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Wondering how to convey the core message to your audience properly during a presentation? We have cracked the deal for you with a tool known as

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Be it professional or educational sectors; an effective presentation design holds immense value for several reasons. And can help you achieve this goal. Firstly, the presentations created by this tool help improve the communication of ideas, findings, and proposals to the relevant target audience. Further, well-structured presentations have a huge role in retaining the people’s attention as well. Precisely, it reduces the gap between the speaker and the listeners, ensuring the primary message is accurately delivered.

Apart from these advantages of presentations created by, it also reflects your level of professionalism as a presenter. The better you’re prepared, the more positive impact it will leave. By using visuals, color, typography, and narratives - you can actually break down complex information into digestible chunks, thereby achieving the audience’s communication objectives.

In today’s digital world, when attention spans are diminishing, designs in presentation can serve as a paramount tool to ensure top-notch communication and comprehension. Let’s start with reviewing our choice of tool for generating visual presentations, i.e,, along with its alternative EdrawMind AI.

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tome ai

Tailored for the mobile-first generation, is a modern software that helps create engaging presentations for various purposes. The best part is that this collaborative platform follows a no-code approach, so anyone can easily leverage its features. Let’s dig deeper into different aspects of the software in the section below:

Overview of, a professional presentation tool, aims to help users create presentations that can easily convey difficult data to audiences through visually appealing digital collages. Basically, it is a storytelling AI platform that can turn your small prompts into complete narratives.

This way, you can create presentations that are not only attractive to the eyes but also simplify the communication of information to the audience.

Why is Worth a Try?

Some of the key strengths of this Tome AI are listed as follows:

  1. Prompt-Driven Slide Creation
  2. To start with, Tome is capable of generating high-quality slide decks just by a single prompt provided by you. This feature is a solid way out for individuals who need to generate presentations within a short deadline. Being a time-saving tool, it allows people to focus more on preparing themselves for the pitch rather than wasting hours on traditional presentation creation.

  3. Suitable For Various Purposes
  4. Another exceptional capability of Tome AI is its versatility. Basically, this software’s use is not limited to any single purpose. Instead, it can create presentations on various niches, be it fundraising or sales pitches, team standups, or even design reviews. Thus, getting your hands on it means freeing yourself from the worries of preparing presentations of any style.

  5. Customization Possibilities
  6. Now comes the most beneficial side of Tome AI, i.e, its features for customizing your presentations according to your needs. It's a solid tool that lets you create designs that ideally resonate with the message you want to deliver and also the kind of audience you are addressing.

    For instance, you can insert tables, animations, and images without any restrictions. This way, the presentation becomes visually attractive and is also tailored according to your preferences - a win-win situation.

  7. Attractive Visuals
  8. We already talked about Tome’s ability to add an engaging touch to presentations, no matter how complex the topic is. It facilitates this by seamlessly blending text and images. Moreover, the generated slides depict a modern and stylish look, reflecting your creativity.

  9. Embeddable Live Widgets
  10. With the rise of technology, modern-day presentations demand real-time data display along with various interactive options. This tool perfectly fulfills the need for it by letting you insert live widgets from third-party apps into your slides.

    In fact, you can even embed voice notes in your presentation seamlessly. Similarly, there’s an option to attach recorded videos, too, so your presentation has different elements to keep the audience engaged throughout till the end.

  11. Various Functionalities
  12. Here are some other essential things you can perform with Tome AI:

    • Make presentations through documents
    • Generate images by prompts
    • Find accurate tone and words for your text via its rewriting tool
    • Create in-depth pages with perfect dimensions
    • Ensure top-notch team collaboration
  13. Pre-made Templates
  14. tome ai templates

    The AI tool features an entire library where you can access top-notch templates for various needs. Design, Product, Sales and Pitch Decks, Education, Career, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship are to name a few. By choosing the one suitable for your requirements, you can kickstart presentation creation without any manual effort. This saves a lot of time.

Where Could be Improved?

While this tool has extensive benefits, there are a few downsides as well that you need to consider before using it. These include:

1. Overly Visual

The presentation-creating style of Tome AI is undoubtedly engaging, stylish, and visually attractive. However, this may not suit the likes of business people who prefer more formal slides. Basically, if you want to instill a conservative approach in your presentations, this software might not be suitable for your needs.

2. Paid Model

While it features a free plan, Tome AI’s usage is limited to just 500 instructions. After that, you have to pay around $10 per month to use this tool unlimitedly. For an annual subscription, the software costs $96. Large-scale businesses might be able to afford that. However, as an individual user, it can get slightly difficult to meet the monthly charges.

3. Language Limitation

Since Tome AI has recently entered the business, its content is only limited to the English language. Thus, being a native speaker, you may face issues in using its capabilities.

Recommended Alternative: EdrawMind AI

edrawmind ai ppt

To counter's limitations, you can opt to use EdrawMind AI, which offers multilingual support and is available in languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French, etc. Also, be it formal or stylish, this software supports the generation of presentations from text prompts or mind maps.

The tool's function extends to the customization of the presentation's aesthetics, where you can alter layouts and color schemes to better suit your preferences or the subject matter. Moreover, its built-in templates provide a variety of design choices, which not only eases the process of creating engaging slides but also enhances the communication of complex ideas.

This feature is highly significant, especially in educational settings, where the auto-generation of presentations from mind maps or text can make challenging ideas more approachable for learners.

Feature/Aspect EdrawMind AI
Main Function Creation of presentations, stories, or outlines from scratch with AI assistance. AI-powered mind mapping, brainstorming, and presentation creation.
Key Technologies Utilizes GPT-3 and DALL-E 2 for generating text and images, respectively. Features like Smart Annotation and One-click Mind Map, AI Presentations, AI Videos, AI Summaries, etc.
Customization It is highly customizable, with options for adding tables, animations, and images. Offers customization features to refine presentations.
Pricing $10 per month and 96 per year. $39 for six months and $59 per year.

Bonus Part: Other Functions of EdrawMind AI

  • AI Video: EdrawMind AIhelps generate videos through mind maps in no time. It analyzes your mind map, generates scripts based on them, and then converts them into a multimedia display. Other than this, you can also leverage the platform's text-to-speech feature, which comes useful in video dubbing.
  • AI Copywriting: Through this function, you can ask AI to generate copies and shorten lengthy texts into shorter and more meaningful paragraphs without diverting from the key message.
  • AI Drawing: A single prompt and EdrawMind AIwill generate images based on three essential models. These include Universal, Comic, and Image to Image. Once done, you can then easily customize the media's settings, like its resolution, ratio, and style, to match your needs.
  • Intelligent Analysis:It can analyze presentations to produce a mind map so you can seamlessly visualize and organize all sorts of information.

Conclusion is definitely a perfect platform for the creation of visually attractive presentations suiting various purposes. While its key strengths are commendable and the primary reason you should explore the tool, there are some limitations, too.

Thus, if it's unable to fulfill your demands, there's a solid alternative, EdrawMind AI, on which you can depend. Being cost-friendly, the tool's capabilities extend beyond presentation creation. Its AI features allow many other things, including making posters, videos, summaries, etc.

Although the final choice of which software is ideal for your needs is your personal decision, here's what we recommend. If you want to generate stylish and modern presentations backed by pre-built templates, go for Tome. ai.

only. However, if you want to convert mind maps into presentations and give them a more formal touch, then EdrawMind AI should be your ultimate pick!

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