Make Life Mind Map With Examples For Effective Planning

A life map is an excellent tool that provides clarity and direction in your life. In this comprehensive EdrawMind guide, we will provide dynamic tips and real-life examples to help you garner the benefits of mind mapping for a well-structured life.

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Life is a cluster of multiple choices and possibilities, which helps an individual understand the direction and purpose. Visually navigating these choices would provide a clearer sense of your life's goals, dreams, and aspirations. This visualization of your life that helps you craft a tangible pathway to your ambition is what life maps are all about!

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In this detailed article from EdrawMind, we will unveil the importance of mind mapping and help you organize your thoughts and ideas. At the same time, you will learn how to boost your productivity through life mind map examples.

In this article
  1. What is a Life Map
  2. When to Use a Life Map
  3. Benefits of Life Maps
  4. How to Create a Life Map
  5. Life Map Examples & Templates
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

What is a Life Map

As the name suggests, a life map is a graphical visualization of your life's journey that you can design to bring structure, clarity, and direction that would help you achieve your goals. If you are looking for the easiest way for personal development, then creating a life mind map should be the first step in that process.

Some notable purposes of life maps are:

  • Goal Setting: It helps individuals create, define, and visualize their goals.
  • Prioritizing: With life mind maps, individuals can map out different aspects of their lives, like career, personal growth, relationships, and health.
  • Organization: A well-structured life map helps individuals organize their thoughts and helps them break them down into smaller steps.
  • Decision-Making: If an individual needs to make a decision based on their learnings, they can use life maps as they guide them towards more aligned life choices.
  • Tracking: With life maps, individuals can easily monitor their progress and even make modifications based on the circumstances.

When to Use a Life Map

Every person needs a way to organize their thoughts. Whether they are planning to create a work schedule or deciding something very personal to them -- a mind map not only helps them organize their cluttered thoughts but also provides a way to find solutions to any problem statements.

Let us explore some real-life scenarios where a life map should be used if you are planning to lead a more organized and purposeful life:

  • Career Planning: A career is a significant part of most people's life. It helps them decide what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, and what would be the challenges that they are going to face in that particular career path.
  • Academic Pursuits: If you are a student who aims for academic excellence, a life map can help you structure your studies, goals, and aspirations.
  • Travel & Exploration: Travel and exploring new places is a very trending topic these days.
  • Project Planning: There are hundreds of projects that an individual undertakes in their lives. From home renovation to car repair to starting a new business, there are projects that need proper planning.

Benefits of Life Maps

Life maps offer a magnitude of advantages that impact your personal and professional endeavors. Some of the key benefits of life maps are:

  • Clarity & Focus: Life maps provide a clear visual of the individual's goals and aspirations that help in staying focused and avoiding distractions.
  • Motivation: When one sees the visual representation of their dreams and aspirations, they get a different type of motivation that pushes them to work harder.
  • Goal Setting: Life maps facilitate ways to measure, analyze, evaluate, understand, and track different life goals.
  • Organization: With life maps, one can easily organize all of the thoughts, tasks, and projects. This leads to reduced mental clutter and enhanced productivity.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: If you are stuck with a particular life-altering decision, try making a life map for it.
  • Time Management: Life maps also allow us to effectively allocate our time to different aspects of life and goals.

How to Create a Life Map

Creating a life is a structured process that involves a thorough understanding of life goals, aspirations, and tasks.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a life map in EdrawMind.

Step 1:Launch & Objective

The first step that you need to do is to download EdrawMind from the official website. Once you have downloaded the latest version of this tool, head to the home screen, where you can find different types of mind maps.

How to Create a Life Map - Step 1

Step 2:Use Templates

Navigate to the MindMap Gallery and head to the 'Life' Category to access hundreds of pre-built life map templates.

How to Create a Life Map - Step 2
Step 3:Start From Zero

Head to the New option from the home screen and start creating the life map from scratch.

How to Create a Life Map - Step 3
Step 4:Customize

EdrawMind comes with a wide range of customization options. From the left context menu, you can change the layout, theme, color, font style, background, and more with just a click.

How to Create a Life Map - Step 4
Step 5:Export & Share

Use EdrawMind's built-in feature to explore the life map in graphics and PDF formats.

How to Create a Life Map - Step 5
Tips for Creating a Life Map:
  • Make sure that the life map is simple.
  • Try adding all the visual aids provided by EdrawMind to make it more engaging.
  • Only share the life map with your trusted allies.
  • Life maps are tools to guide, so try to be a little flexible with the roadmaps.

Life Map Examples & Templates

Everyone wants to know who they are and what they do. If you are also someone who has encountered this question, then check out this life map template. Here, we have outlined several different yet important aspects that help an individual understand themselves. At the same time, this can help others to know this particular individual. This creative life map template is created in EdrawMind, and you can download it to your system to customize and make changes as per your life and surroundings.

My Life Lessons mind map templates different lessons one has learned throughout their life. Since a life map is a great visual tool to represent ideas and achievements, one can easily add information about the real learnings of their life. This way, they can understand the mistakes that they made and can also help others to get inspired by their life. This wonderful life map template is readily available in EdrawMind and can be fully customized based on your life.


Life maps provide direction, clarity, and purpose to every individual. By employing different strategies, individuals can unlock their full potential and set achievable goals. As you saw in this guide, the benefits of life mind maps prove why it is necessary for every individual to make such illustrations when they are facing some life-changing decisions.

When facing problems, use EdrawMind to create life maps. The free mind mapping software provides a user-friendly dashboard and several customization options.

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  • 1. Is a Life Map a one-time plan, or can it be updated?
    It is highly recommended to keep on updating the life map to reflect the change in goals and priorities.
  • 2. What are the key elements of a Life Map?
    Some of the notable elements of a life map are categories, goals, priorities, progress trackers, and visual representations.
  • 3. How do I start creating a Life Map?
    You can check out the free life map templates provided by EdrawMind to get started with life mind mapping.
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