Learn to Create a Fishbone Diagram Within Minutes

In this article, you will learn what a fishbone diagram is and what applications it offers. In addition, it presents a superb fish diagram maker online.

how to create fishbone diagram online

While running a business, you may experience a number of ups and downs. This is how businesses work around the globe. If a problem arises, you can explain it to the team or concerned people in two different ways, i.e., present text-based information or create some visuals. The second method has been found to be more effective compared to the first one.

As far as the fishbone diagram is concerned, it also presents the data visually to assist everyone in understanding the problem and getting familiar with its main causes in a better way. This article will help you learn what exactly a fishbone diagram is, how it can benefit you, and how to create it with a dependable fishbone diagram maker online. Let’s start the discussion.

  1. What is a Fishbone Diagram
  2. The Top 5 Applications of a Fishbone Diagram
  3. How to Create a Fishbone Diagram with EdrawMind Online
  4. Final Words

What is a Fishbone Diagram?

The fishbone diagram is also known as an Ishikawa Diagram or Cause and Effect Diagram. It was first introduced by a Japanese professor, Kaoru Ishikawa in 1945, who was working at the University of Tokyo. This diagram became significantly popular at Kawasaki in 1960. The reason why it is called a fishbone diagram is that it resembles the structure of a fish when completed.

The Ishikawa or fishbone diagram is very effective during the product development stages. It helps project managers and decision makers to note down the factors that can contribute to developing a product. Then, they break down those factors into different small components. The Miata sports car was also developed by Mazda using the fish diagram approach.

Simply put, when you have to find out the potential reasons behind a specific problem, using the fishbone diagram will be worth it for sure. This diagram is not only effective while developing a new process, but it also assists you in making your existing process work smoothly by brainstorming everything that can lead to failure.

Once you know the hurdles or things that can go wrong, it becomes easy for you to adjust the whole process and strengthen every step to make it more reliable and efficient. The Ishikawa diagram identifies possible failures and issues, as stated earlier. This is why it has proven to be an effective tool for manufacturing and supply chain management departments.

This diagram helps manufacturers make better processes by assisting them in ensuring that the output is predictable and consistent. The key components of this diagram include a problem (placed at the fish’s head), attributes (bones of the fish), and causes (areas within the attributes).

The Top 5 Applications of a Fishbone Diagram

Now that you are well familiar with what an Ishikawa or fishbone diagram is, it is time to explore where you can use this diagram. Well, this diagram offers a wide range of applications, out of which the most common ones are listed below. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Product Development

The fishbone diagram plays a crucial role in the product development industry. It enables manufacturers to understand all the potential risks and problems that can occur when developing a new product.

Once the issues are highlighted, product development teams can work on changing the design or introducing some mitigating strategies in the earlier phases. It helps them save resources and time. The type of factors an Ishikawa diagram can highlight include the identification of reasons behind component failure and safety concerns when developing a design for a new product.

2. Quality Improvement

As the name depicts, this department works on improving the quality of products. This is where a fishbone diagram helps QA engineers and quality assurance professionals find defects in a product by determining their root causes and then fixing them effectively. As soon as you know the defects, you can implement different strategies to fix them all. Improving product quality is one of the most in-demand applications of the fishbone diagram.

3. Business Management

A business is all about selling products or services and generating decent profits in the end. Sometimes, entrepreneurs and business owners may struggle while selling enough goods or services. This is the stage where you must identify the root causes of this problem, and the fishbone diagram can help you achieve this goal. It also lends you a helping hand when implementing sales improvement strategies.

4. Healthcare

The fishbone diagram offers a range of applications in the healthcare sector. It enables medical professionals and doctors to analyze various factors that can affect a patient's health and streamline workflows. In addition, it helps doctors identify process improvement areas and maintain premium-quality care for the speedy recovery of patients.

For example, medical professionals can use the Ishikawa diagram to determine different factors that cause medication errors and investigate major causes of the high readmission rate. At the same time, you can identify the reasons why patients are not satisfied with different healthcare services.

5. Service Improvement

The services industry plays a key role in making a product or business successful. Any business around the world can’t succeed until it pays great attention to the services improvement department. The fishbone diagram uncovers areas of improvement in different processes, like service delivery and customer relations.

This diagram analyzes the root causes of a service that is not up to the mark and enables business owners to implement effective techniques to introduce changes that can increase the customer satisfaction rate.

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How to Create a Fishbone Diagram with EdrawMind Online

Though you can solve simple problems by drawing the fishbone diagram manually, it becomes difficult to manage when dealing with complex subjects. This is where dedicated online fishbone diagram creators support you.

You may find a series of tools to make fishbone diagrams online, but you can’t trust them all without knowing the potential they have and the features they come with. Many people worldwide struggle to find a trusted fishbone diagram maker online. Are you experiencing the same problem? If yes, worry no more and try Wondershare EdrawMind.

EdrawMind is an incredible diagramming tool trusted by more than 25 million people across the globe who use it for a variety of purposes, like mind mapping, creating outlines, and finding the root causes of different problems. It has introduced new AI-powered features for a better experience, like AI presentation, AI summarization, AI copywriting, and more.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Fishbone Diagram Online

Creating the Ishikawa diagram with EdrawMind Online is a super efficient process. The user-friendly interface and a range of advanced features assist you in doing the job in a matter of a few minutes. Follow the steps listed below carefully.

Step1Launch the official website of EdrawMind Online. You will see an interface on your screen, as shown below.

create a fishbone diagram with edrawmind online

Step2Now, inside the Workbench, tap on the “Fishbone Right” tab and choose the “Fishbone Right” option, as shown below.

choose fishbone right

As soon as you choose this option, you will see a new fishbone diagram template on your screen, as shown below.

fishbone diagram in edrawmind online

Step3Now, you can put the desired information in your diagram, like the main idea, attributes, and causes. Below is the fishbone diagram to enhance business productivity. You can customize your layout according to your requirements.

fishbone diagram customization in edrawmind online

Step4Once you are done with making your fishbone diagram in EdrawMind online, you can export it to different formats as needed. For this, tap on the three-dot icon from the top-right corner and click on “Export,” as shown below.

export the fishbone diagram

Here, you can select the format of your choice. You can choose to export your Ishikawa diagram in PDF, JPEG, SVG, PNG, PPT, TXT, and more. Once you choose the right format, click on the “Export” button to save the diagram on your system. You can export without a watermark if you have a paid plan of Wondershare EdrawMind Online.

set the format when exporting

This is how, in 4 simple and efficient steps, you can draw fishbone diagrams online instantly.

Final Words

A fishbone diagram visually presents the root causes of different problems in a fish-like structure. The head of the fish denotes the main problem, whereas attributes or causes are represented by the ribs coming out of the main subject. The fishbone diagram assists business owners, medical professionals, engineers, QA specialists, and many other people in dealing with their respective problems effectively and efficiently.

This diagram has done wonders for the product development, manufacturing, and services industries around the globe. You can find a couple of fishbone diagram makers online, but using EdrawMind Online for this purpose is superbly amazing. It comes with pre-built fishbone diagram templates to make your diagramming experience unforgettable. Plus, millions of global users are highly satisfied with what EdrawMind Online offers.

If you want to make a fishbone diagram online, try EdrawMind, and you will be more than happy to see its potential and the power

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