Top 6 AI Chatbot Apps for Smartphones

Android chatbots have made it convenient to follow up on professional and personal queries. Beyond the popular, there are a few good options for startups and content creators.

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Chatbots are no longer limited to desktops and the web, as apps are integrating AI chatbots in mobile applications. Now, answering a query, fishing for information, generating social media captions, and following up on your daily to-do list is a blink away.

There is no shortage of publicly available chatbots as more apps are developing their own bots. Now, ChatGPT is no longer your only option; in fact, it is a matter of choosing a useful bot tailored to your needs. Let us narrow down our options and find some actually beneficial chatbot apps for mobile devices.


Top 6 AI Chatbot Apps for Smartphones

1. Edraw AI: Chatbot for Diagramming


Want to advance your market research and automate day-to-day tasks? Edraw AI might be the right choice for you. This chatbot acts as a personal assistant. Powered by ChatGPT, it produces similar or advanced responses and understands the intent better. Plus, the human-like conversational style works best for non-technical users.

But why this bot when you have several options? It integrates diagramming into research, a rare functionality for an Android chatbot app. Whenever you make an inquiry, it automatically converts the output into detailed professional diagrams, including mind maps, flowcharts, and tables, comprehending data in minutes.

Unlike other ChatGPT-powered bots, it allows exporting and sharing the outputs directly in formats like PDF, Graphics, Visio, and more.


  • Automatically generate and organize content in diagrams (flowcharts, mind maps, tables, etc.).
  • Provide brainstorming ideas and problem-solving techniques.
  • Producing different types of text content (professional documents, business proposals, study plans, etc.)
  • Translating content.  
  • Making inquiries about market trends.
  • Analyzing and summarizing massive amounts of information.

User Ratings

  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Streamline routine tasks
  • Limited free AI tokens

2. Nova AI


Nova is your go-to option for Android. Its intelligent language model helps get sales deals, book recommendations, and generate a social media caption. Even if you are not a person to write creative prompts, no worries. Its collection of pre-written inputs has got your back.

But why Nova? It leverages GPT-4 LLM, powered by advanced AI technology, and produces human-like responses. Thus, it is like you are conversing with a friend. It goes beyond generating output by giving personalized follow-up suggestions. Sounds cool, right? Wait until you hear about the voice-to-text feature that allows you to give verbal commands.


  • Image-to-text OCR extraction.
  • Producing different types of content (poems, chat responses, captions).
  • Advice/ Suggestions (movies/book recommendations, available tickets, theatres near you).

User Ratings

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Feels like conversing with an all-knowing friend
  • Notsuitable for complex questions

3. Snapchat My AI


Snapchat My AI is a fun, social-oriented chatbot built into a social media app, Snapchat. It has 3D avatars that converse with you in a human-like tone and style. Still, in the experimental stages, this bot can be your go-to option to answer fun trivia and get good movie/ book recommendations.

It is not designed as a search bot, which is understandable. You can use it for enjoyable activities to kill your time, from recommending Snapchat lenses to reading objects in images and translating text. Finally, the good news! It is free for Snapchat users.


  • Answering exciting trivia
  • Book recommendations
  • Snapchat lens recommendations
  • Reading images

User Ratings

  • Casual conversation experience

4. Tidio


Tidio is a great AI support for businesses aiming to automate their customer support and boost productivity. It integrates live chat and chatbot builder, allowing you to tailor the bot to your business needs. The bots are based on 37 pre-built templates and 16 triggers to implement strategies for boosting sales, recommending products, etc.

Tidio uses a pre-chat survey for customers to obtain their information and analyze it against market trends and competitor comparisons. Even better, it has a Shopify integration function that tracks visitors’ abundant carts and recommends need-specific products to customers.


  • Track customers' chats with bots
  • Shopify-store integration
  • Automating routine tasks for customer needs

User Ratings

  • A learning curve
  • Highly effective for startups
  • Difficult to make changes in customers’ conversations

5. Genie


If you find writing creative and organized prompts stressful, Genie might be the right choice. As a personal assistant that sorts the search for you, Genie remains true to its name. It has pre-built suggestions to frame queries, understand the intent, and process data accordingly. Plus, it allows you to polish the inputs and choose a relevant tone.

Powered by ChatGPT, Genie acts like a research assistant and answers queries. This bot specializes in producing content (long and short format). To make it even better, the app has an explore tab with content categories like writing, creativity, business, professional, and personal. However, you get only ten chats per day in a free version.


  • Producing different types of content (social media posts, codes, poems, lyrics, and short stories).
  • Finding job listings and ads.
  • Summarizing images, webpages, and text documents (preferably PDF).

User Ratings

  • Easy to communicate
  • No effort required
  • Limited free capabilities

6. Ask AI


Serious about getting your queries answered? Turn to Ask AI. As the name implies, it answers everything from a basic inquiry to lengthy research in STEM. So, you can ask for fun trivia about pop culture, scientific facts, or natural phenomena. But what makes it stand out? Simple, it has the ability to generate a response in half the time.

Moreover, Ask AI has a chat window with pre-formatted prompts. Just select one and personalize it. You can even ask it to play a role. For instance, you can give a role-specific prompt like “Act as a scholarship committee and review my purpose statement.”


  • Responding to fun trivia.
  • Answering science questions.  
  • Translating text
  • Essay writing

User Ratings

  • Generate response faster
  • Intuitive interface
  • Too many ads


Chatbots have made automating businesses, solving problems, finding information, and generating content easier. Even fascinating, they are now easily accessible on smartphones. Therefore, whenever in need of personal assistance, you do not have to start your computer.

With apps like Nova AI and Genie, responding to emails and writing social media captions takes seconds. Similarly, Tidio and Edraw AI have got your businesses covered. Edraw AI goes a step further and gives you fully-fledged automated diagrams. All you need to do is make an inquiry, convert it into a diagram, and share it with teams, even if you are on the go. So, try them, and they might simplify your private and professional life.

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