Top 10 Text Summarizers Powered by AI in 2024

Learn about the top ten AI summarizers that help you save time and effort when researching and making decisions. Find out how simple it is to compress long texts with these tools. Make informed choices with ease.

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Imagine having an AI tool that allows you to quickly summarize an hour-long discussion into a few minutes, saving your team valuable time and ensuring everyone has access to crucial information. An AI summarizer does that.

AI summarizers' main objective is to reduce long text into manageable bits. But how can you pick the best AI summarizer for your requirements when hundreds of them are online?

The top 10 AI summary generator are included in this post to assist you in saving time and effort while still learning insightful things. We'll go through the benefits and drawbacks of each tool so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

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What is an AI summarizer?

An AI summarizer is an online program or application that uses AI methods to reduce lengthy pieces of text into smaller portions while preserving the original's essential details and primary ideas.

Most AI summarization tools analyze the input text to isolate keywords, phrases, or concepts; next, they produce a summary that concisely conveys this information. Natural language processing (NLP) techniques, such as text extraction, semantic analysis, and sentence scoring, are frequently used in AI summarizers' algorithms.

AI summarizers are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Content curation: Condenses news stories or blog entries to quickly update readers on events happening worldwide.
  • Research: Produces synopses of scholarly articles or long texts to assist researchers in rapidly assessing their applicability.
  • Information retrieval: Improves search engine results to make it easier for consumers to access pertinent content more quickly by including brief web page excerpts.
  • Content generation: Includes reports or article summaries for reference in other papers or web pages.
  • Language translation: To promote cross-lingual comprehension, summarize a piece in one language before translating it into another.

10 Best AI Summarizers

Let's get started with our search for the best summarizing tools for your needs. The top ten AI summarizers are listed below.

1. EdrawMind

EdrawMind AI summarizer tool

EdrawMind AI Summarizer is an advanced tool that revolutionizes the process of content analysis and information extraction. With its advanced AI capabilities, EdrawMind AI Summarizer can generate comprehensive mind maps from various uploaded documents, including PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and PDF files.

This innovative technology efficiently processes the content, extracting abstracts, keywords, and key sentences and thoroughly analyzing the document's core concepts and ideas.

Some of the advantages of the AI summarizer by EdrawMind include the following:

  • Simplifies Complex Information: It simplifies complex information by providing concise insights and a visually engaging representation of the document's key point. This saves valuable time and enhances comprehension and retention of critical information.
  • Efficient File Management: It enables users to manage their files effectively by swiftly and accurately generating comprehensive summaries, thus facilitating streamlined information processing and organization.
  • Enhances Writing Efficiency: By leveraging the insights provided by EdrawMind AI Summarizer, users can enhance their writing efficiency and create accurate and engaging content.

2. Quillbot Summarizer

Quillbot AI summarizer tool

With Quilllbot, you have creative control over how much or how little of your work you need to paraphrase or summarize. It can be utilized inside the Quillbot platform or linked with Google Docs or Word documents.

It scans your content using machine learning to provide synonym suggestions, summarize it, and verify it for plagiarism. This is useful whether you're producing essays for college or material for a client.

  • You can change the sentence length.
  • It produces material accurately and quickly.
  • You cannot use it to summarize audio or video files.
  • To summarize long papers, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

3. Jasper

Jasper ai summarizing tool

Jasbet is the best ai text summarizer, enabling you to produce text summaries and excellent content. It can extract insightful data and produce automated summaries, reports, and suggestions.

Jasper stands out from other tools because of its more than fifty built-in summary templates. Additionally, you can generate longer sentences by using the sentence expander tool.

  • 50+ templates and more than 30 languages are supported.
  • Quicker turnaround times for creating content.
  • It might be expensive for small and starting companies.
  • Cannot outline or address technical subjects adequately.

4. ChatGPT

OpenAi chatGPT summarizer for text

ChatGPT is a highly sought-after chatbot with artificial intelligence. Summarizing lengthy texts is one of its many useful functions.

Simply enter the text to be summarized and provide instructions like "Summarize the following text in x words," etc. You then receive the content within seconds of entering the prompt. This makes it simple to obtain the summary of papers, essays, PDFs, articles, and other types of content.

  • You can easily change the summary's range by changing the inputs.
  • You can expand the features of ChatGPT using the available plugins and extensions.
  • It provides a summary of the subject but no original analysis.
  • To ensure it produces the correct results, it needs extensive training.

5. Scholarcy

Article summarizer Scholarcy home page

Another helpful online tool for summarizing papers is Scholarcy, which reduces lengthy articles and essays into manageable chunks of information. It supports plain text, document uploading, and open-access URLs or DOI.

Scholarly is special because it's a flashcard generator that can extract important visual material from PDF or Microsoft Word documents. This allows you to establish connections to the referenced sources inside your content.

  • It pulls out the gist of the paper, including citations and significant phrases.
  • The generated summaries can be retrieved from the summary generator's archive.
  • Works best for scholarly articles and research papers.
  • In comparison to other AI tools, the registration process is complex.
  • It can only generate summary cards for short-to-medium-length documents.

6. Frase

AI summary generator tool Farse

Generate insightful summaries with the aid of Frase AI's unique AI model. Simply paste in the article URL or excerpt you want to summarize and get the results.

Farse's drawback is that it can only summarize articles between 600 and 700 words. Therefore, it is not an ideal tool for summarizing extensive research reports.

  • It has a clean interface without any annoying ads.
  • As a bonus, it includes a free slogan, title, and meta description generator for blogs.
  • The response engine may occasionally incorporate spam website material.
  • There are not many ways to personalize Frase.

7. SummarizeBot

AI summarizer SummarizeBot tool home page

To efficiently compress articles, papers, and web information, SummarizeBot combines extractive and abstractive summary approaches. You can even integrate it with Slack to improve the efficiency of chats.

It generates succinct summaries using the identified keywords and phrases while keeping the most important details. This AI system was made considering the user's needs, so accessing the data you need is simple.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Available in several languages
  • Compatible with services like Slack
  • It's a hybrid of extractive and abstractive summarizing techniques.
  • It might not always capture all of the technical details of the text.
  • There are restrictions on the free version.

8. TLDR This

AI summarizer tool TLDR

TLDR This is a popular online text and article summarizing tool. It uses a highly trained artificial intelligence (AI) system to automatically condense large text, papers, documents, and essays into short phrases and paragraphs.

One of TLDR's finest features is that it doesn't require users to sign up for an account before they can begin using it. You may also obtain a summary of the information that reads as if it were written by a human if you turn on the human-like summary feature.

  • You may easily create a high-quality summary with the help of the free text summarizer.
  • The UI is uncomplicated and straightforward.
  • The free summarization of text is limited.
  • Limiting the summary to a certain amount of words or phrases is impossible.

9. Inksprout

Inksprout ai tool to summarize text

Inksprout has your back if you need help writing abstracts for your articles whenever you want to share them on social media. It is equipped with a clever caption generator to promote your blog posts and articles on social media.

Inksprout's Chrome extension is a great feature because it's compatible with many social networking platforms. Simply import the article's URL and choose your desired readership. The program can whip up summed-up captions in no time.

  • It can be used right away, with no steep learning curve.
  • The produced text can be revised before being sent on social media.
  • Unlike cheaper alternatives, Inksprout's AI summarizer is rather pricey.
  • It can only generate social media summaries and captions.

10. Smodin

Smodin summarize tool ai

Smodin is an effective AI summary generator that can create a streamlined version of any HTML page or website. It eliminates the filler language without detracting from the overall usefulness of the article.

Let's say you are reading a long website when all of a sudden, the screen is filled with information. Smodin comes to the rescue by reducing a 2000-word text to a 200-word, easily readable form.

  • It can generate summaries for articles, papers, manuals, websites, etc.
  • It also includes a plagiarism checker to guarantee that the resulting summary is original.
  • Video or audio cannot be used as summaries' input in Smodin.
  • When writing, it might not come up with original or diversified sentences.


While these AI summarizing tools are helpful in different fields, EdrawMind's AI Summarizer is particularly useful and easy to use for academics, journalists, and content curators. EdrawMind's features include more than merely simplifying complicated information.

Additional benefits of this dynamic platform include AI-powered PPT generation, design process simplification, and aesthetically stunning presentations. Additionally, users are empowered to easily extract the essence of video information with EdrawMind's AI video summary.

Its wide range of tools promotes productivity, teamwork, and innovation. Users may boost their work with many resources and skills by selecting EdrawMind. Discover the ease of use and creativity that EdrawMind offers your projects.

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