creator for educators and clinical officials. This web mind-mapping software has extensive canvas space and advanced diagramming assistance to depict family relationships and add supplementary medical information. In addition, it supports user-generated templates to inspire your creation process and save time. Plus, it supports online sharing, where any family member can make amendments.


  • Various diagrams (ecomaps, mind maps, genograms, family trees, etc.)
  • AI-powered diagramming assistance
  • Export format flexibility (PNG, SVG, PDF, and so on)
  • Auto-presentation feature

2. Miro


Are you new to the genograms and need extra assistance? Miro might be the right choice. It has extensive built-in mapping and diagramming tools to depict family relationships. What makes it even better is its revision history. With this feature, you can upgrade your genogram data by revisiting the drawing anytime.


  • It supports revision history.
  • Several sharing options (PDF/ image export and link sharing)
  • 300+ custom templates, including genograms, family trees, pedigree diagrams, etc.

3. Venngage


Venngage is an excellent substitute for newbies to start creating functional genograms. It uses vibrant icons, infographics, and clipart to bring your family trees to life. You can also customize its genogram templates when in a hurry. A bonus point: It has a straightforward UI, suitable for everyone, even those without technical knowledge.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Hundreds of free and customizable infographic themes
  • Multi-format file support (PNG, PNG HD, PDF, and PPT)

4. Creately


Want a professional genogram creator for lengthy family trees? Check out Creately. This cloud-based tool has family-tree intricacies, which allows for adding medical history, behavioral symbols, and extensive generations. It also has 1000+ templates for genograms, family trees, and other diagrams.


  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • 1000+ premade templates, including genograms, family trees, and mind maps
  • Cloud-based collaborative space
  • Up to three documents are free

5. Qwoach


Qwoach is a free online genogram companion for healthcare businesses. Its genogram function allows you to plot simple yet intricate family tree genealogy. Aside from drag-and-drop shapes, it has over thirty emotional relationship symbols to depict your family’s pedigree. You can also add supplementary notes and colors to differentiate the family members.


  • Simple, clean interface
  • Secure portals for clients
  • Offers Google integration

6. Lucidchart


Lucidchart is yet another intelligent genogram maker online. This cloud-based diagramming software uses advanced shapes and over 700 professionally designed templates, including family trees and ecomaps. Hence, people can integrate medical history and lengthy relationships into their genograms. However, it is only available with an active internet connection.


  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Real-time collaboration with other platforms (Google Workspace, Asana, Slack, etc)
  • Supports autosave and online sharing

7. Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm applies to all, be it an educator, a healthcare worker, or an average person who likes drawing. It is a minimalist tool with sufficient editing and modification options, including genogram-specific symbols and customizable themes. Like other professional tools, it has a collaborative space where you can brainstorm the genogram data.


  • Drag-and-drop genogram symbols
  • Multi-format file support (PNG, SVG, GIF, etc)
  • 2000+ professionally designed templates

8. EdrawMax Online

EdrawMax Online

EdrawMax is a true professional companion for educators and corporate workers. This online genogram maker supports 280+ diagrams and 17,000+, including family trees, genograms, ecomaps, flowcharts, etc. Not only this, but it has AI-powered diagramming assistance and a chatbot. So, you can make inquiries and produce lengthy diagrams in seconds.


  • Personal cloud collaborative space
  • Advanced modification options (supplementary notes, themes, color scheme, etc)
  • AI-powered diagramming assistance
  • Versatile diagram maker

9. GitMind


GitMind is a convenient Kickstarter for beginners. This web-based genogram maker uses an intuitive interface and tidy canvas, simplifying the creation process. Despite this, it has various customization options, including text, color themes, nodes, and more. In addition, it has a brainstorming function where you can discuss the genogram information with your family.


  • Genogram symbols library
  • Notes for supplementary information
  • Multi-format file export support

10. MindOnMap


MindOnMap is the expert’s space to depict a family’s pedigree and plot familial relationships and medical history. It has an adjustable canvas, genogram-specific infographics, and advanced symbols. Hence, you can represent and analyze psychological and medical factors in the genograms. Plus, it allows the sharing of your genograms online.


  • It supports online sharing
  • Online platform with no ads
  • Adjustable canvas space


Genograms include complicated family networks, psychological factors, and medical history, making them useful in day-to-day clinical practices. Today, medical professionals and researchers use online genogram makers to visualize heredity patterns. However, choosing a suitable free genogram maker online can be a challenge.

If you are unclear about your requirements, what’s better is to choose software like EdrawMind and EdrawMax, suitable for beginners and professionals. Both these tools have AI diagram assistance and an intuitive interface. It may help you streamline routine tasks.

EdrawMind logoEdrawMind Apps
Outline & Presentation Mode
Real-time collaboration
22 structures & 47 themes
5,000+ free templates & 750+ cliparts
EdrawMath formula
Generate mind maps, slides, and more with AI
edrawmax logoEdrawMind Online
Outline & Presentation Mode
Real-time collaboration
22 structures & 47 themes
5,000+ free templates & 750+ cliparts
LaTex formula
Generate mind maps, slides, and more with AI


  • How do I create a genogram online?
    Creating a genogram online is straightforward. First, find a suitable genogram maker like EdrawMind. Open the canvas and add shapes for family members. Use connectors to plot cross-links and relationships. Add a brief description for each member and personalize its visual details like theme and color schemes.
  • Why use an online genogram maker?
    A genogram maker is a web-based software with advanced editing tools to visualize and depict medical history and psychological patterns. These tools have genogram-specific shapes and symbols, which allow you to plot complex relationships. This way, genogram makers help analyze family connections and medical conditions.
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