Top 10 Knowledge Management Tools for Businesses

Check out the top ten knowledge management tools and establish a knowledge-sharing culture. Collaborate with teams, reduce repetitive queries, and share organizational knowledge bases.

knowledge management tool
knowledge management tool

Businesses expand, and so do their employees, documents, side decks, sales, and customers. This big knowledge expansion can be messy and requires resources to manage. The only efficient way to manage and control the data flow of business is knowledge-building and sharing culture. Hence, even startups are turning to knowledge management tools. Implementing a knowledge management system aids businesses in building centralized organizational repositories.

But which knowledge management tool is better? This article will provide you with the top ten knowledge management tools for e-commerce businesses, project managers, and sales teams. It offers valuable insights on how these KM tools help businesses prevent information silos and maintain communication channels within the organization.

10 Best Knowledge Management Tools in 2024

EdrawMind - All-in-One Visualization Knowledge Management Tool

edrawmind knowledge management tool

EdrawMind is an all-in-one visualization knowledge management tool. Unlike traditional solutions, it enables big project management and sales teams to build their data repository through mind maps. With EdrawMind’s mind map gallery, you can transform lengthy documents into manageable mind maps. Furthermore, it has a collaborative working space for teams to discuss their knowledge bases, modify them, and leave comments.

Key Features

  • Pre-made templates (mind maps, concept maps, processing maps, etc.)
  • Collaborative working space
  • Multi-format file support
  • Automatic mind map presentations and outline feature
  • AI-powered mind mapping assistance
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, and Android)
  • It allows turning extensive documents into bite-size mind map information.
  • EdrawMind’s premade mind map templates save time and effort. Teams can also conduct brainstorming sessions using these examples.
  • Its beginner-friendly UI facilitates the onboarding experience.
  • It has AI-powered diagramming assistance that can transform your documents into visual maps with a single click.
  • The free version does not cover the AI feature.

Who Can Use EdrawMind?

Remote project management and sales teams can use EdrawMind to build their knowledge repository. Its visual appeal and intuitive UI saves time for priority tasks.

ClickUp - Best Internal Project Management Tool

clickup knowledge management tool

Click is an all-in-one project management tool for teams working across industries. It enables teams to build buyers' personas, create employees' handbooks, and document routine business processes. What makes it stand out is its integration function that helps companies connect new onboarding employees to significant organizational knowledge.

Key Features

  • Pre-made handbook and persona templates
  • Collaborative working space
  • Embedded tasks in document
  • Customizable knowledge bases
  • It supports separate dashboards for teams.
  • Teams can customize documents and visual hierarchy of pages. It also supports integrating media into knowledge bases.
  • ClickUp offers integration with over 1000 tools. It includes Zapier, Slack, Google Drive, and Jira.
  • It can be a bit challenging to navigate for new employees due to overwhelming features.

Who Can Use ClickUp?

Project management teams across departments can use ClickUp to streamline processes and connect new employees to the organizational knowledge databases.

Confluence - Best Digital Working Space for Businesses

confluence knowledge management tool

Confluence by Atlassian is a collaborative knowledge management tool for creating, maintaining, and sharing organizational data. It uses plug-ins and integrations with popular tools like Trello and Google Calendar to streamline business processes. Not only this, but its premade practice template and intuitive interface give it an edge.

Key Features

  • 75+ database practice templates
  • Third-party software integration (Atlassian products integration)
  • Real-time online sharing, commenting, and editing
  • Personalized notifications
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • You can integrate it into Google Calendar and Trello.
  • It enables cross-functional teams to collaborate in real time.
  • Limited document styling options.

Who Can Use Confluence?

Online business and cross-functional teams can utilize Confluence to automate their routine workflow. It is even convenient for enterprises already using Atlassian products like Jira.

Zendesk - Best CRM Knowledge Management Tool

zendesk knowledge management tool

Zendesk is a CRM management tool designed for business agents to assist customers. It enables sales and customer service teams to build a centralized knowledge base, including articles, FAQs, and other media resources. This way, they can connect internal members and customers to significant database knowledge.

Key Features

  • Powerful search engine with embedded keywords and filters
  • Zendesk suite tools Integration, including live chat and help desk
  • Accessible revision history
  • Help desk automation and collaboration
  • It enables teams to build a centralized knowledge base.
  • Users can track their changes and restore previous versions to ensure accuracy.
  • Zendesk supports frequent updates.
  • It has limited customization information layouts.

Who Can Use Zendesk?

Small online businesses and sales teams can use Zendesk to facilitate their customers. It empowers support teams to deliver instant answers and eliminate repetitive queries.

Guru - Best Internal Automated Knowledge Management Tool

guru knowledge management tool

Need a flexible tool to integrate knowledge bases into your routine workflow? Guru might be the right choice. It combines data from multiple sources into a single source database. Guru also leverages machine learning to integrate it into your existing customer service platform.

Key Features

  • Third-party tools integration
  • Analytics reporting
  • Automated employee onboarding
  • AI reminders to update knowledge bases
  • It deletes duplicated data sets for better organization.
  • Guru offers quick access to specific documents with organizational tags.
  • It offers real-time syncing capabilities for departments to collaborate.
  • It has a steep learning curve.

Who Can Use Guru?

Big customer service or sales teams that require on-demand contextual information from across departments.

Notion - Best Collaborative Knowledge Management Tool

notion knowledge management tool

Notion is a go-to alternative for teams to collaborate and organize various data types. It combines task management information, project management, note-taking, and search functionality. Plus, its advanced security protocols, Cloud space, and audit log make it functional for digital enterprises.

Key Features

  • Flexible team workspace
  • Note-taking and search functionality
  • Easily embedded media types (images, audio, videos, etc.)
  • Teams can access documents, leave comments, and track changes.
  • It supports customizable database layouts and templates.
  • Notion allows organizing document pages in a hierarchical structure.
  • It applies to a wide array of information types.
  • High data volume might impact its performance.

Who Can Use Notion?

Project managers, content creators, and virtual teams can use Notion to collaborate, enhance productivity, and streamline workflow.

Bloomfire - Best AI-Based Knowledge Management Tool

bloomfire knowledge management tool

Bloomfire is another advanced knowledge management tool promoting self-sufficiency for internal and external networks. It uses AI-powered content tags to categorize different media types and databases. In addition, Bloomfire supports Dropbox, Slack, and Google Drive integration into your existing database. Hence, integrating existing media into your knowledge base won’t be an issue.

Key Features

  • Automated content tagging
  • Analytical and usage reporting insights
  • Powerful, AI-powered search functionality
  • Third-party app integration
  • It supports different media types, including videos, documents, images, charts, etc.
  • Individuals and teams can easily access specific sources using AI content tags.
  • The Bloomfire collaborative space allows employees to promote social learning.
  • The steep learning curve does not promote onboarding.

Who Can Use Bloomfire?

Businesses building a structured knowledge base to facilitate employees and customers can benefit from the Bloomfire knowledge-sharing functionality.

Document360 - Best Project Documentation Tool

document360 knowledge management tool

Want to reduce the customer ticket volumes? It is a customizable project documentation tool for users and customers. Like Guru, Document360 focuses on building content with a built-in editor, which allows the team to control the document hierarchy and organization. It also supports category managers and advanced search engines to facilitate authors and boost productivity.

Key Features

  • Customizable documentation support, including user manuals
  • Real-time search engine with optimized keywords and category manager
  • AI-powered updates
  • Collaborative editing space
  • It supports large database volumes.
  • Document360 has an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface.
  • It allows users to quickly access information using filters and advanced keywords.
  • A bit expensive

Who Can Use Document360?

Document360 is suitable for customer support teams from startups and businesses. It can handle large documented database volumes.

Tettra - Best Slack Knowledge Management Tool

tettra knowledge management tool

Tettra is a straightforward, easily manageable document management tool that enables enterprises to build a central repository. What makes it revolutionary for businesses is its Slack integration function. It allows users to ask questions through the Slack app, preventing the need for employers to leave their internal messaging tool.

Key Features

  • Slack QnA integration
  • 30-day revision history
  • Google groups integration
  • Content verification and export functionality
  • It allows authors to answer repetitive questions in the knowledge base.
  • Tettra supports rich formatting options, including media, links, and other built-in editing tools.
  • It supports the new employee’s onboarding.
  • It does not eliminate duplicate content in the database.

Who Can Use Tettra?

  • Teams on Slack can use Tettra to streamline routine tasks and build a centralized repository in half the required time.

Stack Overflow for Teams - Best Q&A Style Knowledge Management Tool

stack flow for teams knowledge management tool

Stack Overflow for Teams is a lesser-known KM tool focusing on technical teams. It is a sibling tool of Stack Overflow, designed for a private take on Q&A-style knowledge sharing. It allows team members to discuss and share technical knowledge. The question-answer format also helps build the searchable knowledge base to promote storing valuable insights over time.

Key Features

  • User groups
  • Separate dashboards
  • Question-based knowledge sharing
  • Structured searchable knowledge base
  • It promotes security.
  • The easy Q&A format makes it intuitive, even for beginners.
  • It offers third-party integration (Slack and Microsoft Teams)
  • Not the best for businesses

Who Can Use Stake Overflow for Teams?

Software development, program, and problem-solving teams can use Stack Overflow Teams to share and discuss technical solutions.


In today’s digitalized world, content is the king, especially for growing businesses. However, handling extensive organizational knowledge is a challenge that requires advanced tools like KM software.

This is why most growing e-commerce businesses, sales, and project management teams widely use knowledge management tools to build central repositories for employees and customers. Using these tools reduces the time spent searching for information and boosts productivity.

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