Top 7 Android OCR Apps To Extract Texts From Images

Discover the 7 best Android OCR apps that turn your phone into a text-scanning tool in this guide. From handwritten notes to PDFs, boost your productivity with effortless digitalization.

7 best android ocr apps

Still painstakingly typing out text from images on your phone? Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology can help you with it. Android OCR apps scan text from printed materials and convert it into editable digital format, saving you time and effort. From students digitizing lecture notes to business professionals managing documents, the demand for an OCR app for Android devices is soaring across diverse fields.

However, choosing the best one can be overwhelming with so many OCR options available. This guide is your key to learning the best Android OCR app tailored to your needs and workflow. Get ready to familiarize yourself with OCR and boost your productivity with the right Android app!

In this article
  1. EdrawMind: AI-Powered OCR App for Android
  2. Google Keep: Simplified Text Recognition
  3. CamScanner: OCR App for Business and Productivity
  4. Microsoft Lens: Intelligent OCR for Microsoft Users
  5. Evernote: OCR for Enhanced Note-Taking
  6. Adobe Scan: Powerful PDF Scanner and OCR in One
  7. Pen to Print: Handwritten Notes OCR for the Analog Note-Taker
  8. Conclusion

EdrawMind: AI-Powered OCR App for Android

Struggling to translate notes into actionable plans on your phone? Wondershare EdrawMind's OCR feature elevates Android OCR to a whole new level. Scan your handwritten diagrams, notes, or scanned files with EdrawMind. It converts them to digital text right on your mind map, ready for editing and design customization on any device.

Brainstorming sessions become instantly organized, and messy notes find new life as structured visual thinking tools. Whether you're a student tackling complex concepts or a professional brainstorming the next big idea, EdrawMind is one of the best OCRs for Android users.

edrawmind ocr on android
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Advanced AI features for creating mind maps
  • Free plan limitations on features and export formats

Google Keep: Simplified Text Recognition

Google Keep isn't just for jotting down notes – it doubles as a basic Android OCR app. Snap a photo of a document, whiteboard, or handwritten note, and Keep notes will automatically extract the text. It can turn images or printed words into editable text within the app.

No need for extra apps. Google Keep is a convenient option for quickly capturing information and integrating it into your existing workflow, such as Google Docs.

google keep grabbing image text
  • Free and readily available on most Android devices
  • Once extracted, the text becomes part of your Keep note, making it searchable and easily accessible
  • Access captured text across your devices via your Google account
  • Handwriting, low-quality images, and fancy fonts can pose challenges
  • Complex layouts or tables may not be accurately captured
  • Lacks advanced OCR functionalities like table or multi-page document processing

CamScanner: OCR App for Business and Productivity

Ditch manual typing and boost your productivity. Turn your Android phone into a powerful pocket scanner with CamScanner, an OCR app for Android phones. Instantly scan receipts, contracts, notes, and more, extracting text with ease and converting them into editable PDFs, Word, Excel, or searchable text files. Forget bulky scanners. CamScanner makes digitizing documents on the go seamless, perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who values efficiency.

camscanner ocr interface
  • Extract text with impressive accuracy
  • Support over 40 languages
  • Share documents in various formats
  • Sync scanned documents across devices
  • The free version displays ads
  • Need a subscription for full OCR capabilities

Microsoft Lens: Intelligent OCR for Microsoft Users

Need help with handwritten notes, business cards, small words typed on documents, or text in photos? Microsoft Lens has your back. This free app functions as a powerful OCR tool for Android users, transforming your smartphone into a pocket scanner. Capture whiteboards, handwritten notes, documents, boards, and even business cards easily.

Microsoft Lens can extract text from images and extract a printed table. It extracts contact details directly for business cards, adding them to your Android phone's Contacts app. And for those times when your eyes need a break, Lens can even read your scanned text aloud.

microsoft lens android ocr extract table
  • Work seamlessly with OneNote, OneDrive, and other Microsoft tools
  • Automatically adjusts images for optimal conversion
  • OCR currently supports 30 languages for extracting text from the image
  • Extracting text from handwritten notes supports English-only
  • Formatting issues with complex layouts and handwriting

Evernote: OCR for Enhanced Note-Taking

Problem with unsearchable scans? Evernote's OCR opens the hidden value in your images and scribbles. Forget fiddling with text extraction tools. Evernote can analyze your scanned documents and handwritten notes, building a powerful search index that lets you find any snippet across your entire library.

Whether it's a whiteboard diagram from last week's meeting or a napkin sketch of your next big idea, Evernote's OCR makes your visual content more accessible. It also goes beyond being one of the best Android OCR apps by integrating extracted text with powerful note-taking and organization features.

search handwritten notes using ocr
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Integrates with other productivity tools, including Google Drive, Outlook, and MS Teams
  • Combine text, images, audio, and web clippings in a single note
  • Identify 28 typewritten and 11 handwritten languages
  • Can only read and search terms from scanned files but cannot convert images to editable text
  • Some advanced features require a paid subscription
  • Interface can feel overwhelming for casual users

Adobe Scan: Powerful PDF Scanner and OCR in One

Need the best OCR Android app for editing scanned files? Forget the frustration of manually transcribing them. Adobe Acrobat unveils its OCR prowess on Android devices, transforming your phone into a document powerhouse. Scan any document and convert it to a searchable, editable PDF using this OCR for Android phones.

Use the text for further editing, share annotated PDFs with colleagues, or even fill out forms within the app. Embrace the future of mobile document productivity with Adobe Acrobat: your one-stop solution for powerful Android OCR and PDF editor.

adobe scan android ocr
  • The PDF output matches the fonts used in the scanned file
  • It keeps the formatting and layout of the original file
  • Extract text for editing or export PDFs to Word, PPT, or as a text file
  • Access your documents and scans across all your devices
  • The output is limited to searchable and editable PDF files
  • Requires a paid Adobe subscription for full functionality

Pen to Print: Handwritten Notes OCR for the Analog Note-Taker

Tired of squinting at your handwriting? Pen to Print redefines the "best OCR app for Android" by transforming your phone into a personal handwriting translator. Gone are the days of deciphering your chicken scratch – simply scan your notes, grocery lists, or even scribbled ideas, and Pen to Print converts them into clear, editable text.

And work smarter, not harder. Let the Pen to Print Android OCR tool handle your form processing while you focus on what matters most. Just create your form template, and Pen to Print will recognize the data fields in any hand-filled version, extracting the handwritten text and converting it to editable Word or Excel formats.

pen to print ocr for android
  • Handles even the most challenging penmanship
  • Allows you to compare the text to the scan
  • Have batch conversion to a single text file
  • Formatting issues after converting image to text
  • Limited advanced features, even with a Premium subscription


With the abundance of Android OCR apps, choosing the perfect one depends on your needs. EdrawMind unleashes your creativity with visual mind mapping and AI-powered OCR, ideal for brainstorming sessions. Google Keep simplifies text capture, which is perfect for on-the-go note-taking. CamScanner packs a punch for business, scanning documents and cards with ease. Microsoft Lens integrates seamlessly with Microsoft tools, making it a convenient choice for their users.

Evernote enhances note-taking with OCR and organization, which is ideal for knowledge seekers. Adobe Acrobat Scan empowers professionals with powerful scanning and OCR in one, while Pen To Print bridges the gap between analog and digital notes. No matter your style, there's an OCR for Android phones out there waiting to boost your productivity and efficiency.

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