8 Leading Tools to Generate Summaries of Long Articles

This article explains what an AI research paper summarizer is and presents the 8 best AI summarizers to boost your writing efficiency.

ai research paper summarizers

The AI technology has been doing wonders across the globe.

The writing industry has recently seen a boom with the incorporation of AI into writing utilities. As far as academic research is concerned, it often becomes irritating to read through the complete research paper to understand what it has. This is where a research paper summarizer AI plays its part.

An AI article summarizer not only helps you find the important points of the research paper but also saves you a lot of time doing that. In this guide, you will see the 8 best AI text summarization tools you can count on. Let's get a bit deeper into the discussion.

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What is a Research Paper Summarizer AI

A tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to summarize long research papers, articles, or discussions is commonly known as an AI summarizer. These utilities have been used in a wide range of departments for a while, but the academic sector is one of their prominent applications.

Simply put, an AI research paper summarizer enables you to find important chunks of information quickly from long-form papers or articles. When you don't have enough time to go through the entire discussion and find what you need, these tools lend you a helping hand. The ability to save the user's time makes them stand out in the market.

Now, you might be thinking about how exactly AI text summarization tools work. Well, first of all, they search for the relevant sentences and then try to understand their context. Later, they produce a concise version of the summary in unique words, ensuring the message or information you are looking for is crystal clear.

Today's market has a number of paid and free AI summarizers. If you are new to this domain, you can first try a free AI paraphraser. Once you understand how these tools work, you can purchase a paid plan for any software you like.

8 Research Paper Summarizers AI

Now you understand what a research paper summarizer AI is. Let's look at the features of some credible tools that use AI to summarize articles or research papers. Moreover, the below discussion also presents the advantages and drawbacks of each software. Let's have a look.

8 Research Paper Summarizers AI

1. EdrawMind - An Unmatchable AI Summarizer & Mind Map Maker

If you want to write a research paper effectively, don't forget to make sure that you have gathered all the important information and organized it very well. It will help you improve your writing efficiency. This is where Wondershare EdrawMind plays its part.

ai text summarization with wondershare edrawmind


  • It helps you condense content effortlessly.
  • You can streamline your workflow by gaining valuable insights with this tool.
  • It offers the one-click mind map generation feature to enhance your writing power.
  • You can use this utility on the web, mobile, and personal computers.


  • This AI research paper summarizer has no significant drawback, as per the experience of millions of users. However, the free version comes with limited options or features.

Bonus: With EdrawMind, you can now export your mind maps into PowerPoint, Audio, and Video files. A lot more has yet to come in the near future.

2. Jasper AI - A Great Tool to Maintain Your Text Structure

It is another powerful summarizing tool that helps you generate an effective AI-powered paper summary or a premium-quality copy in no time. Along with producing high-quality summaries, this tool also gives you recommendations and valuable insights.

generate summaries with jasper ai


  • The user interface is elegant and easy to use. It attracts newbies to give it a try.
  • The quick and customized summary generation feature sets this tool apart.
  • You can enjoy the free trial for the first seven days.


  • It may struggle while creating summaries of technical topics.
  • Startups and small businesses may find this AI article summarizer costly.

3. Resoomer - An Ideal Tool for Generating Argumentative Text

Are you on the hunt for a utility to produce argumentative summaries? If yes, try none other than Resoomer. All you need to do is copy and paste the text in the tool to get the summary at the output. You can get facts and effective ideas in a single click with Resoomer.

ai text summarization with resoomer


  • It allows you to summarize, rewrite, and translate research papers in a single spot.
  • This tool helps you separate topics or keywords in the generated summary.
  • The free version of Resoomer does not impose any sort of character limit.


  • You will see a couple of ads running on the main screen of this tool.
  • It can compromise while creating summaries of YouTube videos or when you import files.

4. QuillBot - The Ultimate Article Summarizer

Do you need a tool to summarize the main points in no time? And that too for free? Look no further than QuillBot. This web-based utility enables you to find out the core idea of the topic within minutes. It ensures that the original context is maintained while generating summaries.

ai text summarization with quillbot


  • You can copy-paste the text directly into this tool. An option to upload files is also available.
  • It helps you choose keywords to create a summary of a particular theme.
  • It highlights all the sentences used in the generated summary.


  • The free plan comes with a word limitation.
  • Sometimes, you may find issues with the summarized content.

5. Summarizer - Leading Text Summarization Tool with No Word Limit

With this free AI-powered article summarizer, you can create as many summaries as you want, as it does not come with a daily or word limit. This tool promises to protect your data at any cost. It enables you to fine-tune the final output.

ai summary generation with summarizer


  • The advanced summarization feature extracts key phrases and sentences.
  • You can adjust the summary length as per your requirements.
  • You can save the summary in a Word file.


  • The main interface runs a number of marketing ads.
  • The plagiarism-checker feature is not available.

6. ChatGPT - A Quick Text Summary Generator

It is a faster tool to summarize research papers that helps you find core points in no time. ChatGPT has assisted millions of people worldwide in writing literature reviews effectively. Try the power of ChatGPT and reduce your research time greatly.

generate summaries with chatgpt


  • This tool not only saves you time but also improves the way you write.
  • It understands the context and generates summaries accordingly, ensuring there is nothing off-track.
  • An elegant user interface has increased the number of users greatly.


  • It may create dependency for writers because it is easily accessible.
  • This tool may add some uncited quotations in the summarized text.

7. SummarizeBot - The Simplest Way to Summarize Papers

With this application, you can summarize research papers, articles, and other long-form content in a matter of minutes. It allows you to share the output file with other applications or devices.

ai summary generation with summarizebot


  • It offers a simple “chat and request” function.
  • The download, share, and save features are the top pre-installed functions.


  • You may sometimes have to review the generated summary.

8. Scholarly - The Best Text Summarization Companion

This is a dedicated AI article summarizer that creates flashcards for users to make them easily accessible at any time. It is, in fact, more than a text summarizer. Scholarly is known for assisting students, teachers, and researchers in deepening and fastening their research understandings. The prominent features of this tool include highlighting key contributions, terms, and points and extracting references, tables, figures, and facts.

use scholarly to create ai summaries


  • It comes with its own academic papers library.
  • This tool offers support for external links.
  • The generation of flashcards makes follow-up easier.


  • You can't share files when using its free version.
  • The free plan allows you to produce small to medium sized summarized text.

Tips for Writing a Research Paper More Efficiently

Following the tips listed below will help you produce a great research paper.

  • Identify the topic you want to write a research paper on.
  • Collect data, analyze, and verify it. For this, you can make a mind map using EdrawMind to make the analysis process easier. This tool also offers smart annotation and AI-powered translation features.
  • Figure out your target audience and ensure that you know their expectations.
  • Put your findings and highlight the most prominent ones to get readers' attention.
  • Once you are done with writing a research paper, share it with people of different levels to see if you can further improve it.

Ending Note

A research paper summarizer AI allows you to create a shorter and more concise version of long research studies. This is what a researcher always wants. If you are looking forward to writing a research paper on a specific topic, the use of an AI research paper summarizer will help you find important information instantly from different resources.

The above discussion has presented the 8 best AI-powered article or paper summarizers you can count on. Are you concerned about which one to try first? Don't you have enough time to try all of them and then decide the one you need? Don't worry. Try EdrawMind.

The mind mapping feature of EdrawMind is known for improving your writing ability, as it organizes information very well. Both paid and free plans of this utility are available.

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