Top 10 Free Task Managers: Complete Your To-Do List with Ease

Are you feeling overburdened with work? We have got you covered. This list of 10 best and free task-tracking applications to organize your work, meet deadlines, and accomplish your most important goals.

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Are you trying to find software for free task trackers? When you use tools to organize your work instead of traditional methods like writing down what needs to be done, we understand that it can sometimes feel odd. Furthermore, we know that selecting the ideal alternative for your company might be challenging, given the abundance of possibilities available.

But don't worry; we'll walk you through the best 10 free task trackers in this article so you can use tasks to organize your work. Task Tracking will become clear to you, and you'll see why trying some programs is important to improve your daily life.

How We Have Chosen the Task Trackers?

Here are the key considerations we used to choose the top 10 free task trackers:

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1. Features

  • Task management: We searched for programs that provided the fundamental functions of task management, such as assigning tasks, establishing deadlines, establishing priorities, and monitoring advancement.
  • Collaboration: We considered applications that let users give tasks to one another, monitor team performance, and work together.
  • Integrations: We searched for programs that might be integrated with other well-known programs, such as calendars, email, and cloud storage.
  • Personalization: We considered instruments that enable consumers to tailor their experience to meet their requirements.
  • Free plan: We limited the tools we included to those that provide a robust feature set in a free plan.

2. Usability

  • User interface: We searched for instruments with an easy-to-learn-and-use interface that is clear and straightforward.
  • Setup: We considered how simple it is to set up and begin utilizing the tool.

3. Reliability

  • Uptime: We searched for tools with a solid uptime and reliability history.
  • Security: We considered each tool's security characteristics to guarantee user data protection.

4. Customer service

  • Help center: We searched for tools with extensive documentation and a tutorial-filled help center.
  • Customer service: We considered the accessibility of customer care via phone, email, or live chat.

5. Customer feedback

  • Online reviews: We reviewed user reviews posted online to get opinions on the various task trackers.
  • Ratings: We considered each tool's ratings from well-known review websites.

These important factors are, in our opinion, met by the top 10 free task trackers we have selected, providing the highest value for users.

10 Best Task Trackers

This is a comprehensive list of the top task-tracking apps available on the market, broken down by feature for teams and individuals. They all have free versions, some of which have fewer but still useful capabilities for task management.

1. EdrawMind: Collaborative Team Collaboration Tool

EdrawMind home page

EdrawMind is a versatile mind mapping and team collaboration tool that has a clean interface and powerful features for graphically tracking progress.

You can easily draw out project plans, schedules, and resource allocations with the help of its user-friendly interface and wide library of templates and symbols.


  • Real-time collaborative editing: All the members of a team can edit the same diagram at the same time and get updated on the latest change as soon as possible.
  • Project planning and scheduling: Create Gantt charts, org charts, to-do lists, timelines, and mind maps.
  • Teamwork: Distribute project schematics to team members for input and participation. Diagrams can be exported in dozen of formats for simple sharing and display.
  • Customization: Create customized project diagrams by selecting from various templates and symbols. Colors, fonts, and styles can be used to personalize diagram elements.


  • Users of all levels can use its drag-and-drop interface and pre-made templates.
  • Make professional diagrams to explain project plans and progress.
  • Supports several project management diagrams and charts.


  • The free version has limited features

2. Todoist

Todoist home page

Todoist is an excellent choice if you're searching for a task-tracking app that's simple to use. It is well-liked by users and features an easy-to-use interface ideal for novices.

Creating tasks, assigning due dates, and organizing them is simple. Tasks can also be seen on a Kanban board, categorized into folders, and labeled with priority flags. You can work on a project with up to five collaborators, even in the free edition.


  • Task organization, including subtasks and different priority levels: Establish priorities, create tasks, and then divide those tasks into more manageable chunks.
  • Dates of due and duties that are repeated regularly: You can guarantee timely completion through customizable due dates and periodic reminders.
  • Cooperation and communication: Tasks can be assigned, comments can be added, and notifications can be sent for modifications.


  • Individuals and teams will find it simple to learn and apply.
  • Adapts to a variety of workflows and priorities.
  • Accessible via the web, PC, and mobile devices.


  • For complex projects with dependencies, it is less robust.
  • Integration with third-party programs is required for time tracking.

3. Notion

Notion home page

The notion is a one-stop shop for managing and collaborating with teams. Let's make the most of Notion by adding a task-tracking template if your team utilizes it for planning. Each team member can set up a personalized website to consolidate duties from several projects, all thanks to the connected database capability.

Notion provides multiple alternatives for task tracking. Simple to-do lists, calendars, Kanban boards, and project schedules can all be made. Notion users can fully customize their pages using various options and pre-made layouts.


  • Workspace that is all-encompassing: Offers a variety of features, including task management, notes, documents, and wikis.
  • Displays and pages that can be customized: Adapt your workplaces to meet the requirements of each individual.
  • Teamwork and information exchange: Collaborate with others, exchange content, and provide feedback.


  • Adapts to a variety of use cases other than task management.
  • It has a simple and basic design.
  • Supports a wide range of document formats and formatting.


  • Advanced project management features may be lacking.
  • Some customers have reported performance issues with the mobile app.

4. Asana

Home page for Asana task tracker tool

Regarding project tracking software, Asana excels beyond all other solutions available. Have you given any thought to using the platform for your own everyday needs?

Asana's free edition is nearly as feature-rich as its paid counterpart, with capabilities including distinct workspaces, tasks, calendar view, recurring deadlines, color coding, tags, and more. This can assist you in creating a weekly schedule, setting goals, and keeping an accurate to-do list.


  • Task management based on projects: Assign and monitor projects' progress.
  • Many perspectives (timeline, calendar, board, list): Create various mental images of the work.
  • Workflows that can be individualized and automated: Simplify procedures and cut down on the amount of manual labor.


  • Ideal for teams working on difficult projects.
  • Encourages communication and teamwork.
  • Connects with other products to create a streamlined process.


  • It may have too many features for individual task management.
  • It takes time to perfect all of your roles.

5. Trello

Trello home page

You're familiar with Atlassian's Trello if you've studied various task management programs. Because of its user-friendly layout and ease of use, Trello is the greatest option for those who enjoy Kanban. Its workspace offers a Table, Calendar, Timeline view, and Kanban to help you see your to-do list more clearly.

In addition, many templates covering a wide range of subjects are available, or you can take charge of your interior design by personalizing the background and color scheme.


  • Kanban-style board organization: Follow tasks through different phases visually (e.g., To Do, In Progress, Done).
  • Working together and communicating: Assign assignments, make notes, and monitor group progress on cards.
  • Power-ups and integrations: Increase functionality by utilizing well-known apps and third-party add-ons.


  • Even non-technical individuals will find it simple to learn and utilize.
  • It works effectively for people, teams, and projects of all sizes.
  • Provides sufficient functionality for basic task management.


  • When compared to more feature-rich tools, it is less versatile.
  • Complex workflows may necessitate more organization.

6. Wrike

home page for Wrike project tracker

In addition to project tracking,Wrike is a tool that can also be used for product creation and marketing. This software's adaptability allows diverse teams to work together and communicate while completing tasks. You may apply color coding, personalize your processes, and add custom fields for data export with Wrike.


  • Constructive project management tools: assignments, due dates, progress reports, Gantt charts, and management of resources.
  • Collaboration and communication: real-time updates, file sharing, debates, and activity streams.
  • Automation and integrations: Streamline workflows and integrate with other technologies.


  • Ideal for managing large teams and complex projects.
  • Keeps everyone informed and on the same page.
  • Adapts to changing needs and workflows.


  • It takes time to learn all of the features and functions.
  • When compared to simpler tools, the interface may appear more sophisticated.

7. ActiveCollab

 Home page for ActiveCollab software

ActiveCollab is a fantastic choice to handle client projects and other information like time tracking and invoicing in one location.

Designed with agencies and independent contractors in mind, the app has intelligent features that simplify client administration. From the job details panel, you may set work as billable (or not), calculate and track the time for each task, and handle expenses.


  • Client cooperation: Keep track of correspondence, communicate progress, and invite clients to projects.
  • Time tracking and invoicing: Keep track of your time on projects and send out invoices immediately.
  • Financial tracking and project budgeting: Keep an eye on project expenditures.


  • Improves workflow and communication.
  • It saves time and makes billing easier.
  • Provides information on project expenses and budgets.


  • Steep learning curve for beginners.
  • It may not be as effective for thorough task organization.

8. task tracker with the Kanban system is a simple task tracker that uses a Kanban system. The desktop and online app experiences are confusing, but the mobile app is personalized and easy to use.

Starting with a blank page or one of the platform's free design supplies, you can establish projects by adding tasks, assignees, time constraints, and subtasks (using the "checklist" feature). Team members can access an overview of their tasks from every task in the "My Task - Workspace."


  • Natural language task entry: Simply type or speak plain language to add tasks.
  • Smart prioritization: Use AI-powered suggestions to focus on critical activities.
  • Moments view: Get a quick snapshot of the day's upcoming tasks and appointments.


  • Simple to study and apply, even on the go with mobile apps.
  • It makes adding tasks quick and easy.
  • It aids in task prioritization and productivity.


  • Designed primarily for individual task management.
  • It is missing functionality, such as repeating tasks and subtasks.

9. Taskade

Taskade for remote and hybrid managers

Taskade is a flexible platform that facilitates team collaboration, ideation, and task organization. It offers several options for visualizing your work. Teams can adjust their styles to suit their unique requirements by alternating between Lists, Mind Maps, Organization Charts, and Board displays.

Taskade is especially useful for remote and hybrid managers. It provides team members with smooth communication and work collaboration. Its note-taking functionality and in-app conference calls allow you to work together in real-time, even if you are not in the same place.


  • Workspace with several uses: combines mind maps, task lists, notes, and video conferencing.
  • Real-time teamwork: Complete tasks with others and view updates immediately.
  • Tools for project management and templates: Simplify processes and efficiently manage tasks.


  • Provides more than just task management tools.
  • Ideal for distant teams and real-time collaboration.
  • Adapts to a variety of workflows and preferences.


  • It may take some time to become acquainted with all of the features.
  • Limits collaboration capabilities and storage space.

10. Teamwork

Teamwork home page

As its name suggests, teamwork is promoted as an all-inclusive solution for project management to make projects easier. Teams dealing with client work will find this platform useful because of its capabilities, which include client work invoicing and billing, project templates, time tracking, easy calendar management, and workload planning.


  • Task management based on projects: Assign tasks to projects based on dependencies and milestones.
  • Improved analytics and reporting: Learn more about your team's performance and your project's status.
  • Adaptable views and dashboards: Organize your workstation to provide the best possible information display.


  • Excellent for handling large projects and teams.
  • Provides useful information for decision-making and improvement.
  • Adapt the platform to your workflows and requirements.


  • Investment in training and feature familiarization is required.
  • Pricing may be prohibitively expensive for individuals or low-budget projects.


Ultimately, your requirements and tastes determine the "best" free task tracker. To identify the best fit, consider project complexity, team size, required features, and budget. And if you places simplicity, affordable prices, and real time collaboration before everything else, EdrawMind is definitely worth a try.

Whether you value simplicity, collaboration, robust project management, or AI-powered support, a free tool is waiting to boost your productivity. Remember that the goal is to select a platform that complements your workflow and improves your capacity to complete tasks efficiently.

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