Top 5 Best Note Taking Applications for Linux in 2024

Upgrade your note-taking approach using the digital tools that make this task 10 times more efficient. Find the best application for note-taking from our list and utilize it to no end!


Taking notes is an integral part of meetings and brainstorming sessions. However, its traditional approach has become nearly obsolete, where one individual has to write down everything using pen and paper. Today, people use note-taking applications because it is a paper-less and efficient method. But the problem is that you have thousands of note-taking apps for all platforms, confusing an inexperienced individual.

Let’s consider Linux, for example. It is a popular operating system, and you will find hundreds of note-taking applications for it. So, which one should you choose? Let’s check out the best apps for note taking on Linux to provide a clearer picture.

Top 5 Best Note Taking Applications for Linux

Linux is a widely used operating system, standing tall against its competitors, like Windows and macOS. You will find many tools claiming to be the best note taking app for Linux. But are they really? Let’s talk about the 5 best options that you can currently use for Linux!

1. EdrawMind


Are you tired of writing or typing notes in a plain text editing environment? Then, consider giving EdrawMind a try. It offers a visual approach to note-taking with 22 unique layouts and 47 vibrant themes, making it engaging and immersive. Also, it has its online version, requiring no prior installation to work.

Key Features Of EdrawMind

  • Outline Mode: The outline mode helps you organize your ideas more effectively before taking proper notes. It also helps with editing by providing options, like changing fonts, adjusting size, and adding images.
  • Presentation Mode: Want to present your notes to an audience? EdrawMind has you covered. It has a built-in presentation mode, allowing you to share your ideas with a crowd.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Sometimes, taking notes is not a task for one individual. EdrawMind can help with its real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on a single project simultaneously.
  • Templates Library: EdrawMind comes with a vast library of 6,000+ You can pick one that aligns with your or organizational goals, and use it for taking notes during your meetings.
  • Symbols: You will find tons of usable elements in EdrawMind that you can use in your notes. That includes emojis, shapes, icons, clip-arts, and more!
  • Task Management: You will notice increased productivity and creativity with the task management feature in EdrawMind. It helps you sort out several tasks without causing clutter.

Reasons to Choose EdrawMind

  • Easy to use with a user-friendly user interface
  • Has various templates for different occasions to save time and efforts
  • Several export formats are available, like PPT, Word, Markdown, etc.
  • Works on every major platform, including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and macOS
  • The free version has all the essential features. However, the pricing packages are also more flexible and affordable than most other note-taking apps.

2. Xournal


Nothing beats an old-fashioned note-taking experience, especially if you are non-tech-savvy. Xournal offers several functions, including typing, drawing, and adding media.

Key Features of Xournal

  • Audio Integration: You can import or record audio messages into your notes.
  • Import Graphics: While taking notes, you can add your pictures, icons, or other graphical elements to make the task more engaging and memorable.
  • Vector Diagrams: Interested in drawings? Xournal allows creating vectors with freehand drawing in its notes.

Reasons to Choose Xournal

  • Has a very simple interface, similar to a notebook, providing a familiar experience
  • Allows importing and exporting in a variety of formats, including PDFs
  • You can add annotations and comments to your notes

3. CherryTree


Are you looking for a technical note-taking app? Then, it doesn’t get much better than CherryTree. It has its own syntax, similar to HTML, allowing users to create tags for their notes.

Key Features of CherryTree

  • Node Mechanism: In CherryTree, you can create parent and children nodes, like main text and bullet points for notes.
  • Data Saving: CherryTree offers secure data storage by saving in SQLite or XML files.
  • Customization: This app lets users change the theme, add special characters, customize the format, and insert links into the notes.

Reasons to Choose CherryTree

  • Suitable for advanced and technical note-takers
  • Has two modes for note taking, including Rich Text and Text and Code
  • Allows exporting notes to HTML and PDF formats

4. Joplin


Not many Linux note-taking apps are as popular as Joplin. Available with its own cloud infrastructure, Joplin offers auto-save features. This way, you can never lose your work even if your device turns off unexpectedly.

Key Features of Joplin

  • Cloud Services: You can use Joplin's own cloud infrastructure. Otherwise, it also allows uploading your notes to platforms like Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Import Formats: Joplin allows importing images, audio files, videos, and PDFs into your notes.
  • Collaboration: The Joplin Cloud allows collaborating with your group members.

Reasons to Choose Joplin

  • Collaborates with the Web Clipper extension to save web pages as notes
  • Offers endless customization with 8 built-in themes and API extensions
  • Besides Linux, it is available for iOS, Windows, macOS, and Android

5. Simplenote


Simplenote takes data protection and security one step ahead by offering all-devices synchronization. Its familiar user interface resembles the default Notes application on most smartphones.

Key Features of Simplenote

  • Restore Old Data: Simplenote backs up your data automatically. That means you can revert any changes and restore old notes.
  • Sharing & Collaboration: Simplenote allows you to publish your notes in a group, allowing your team members to make changes.
  • Tags & Comments: Adding tags to your notes helps for better organization, while comments enable you to remember your notes longer.

Reasons to Choose Simplenote

  • The best part about Simplenote is that it is completely free without any pricing plans or ads.
  • You can preview your notes before publishing or finalizing them, using the Markdown format.
  • Download it for your Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, or iOS device, and sync data seamlessly.

How We Have Chosen the Best Note Taking Applications

Have you reviewed the list of our best note taking apps for Linux? Here are the 4 standards we have considered when choosing these applications:

1. Ease of Use

It is safe to say that not everyone is a tech expert. Thus, we have handpicked the note-taking apps that would suit everyone. But what makes these applications easy to use? Here are those elements:

  • Minimal clutter
  • Intuitive UI
  • Increased user control
  • Better information organization

2. Unique Features

Since the note-taking approach is pretty outdated, an app has to offer something extraordinary to stand out. That is why we have considered the number and usability of features in these applications. Apps with unique functions are given priority. For example, EdrawMind allows organizing your notes into mind maps instead of plain text. Similarly, each app brings something different to the table.

3. Accessibility

All the apps on this list are widely accessible to users. We avoided adding lesser-known applications that might be inaccessible to most people. Also, none of these apps are limited to a demographic, making them usable to a broader audience.

4. Collaboration

In most meeting and brainstorming sessions, note-taking is a collaborative effort. That is why all apps on this list offer collaboration to some extent. Some may allow real-time teamwork, while others let you add comments and share notes with your group. Either way, it is beneficial for an organization to use a collaborative app.


Are you ready to put your best note taking app for Linux to test? Consider trying its demo version if it has one. For instance, EdrawMind has a web version that you can use before installing it on your Linux. Similarly, many other apps let you try out their features to get a better idea.

It is equally important to consider your requirements before choosing the best Linux app for note taking. You should have some considerations, like required features, collaborative options, and budget. Review the list according to your considerations to find the best pick that suits all your needs!

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5,000+ free templates & 750+ cliparts
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