Cell Concept Maps for Biology Students: Free Templates and Creation Steps

Learn how to make cell concept maps and use them to regulate human cells. Improve your memory and understanding with EdrawMind, a free mind-mapping tool!


Have you ever felt like your biology textbook bombarded you with concepts like "organelles" and "cytoplasm" without explaining how they all fit together? You are not alone. Cells, the basic building blocks of life, can appear complex.

But what if it was possible to disentangle the web of cellular structures and functions? Enter the cell concept map. This isn't just another boring diagram; it's a visual roadmap that connects the essential principles of human cells in a straightforward and structured manner.

Whether you're a student overwhelmed by cell biology or simply curious about the inner workings of your body, this guide will teach you how to create and use cell concept maps to grasp better the microscopic marvels that make you who you are.

Cell Concept Map Templates

Cell concept map templates are a lifesaver when organizing and visualizing the complex world inside cells. By serving as frames, these templates let you create a personalized map that links the essential parts of a cell, such as organelles and their capabilities.

Cell Concept Map Template #1

This concept map depicts the fundamental characteristics of cells, including their diversity and arrangement. It begins by distinguishing between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells found in various species, including blue-green algae and bacteria. Teachers can use this concept map in class to teach students the key concepts about basic components of cells like cell membranes, cytoplasm, and organelles such as the nucleus and mitochondria. It makes it easier for students to grasp the concepts quickly.

Cell Concept Map Template #2

The cell biology concept map shows a hierarchical understanding of cellular structures and functions, linking real-world challenges to other academic courses. It combines experimental data, declarative knowledge, and theoretical frameworks. Motivation and feedback are two strategies that lead to learning, which is then evaluated to produce tested exam content and influence marks. Adequate conceptualization through concept maps promotes comprehension. Educationists/teachers can use this comprehensive approach to combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications and develop a better understanding and retention of cell biology studies for their students. It will also increase the field's effective learning and problem-solving abilities.

Cell Concept Map Template #3

Animal cells, which have a membrane-bound nucleus and organelles and are surrounded by a plasma membrane, are typical of eukaryotic cells. The relationships between different cell components are shown in this concept map of animal cells. Each cell has a cytoplasm encased in a membrane and contains a range of biomolecules, including nucleic acids and proteins. You can also use this template to create a human cell concept map and understand its structure.

How to Make a Cell Concept Map?

This section will show you how to make the Concept cell concept map using EdrawMind's practical templates:

Step 1: Download Edrawmind by clicking the link below. Once done, log into the account by using your social media account credentials.

Step 2: Click Create, and choose the Local Mind Map option to create a visually appealing cell concept map.

EdrawMind Templates Gallery

Step 3: You can now begin modifying the template. Select Main Idea and create a title for your cell concept map.

Step 4: To add the subtopics, select the Main Topic and choose sub-topics from the options.

Adding Subtopic in Template

Step 5: Add as many sub-topics as you need to simplify the topic.

Step 6:. Edit your concept map using the toolbar's features. To utilize a pre-made theme, select the options located beneath the Themes. Choose your background and color scheme by experimenting with the icons under Background.

Customizing Cell Concept Map

Step 7: To download your concept map, click the Export icon on the top, select the relevant file type, specify the location for saving it, and then click the green Export button.

Exporting Cell Concept Map

6 Benefits of Using a Concept Maps

Concept maps are more than simply colorful diagrams; they're powerful tools that can transform how you learn and organize knowledge. Six major advantages will convince you to switch to using concept maps:

  • Improve Your Memory Retention:Concept maps help you divide knowledge into manageable bits and uncover connections between concepts. This activity reinforces brain pathways, making it easier to remember and retrieve information later
  • Improved Communication and Organization: Concept maps create a clear visual foundation for your concepts, making them easier to grasp and discuss with others. Whether you're teaching hard topics to a student or discussing solutions with a group, concept maps keep everyone on the same page.
  • Active Learning and Critical Thinking: Concept maps promote active learning by asking you to analyze data, uncover relationships, and pose questions. This active participation develops critical thinking abilities, making you a better student and problem solver.
  • Problem-solving skills: With concept maps, you can see the overall picture and discover gaps or contradictions in your understanding. This graphic representation enables you to approach problems from several perspectives and devise unique solutions.
  • Unmask Knowledge Gaps: As you create a concept map, regions where your knowledge is lacking become obvious. These gaps serve as road signs, directing your learning efforts and guaranteeing a more thorough comprehension of the topic area.
  • A Learning Ally for Everyone: Concept maps appeal to various learning methods. Visual learners benefit from the graphical layout, and kinesthetic learners enjoy creating the map. Because of their versatility, concept maps are an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their learning outcomes.

EdrawMind: Free Note Taker and Mind Mapping Tool

EdrawMind enables you to optimize your workflow and realize your creative potential. This multipurpose software is a free mind-mapping tool and a digital note-taker. Create visually appealing mind maps to organize complicated thoughts, brainstorm effectively, and communicate information.

EdrawMind makes knowledge capturing easier by providing a user-friendly interface and many built-in functionalities. Take notes, connect concepts, and personalize your maps with themes, colors, and symbols. This comprehensive solution promotes better organization, communication, and comprehension of your projects and concepts.

Key Features

EdrawMind provides a rich set of functions to help you brainstorm, note-taking, and information management. Here are five essential characteristics that distinguish EdrawMind:

  • AI-Powered Assistance: Use AI to streamline your mind-mapping process. EdrawMind provides solutions for overcoming creative hurdles and accelerating brainstorming sessions.
  • Template Gallery: Get your projects started with a variety of pre-designed templates. EdrawMind meets various demands, serving as a springboard for everything from company proposals to research articles.
  • Import with Ease: Easily import existing mind maps or outlines from other programs with a single click. This seamless integration saves time and promotes an efficient workflow.
  • Real-time Collaboration: These characteristics encourage dynamic teamwork. Work on mind maps with coworkers, regardless of geography, to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Intuitive Interface Enjoy a user-friendly, visually appealing interface that stresses clarity and use. EdrawMind lets you concentrate on your concepts and information without being bogged down by sophisticated software.

Working Modes

EdrawMind overcomes the constraints of standard mind mapping tools by providing several working modes to meet your requirements. Let's look at these varied functionalities:

  • Outline Mode: If you prefer a linear approach, EdrawMind's Outline Mode offers an organized list style. This mode is perfect for organizing large tasks, producing thorough outlines, and designing step-by-step procedures.
  • Flowchart Mode: EdrawMind's Flowchart Mode allows you to visualize workflows and decision-making processes easily. This model includes a full set of flowchart symbols and connectors, allowing you to design clear and succinct flowcharts, improving communication and comprehension.
  • Presentation Mode: Use EdrawMind's Presentation Mode to transform your mind maps into engaging presentations. This mode lets you express your concepts with polish and clarity, using animations and transitions to keep your audience engaged.

Why Choose EdrawMind to Create a Cell Concept Map?

Building a cell concept map might be a beneficial tool when commencing on the path to comprehend the complex environment within cells. However, the platform on which you develop this map has a considerable impact on the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the learning process.

Here's why EdrawMind is the best choice for creating excellent cell concept maps:


EdrawMind allows you to design cell concept maps that are instructive, visually appealing, and matched to your learning style. A wide library of cell-specific clipart allows you to go beyond simple shapes and text.

Extremely clear depictions of numerous cell organelles (such as mitochondria, ribosomes, and the nucleus), cellular processes (such as mitosis and meiosis), and even different cell types (plant vs. animal). Furthermore, modify the colors, typefaces, and layouts to build a mind map that speaks to you, improving knowledge retention and understanding.


In today's dynamic learning environment, having easy access to your study resources is essential. EdrawMind goes above the restrictions of a single device by providing cross-platform accessibility. This adaptable program is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, allowing you to browse and change your cell concept map from any computer.

This promotes a streamlined workflow and continuous learning, independent of location. EdrawMind also provides a free web-based version, allowing you to access your project from anywhere whenever inspiration strikes or a quick review is required.

Pre-designed Templates

EdrawMind provides a wide range of pre-designed cell concept map layouts. These templates provide a solid foundation by highlighting key components such as the primary cell organelles, their functions, and the relationships between cell parts.

Simply tweak these templates with your details and insights, letting you concentrate on an in-depth examination of cellular principles rather than the time-consuming effort of creating the map itself. This time-saving function allows you to explore the intriguing world of cells more quickly, increasing your learning efficiency.


Cell concept map for biology students is an effective and versatile tool for understanding the complex world within cells. These maps use visual representation and organizing and can dramatically improve your learning experience. Cell concept maps enable you to understand not only the specific components of a cell but also the fundamental connections that allow life to exist, improving memory retention and critical thinking skills. .

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