Best Mind Mapping Methods And Tips

When it comes to mind mapping, there are several techniques that individuals and organizations employ. In this EdrawMind guide to understanding mind-mapping techniques, we will introduce a few highly relevant mind-mapping methods.

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The most important part of any small or large organization is how well they are managing their projects.

There are multiple project-related questions that a project manager often asks themselves or with their team members. With the advancement in project management, project managers have started using different mind mapping methods that help them answer these questions and streamline their complex projects.

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In this mind mapping article, we will present to you some highly used mind mapping techniques that would help you organize your cluttered projects and also help you analyze your activities.

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  5. Conclusion

What is a Mind Mapping Technique

As the name suggests, a mind mapping technique or a mind mapping method is a set of different methods that we apply while making a mind map. These methods depend solely on our objective, results, and the availability of all the resources.

Mind mapping techniques would help you streamline the project, while others might help you identify the impending root cause of any problem. A few mind-mapping methods even help you understand how well your company is performing in the current market.

Some of the benefits of using mind mapping for businesses are:

  • Project Clarity: By using different mind-mapping techniques, the entire project management team will come on the same page. This way, they all would be made aware of the project in the most creative way possible.
  • Better Communication: Brainstorming is like mind mapping, and when a project manager starts making the mind maps with their team members, they automatically start the brainstorming process, which leads to improved communication between all.
  • Project Tracking: By creating and evaluating mind maps, project managers can easily keep track of their ongoing projects and address issues that might be creating any delays.

Why Use Mind Mapping Techniques

Mind mapping techniques are designed to answer different problems of project managers. One can use fishbone diagrams when one needs to find the cause of any problem. Whereas a project manager can use an org chart to understand the hierarchy of their company. So, as you can see, there are different mind-mapping methods designed for different requirements.

Mind mapping techniques work on the following grounds:

  • Objective: Depending on your core objective, you can choose from different mind-mapping techniques.
  • Priority: Priority plays a very important role in choosing the right mind-mapping method. If you have an urgent submission, then creating radial mind maps might be the easiest way forward. But if facing a problem and not being able to find the solution, then you can make a Fishbone diagram.
  • Resources: The availability of resources is yet another factor that helps us understand how mind map techniques work in real life. As per your available resources and their understanding of the core objective, you can choose a relevant mind-mapping method.

Best Mind Mapping Techniques

Mastering mind mapping may take some time, but if you follow different mind mapping techniques for different scenarios, you can learn how to effectively make mind maps and understand how to use them to their full potential.

Some of the notable mind-mapping techniques are:

  1. Brainstorming: Brainstorming is considered one of the most important mind-mapping methods.
  2. Task Mapping: If you are looking for a mind-mapping technique that perfectly aligns with your project management, then look no further than task mapping.
  3. Gap Analysis: When it comes to strategic planning in any project management, project managers often go ahead with gap analysis methods.
  4. SWOT Analysis: For any company, large or small, SWOT analysis not only provides an understanding of how they can improve their business.
  5. Decision Making: The decision-mind mapping method structures choices and potential outcomes to those choices.
  6. Learning & Study Aid: The Learning and study aid mind mapping method is important for those project managers who wish to condense and visualize every piece of information.
  7. Goal Setting: Goal goal-setting mind map method facilitates the knowledge of objectives, strategies, and prospective action steps.

Tips for Using Mind Mapping Techniques

The effectiveness of mind mapping in project management solely depends on choosing the right method. By considering the right mind-mapping method, project managers can encourage their team members to make clear and structured maps.

Some of the important tips for using the correct mind-mapping techniques are:

  • Before starting mind mapping, project managers should assess the specific needs of the project.
  • Project managers should always go ahead with that mind mapping technique that best aligns with their objectives.
  • Before finalizing the mind mapping technique, always weigh the pros and cons of each method.
  • Project managers should also weigh the need to choose mind-mapping software over hand-drawn methods.
  • Always go ahead with a mind mapping software, like EdrawMind, that would let you transform the mind map from one type to the other in just a single click.
  • Regularly visit the update the mind map to keep everyone aligned with the evolving goals.


A project manager can harness the full potential of mind mapping only by applying the right method or techniques. Choosing the best mind mapping method from the pool of so many can be a tiresome process, and too many revisions on a hand-drawn mind map do not look that professional.

With EdrawMind, you can transform your mind map into a different shape and size just by changing the layout. Additionally, with EdrawMind, you don't have to be worried about templates, shapes, customization, and colors. This free mind mapping software is highly recommended for the amazing features it offers.

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