Top 10 AI Presentation(PowerPoint) Makers in 2024

In this article, learn about the Top 10 AI presentation makers with a highlight on EdrawMind, a powerful and all-around graphic and presentation generator for you. Learn several tips that can help you make the most of these AI tools.

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In the digital age, AI presentation makers have become a game-changer. They simplify how people create and deliver impactful presentations. This article delves into the top 10 AI PowerPoint makers for 2024. EdrawMind stands out for its cutting-edge AI PPT feature, revolutionizing how presentations are crafted. With EdrawMind's powerful capabilities, you can expect an elevated presentation-making experience.

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This article will take pleasure in guiding you through EdrawMind and other top presentation makers you can use. It's time to create beautiful presentations minus the hassle of making one.

Top 10 AI Presentation (PowerPoint) Makers

Wondershare EdrawMind - AI-Powered Brainstorming Tool and Presentation Maker

EdrawMind is a versatile online diagramming platform that caters to various platforms, including a free online version. This tool opens doors for creating visual content like mind maps, making it a valuable asset for multiple purposes, especially in the dynamic realm of presentations. Whether you're a professional, student, or anyone in between, EdrawMind simplifies the art of creating visual content.

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EdrawMind's AI-powered PPT generation feature is a game-changer for presentation. This AI feature springs into action with a simple prompt, quickly crafting entire PowerPoint presentations. The impressive results are tailored to your unique style, needs, and content. EdrawMind ensures that your presentations stand out in visual appeal and content quality.

The process is simple. Simply input a concise prompt describing your presentation's topic or content and wait for the software to generate an outline.

EdrawMind Inspiration Space Prompt

Sit back and relax as the AI takes over, creating an initial outline for your presentation. You can adjust and customize the output according to your preferences.

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EdrawMind AI will generate dozens of slides. You can customize the style of the PowerPoint with dozens of options available.

EdrawMind AI PPT Output
Note: While EdrawMind AI excels at generating presentations automatically, remember to add your personal touch. You can modify, add, or tweak the content to make it uniquely yours. Explore the PPT Style panel on the left to adjust the presentation's style. You can also fine-tune font styles, sizes, and other elements to match your preferences.

Bonus: What Else EdrawMind AI Can Do?

Beyond its prowess in AI-powered presentations, EdrawMind extends its AI capabilities to various other functions:

    • AI Video Generation: Transforms your mind maps into captivating videos, bridging the visual and informative content gap.
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    • Intelligent Analysis: Simplifies your life by creating concise and coherent text summaries, perfect for quick comprehension and effective communication.
EdrawMind AI Summary
    • AI-Powered One-Click Mind Mapping: Eases the complexity of generating mind maps, making it the ideal tool for simplifying intricate ideas and sharing them visually.
EdrawMind AI Mind Mapping
    • AI Drawing: Elevate your drawing skills with the help of AI, converting your prompts into polished and professional drawings.
EdrawMind AI Drawing
    • AI Copywriting Functions: Empowers you to craft compelling copy with the assistance of AI, a handy tool for those seeking impactful written content.
EdrawMind AI Copywriting

EdrawMind opens the door to a new era in presentation creation, offering access to these remarkable AI functions that streamline the creative process and enhance the impact of your work.

Slidesgo - Dynamic Presentation Templates Hub

Slidesgo Website

Slidesgo is a dynamic platform that shares similarities with EdrawMind's presentation maker. It provides an extensive range of templates and resources to enhance your presentations. As a user-friendly tool packed with features, Slidesgo ensures your presentations are captivating and informatively robust.


Slidesgo is available at the following subscription prices:

  • Free
  • Premium: €4.99 per month
  • Education: €US $2.99 per month

Presentations.AI - AI-Powered Presentation Creator

Presentations.AI Website

For those in search of an effortless means to create stunning presentations with AI, Presentations.AI offers a perfect solution. Describe your topic in a prompt, and let the AI work magic. Like ChatGPT's straightforward approach, it swiftly and efficiently generates entire presentations, making it a seamless and AI-powered companion.


Here's a current list of Presentations.AI's subscription prices:

  • Free
  • Premium - US $396 per year/up to 10 members

Simplified - Effortless Presentation Design Tool

Simplified Website

Simplified, on the other hand, offers an effortless way to create presentations. Its various features can also help you add amazing content to your slides. It has a built-in graphic design generator. Of course, you can easily integrate them into your presentations. Please take a look at the features it offers and stand in amazement at its powers.


As of October 18, 2023, Simplified's AI Presentation Maker is free. This means you can use the powerful feature with no limits.

SlidesAI - Google Docs Integrated Slide Generator

SlidesAI Website

SlidesAI is an AI presentation maker seamlessly integrated with Google Docs. With the bonus of free three-generation credits, it simplifies the slide creation process. It's a straightforward solution to create beautiful presentations minus the hassle of manually inputting information.


You can avail of SlidesAI's services free or by paying a subscription based on these prices:

  • Free
  • Pro - US $10 per month
  • Premium - US $20 per monht

Gamma - Chat-Based AI Presentation Creator

Gamma Website

Incorporating a chat approach, Gamma allows users to effortlessly jot down their thoughts while the AI works to generate content. This approach makes the content creation process smoother and more intuitive. Gamma is focused on providing user-based prompting presentation generation. This means that you can create slides by simply airing out your thoughts.


Like the other apps, Gamma is also available for free or with a subscription:

  • Free
  • Plus - US $10 per user/month
  • Pro - US $20 per user/ month - Stylish Real-Time Presentation Maker Website focuses on the art of presentation, effortlessly integrating styling principles to craft aesthetically pleasing presentations in real-time. It blends form and function to ensure content clarity and visual appeal. This is a great option if you want to create stunning presentations. Be sure to provide it with the right information, and it will do the work for you.

Pricing is also available for free or with a subscription plan:

  • Free trial (credit card required)
  • PRO - US $12 per month (billed annually)
  • TEAM - US $40 per month/user (billed annually)
  • ENTERPRISE - Custom pricing

Tome - Multimedia Web-Based Presentation Platform

Tome Website

Tome is your go-to platform for expressing ideas coherently and beautifully. It's built for modern communication, offering a fluid multimedia canvas for web-based presentations. AI tools assist in exploring new approaches and instantly generating content, enabling you to convey your message compellingly.


Tome is available at the following price points:

  • Free
  • Pro - US $8 per month (billed annually)/US $10 per month (billed monthly)
  • Enterprise - Custom pricing

Wepik - AI-Powered Slide Design in a Snap

Wepik AI Presentation Website

Wepik's AI Presentation Maker puts AI's magic to work for you, saving valuable time in designing professional-quality slides. By simply entering your topic and choosing a style, artificial intelligence takes care of the rest, freeing you from the hassles of slide creation. Wepik is also integrated with features, such as AI writer, which you can use to create more compelling content for your presentations.


As of October 18, 2023, Wepik's AI Presentation Maker and other features are completely free.

Decktopus AI - Innovative Slide Generator With AI Assistance

Decktopus Website

Decktopus AI simplifies the slide creation process by generating slides based on prompts. Additionally, it anticipates and adds elements you might consider based on your prompts. This smart AI tool ensures your presentations are both innovative and appealing.

What's great about Decktopus is that it also asks the estimated time for your presentation and the intended audience. This ensures that the output is heavily tailored to what you need.


Decktopus AI is available for free and for paying users. When choosing the annual payment option, users get four months free. Here's a detailed list of the prices:

  • Free (limited AI credits)
  • PRO AI - US $14.99 per month (billed monthly)/US $9.99 per month (billed annually)
  • BUSINESS AI - US $48 per month (billed monthly)/US $36 per month (billed annually)

Things To Take Note of When Using AI Presentation Makers

While AI presentation makers offer numerous advantages, a few essential considerations ensure your presentations are impeccable. Here are some valuable tips:

    • Double-Check Design Styles

AI tools are impressive, but they're not infallible. Occasionally, the design elements generated might not perfectly align with your expectations. Double-check the design style to ensure it harmonizes with your presentation's theme.

    • Double-Check Information Generated

AI may generate content swiftly, but it's important to review it diligently. Verify the facts, figures, and references to guarantee accuracy.

    • Customize Outputs

Most AI presentation makers offer customization options. Personalize your slides to reflect your unique style and preferences. Tailoring the content, layout, and design ensures that your presentations represent your ideas.

    • Utilize Apps With Multiple Features

Opt for AI presentation makers that integrate seamlessly with various other features. For instance, tools like EdrawMind generate presentations and support additional functions like mind mapping, AI videos, and diagram generation. This streamlines your workflow and enhances the depth and quality of your presentations.

By following these tips, you'll harness the full potential of AI presentation makers and craft efficient and impactful presentations.


In conclusion, the world of presentations is on the verge of an AI-powered transformation, and the top AI presentation makers are at the forefront of this revolution. You are encouraged to explore the diverse array of AI tools available. Select the one that aligns most closely with their unique presentation needs.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and versatile platform beyond powerful presentation generation features, consider EdrawMind. It offers not only AI-powered PowerPoint generation but a larger toolbox as well. As you move forward into the tech game this 2024, look for new features in AI presentation. They will level up your game and provide you with a headstart against everyone.

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