Infosys Company Organizational Structure | Ultimate Guide With Free Templates

Learn more about Infosys company and its organizational structure by exploring the Infosys company organizational chart created using the free template and AI assistance by EdrawMind.


When it comes to the Tech Giants in India, Infosys Limited is one such company that always stands out from the rest. This IT company provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services to national and international clients alike.

The Infosys company organizational structure provides insights into the company's organizational framework and helps the reader gain valuable insights into how one of the largest companies in India is structured. Furthermore, such organizational charts depict the key personnel's reporting lines, roles, and responsibilities.

In this detailed EdrawMind guide, we will break down the organizational structure of Infosys and provide a step-by-step guide to help you easily make a company organizational chart.

Part 1: Infosys Company Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Infosys reflects a strategic blend of innovative and ingenious leadership, operational excellence, and commitment that proves why Infosys is amongst the top IT companies in the world (currently ranks at #145 as the most valuable brand in the world).

The Infosys company organizational structure shows that Chairman and Chief Mentor Narayana Murthy and CEO and Managing Director S. Gopalakrishnan head the Tech Giant. The structure is a sophisticated framework designed to efficiently manage the company's operations and maintain a proper hierarchical order. Narayana Murthy is world-renowned for providing visionary leadership and strategic guidance to his employees and the rest of the world. Working closely with the company's MD, he oversees the operations and ensures alignment with the company's long-term vision.

Under the leadership of S. Gopalakrishnan, various departments are organized to streamline operations. The Chief Operating Officer and Director oversee critical functions like Banking and Capital, Strategic Global Sourcing, Enterprise Solutions, and Manufacturing. As noted in the different research papers, this department ensures that Infosys remains at the forefront of all technological advancements.

Alongside the COO, we have the Director and Head of Quality and Productivity, who spearheads teams involved in quality standards, optimizing productivity, managing communication design, and maintaining robust information systems. Furthermore, the Director and Head of Finacle take responsibility for finance-related areas, like Finacle and Infrastructure & Security. This multifaceted approach by the company addresses the diverse business needs and ensures continuous learning and growth within the organization.

Meanwhile, the Chief Financial Officer oversees critical functions within the company that safeguard the company's interests and enhance the shareholder's values. As depicted in the Infosys company organizational structure, the CFO oversees risk management, legal compliance, and corporate governance.

As you can see from this organizational structure of Infosys, each department in this company operates within the hierarchical framework, with dedicated teams and leaders responsible for executing their respective responsibilities.

Part 2: Make Infosys Company Organizational Chart

Now that we have understood the ins and outs of Infosys company organizational structure let us make the org chart using EdrawMind. Before making the org chart, you should download EdrawMind from Wondershare's official website and register or Sign in using your personal or work accounts.

Check out the step-by-step guide to creating an Infosys company organizational chart:

Step 1: Template Access

Open EdrawMind > click on the Gallery from the homepage dashboard. Search for org charts in the search bar at the top.

edrawmind mind map gallery

If you do not want to use a template, click Create > Local MindMap from the homepage dashboard to access EdrawMind's canvas page, where you can start making the Infosys company organizational structure from scratch.

edrawmind org chart steps

Step 2: Add Data

Once inside the EdrawMind's drawing page, double-click on the Main Topic and add relevant Infosys company information. Always start with the company's founder, followed by the Directors and vice Presidents, and then come to the Heads or Directors of individual departments.

infosys org chart example

Step 3: Summarize

Since Infosys has a decentralized organizational structure, we have used EdrawMind's Summary option to indicate how one person oversees multiple departments.

infosys org chart example download

Step 4: Insert Images

Navigate to the Insert tab from the top bar to add relevant pictures, marks, cliparts, tables, and other relevant media to your organizational structure.

infosys org chart pictures

Step 5: Access AI

If at any point, you need the help of AI, click on the Edraw AI bubble from the bottom-left corner and enter the relevant text to generate the image data for your Infosys org chart.

edrawmind ai diagram creation

Part 3: Why EdrawMind for Organizational Chart?

As you saw in the above section, creating a company organizational chart in EdrawMind is easy and yet accessible to all. Some of the most prominent features of this org chart maker are:

Key Features

  • Template Gallery: EdrawMind comes with 1,500+ built-in templates that help beginners and students easily create any organizational chart.
  • Import/Export Options: The tool comes with multiple import and export options that help in sharing and accessing files from different tools. Some prominent import options are XMind and MindManager files, whereas some prominent export options are PNG, HTML, SVG, PDF, and more.
  • AI-Assistance: EdrawMind comes with world-class AI assistance that easily lets you create any complex organizational chart with the help of AI. Moreover, you can even generate different diagrams that you can insert into your diagrams to make them distinctive.
  • Remote Collaboration: With the online version of this organizational chart software, users can create teams and access the diagrams in real-time.
  • Brainstorming: EdrawMind provides a dynamic brainstorming section that helps individuals generate different ideas before starting the diagramming process.

Reasons to Buy

When it comes to creating, editing, and sharing, EdrawMind is one of those tools that has it all. Some of the most prominent reasons for you to buy this organizational chart software are:

  • User-Friendly: EdrawMind offers an easy drag-and-drop feature that lets you create diagrams in just a couple of minutes.
  • Templates: The tool comes with 1,500+ templates, and as a registered EdrawMind user, you can easily duplicate the content of any publicly shared template in the mind map gallery.
  • Presentation Mode: EdrawMind has a built-in presentation mode that easily allows you to create live presentations for your peers.
  • Outliner Mode: With the Outliner mode, you can simply use EdrawMind as a traditional note-taking tool and later convert those entire notes into high-functioning mind maps or organizational structures.


Capterra Ratings:

  • Ease of Use: 4.5
  • Customer Service: 4.3
  • Features: 4.5
  • Value for Money: 4.4

G2: 4.6/5

Pricing Plans

EdrawMind comes with a wide range of pricing plan options that are well-suited for beginners, students, and professionals. Wondershare has divided the pricing model into three categories namely, Individual, Team & Business, and Education.

Plan Category



Annual plan: $59

Perpetual plan: $118

Perpetual bundle plan: $245

Team & Business

Basic plan: $335.75 (for 5 users)

Custom plan: [Contact sales team]


Semi-annual student plan: $35

Yearly student plan: $49

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Note: It is recommended to check the official pricing plan from Wondershare EdrawMind before purchasing.

Part 4: Principal Elements of Infosys Company Organizational Structure

The principal elements of the Infosys company organizational structure underscore Tech Giant's modern and dynamic approach to driving long-term value creation for the employees, stakeholders, and their clients. The principal elements have helped Infosys sustain its competitive advantages and have also deepened client relationships. Some of the future goals of the companies are:

  • Innovation and Technology Leadership: As the world moves towards Artificial Intelligence, Infosys has prioritized innovation and technological research to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Infosys prouds itself in delivering value to its clients. The company has a multilayer project management team, including Business Analysts who understand the client requirements and provide a customized solution.
  • Operational Excellence: Infosys has always prioritized its operations, and even in the future, it aims to optimize efficiency by minimizing costs and maximizing productivity across different verticals.
  • Talent Development: Infosys understands that its employees are their most treasured and valued asset. Over the years, the company has fostered a culture of learning that has empowered individuals to reach their full potential.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Under CSR, Infosys tends to make a positive impact on society. The Tech Giant aims to address more societal challenges and promote sustainable development that will help the environment and future generations.


As shown in this detailed guide, the Infosys company organizational structure provides how the IT-company has designed a strategic framework that drives operational excellence and prioritizes client satisfaction. Through a decentralized structure, Infosys emphasizes technology leadership and upholds its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The Infosys company organizational structure is a great example for those who aim to create similar organizational charts for their company. As depicted in this org chart guide, EdrawMind offers some amazing customization options and built-in templates that help beginners and professionals. From timeline to Fishbone diagrams, EdrawMind is an all-in-one mind mapping software that excels when it comes to creating org charts. Download this organizational structure maker today and start making wonderful charts for your company.

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