Hilton Hotel Organizational Structure: Free Guide For Beginners

The Hilton Hotel organizational structure example is a great way for beginners to learn and explore the importance of creating organizational structures. In this detailed guide, we will explore the ins and outs of creating org structures for the hotel industry.


Hilton Hotels & Resorts, most commonly referred to as Hilton Hotel, is a renowned American hospitality brand that was founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton. The Hilton Hotel chain is famous for its luxury presidential suits, scenic views, exceptional services, and diverse portfolio.

The Hilton hotel organizational structure plays a very important role in ensuring efficient operations, effective resource management, and seamless guest experiences. By properly identifying various roles and responsibilities and delineating the reporting relationships in detail, the Hilton hotel organizational structure provides a clear direction to its employees and facilitates different decision-making processes.

In this detailed guide to understanding hotel organizational structure, we will discuss the Hilton hotel organizational structure in detail and present to you a step-by-step guide to customize hotel org chart templates for your personal or professional endeavors.

Part 1: Hilton Hotel Organizational Structure

Hilton Hotel's organizational structure is designed to ensure effective management and operations across various departments, like Marketing, Brand Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, and more.

As illustrated in the following Hilton hotel organizational structure, the President of this global hospitality chain sits at the top from where they oversee the entire hotel operations and provides strategic direction to different Vice Presidents and Directors of different departments.

Within each department, these Vice Presidents and Directors lead a specialized team that ensures the implementation of strategies that would lead to the completion of objectives within the given allocated time frame. For instance, the Director of Marketing and Brand Development spearheads initiatives to enhance the hotel's brand image and attract customers by doing Market Research and creating strategic plans with Advertising, Events, and Sponsorship teams.

Similarly to the Director of Marketing & Brand Development, the Director of Operations focuses on optimizing day-to-day activities to deliver exceptional guest experience. The Director of Operations further oversees the Strategic Sourcing department and the production of luxury items, like running shoes and watches.

Following the first hierarchy of Vice Presidents and Directors, we have various teams and departments in this hotel org chart that work collaboratively to execute tasks and achieve departmental goals. As shown in this Hilton hotel organizational chart, different departments play a very important role in contributing to the hotel's overall success and ensuring that the guests and stakeholders receive unparalleled satisfaction.

Part 2: Edit This Hilton Hotel Organizational Chart in EdrawMind

Before you start customizing the Hilton hotel org chart, you should download EdrawMind from the official site. Once downloaded, you should register it or Sign in using your personal or work emails. Wondershare's EdrawMind also lets you Sign in using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

Check out the step-by-step guide to customize the Hilton hotel organizational chart for your work:

Step 1: Access Free Template

Head to the above hotel org chart diagram, hover to the image and click on the Download the hotel org chart template to your system.

Once downloaded, open EdrawMind > click on Local Files from the homepage and locate the recently downloaded Hilton Hotel Organizational Structure template.

edrawmind file import

Step 2: Edit Different Levels

Once inside the EdrawMind canvas, you will find an individual Floating Topic: "Hilton Hotel Organizational Structure." Start by double-clicking on it to edit the text. Rename it as per your hotel or any organization, for that matter.

edit hotel org chart

Start editing different levels of this org chart template. From your acquired data, start by changing the name or modifying the title of the President of the Hilton Hotel. Now head to the primary level departments and modify the text by simply double-clicking on them.

edit org chart title

After changing the primary level, start making changes to the secondary and tertiary levels of departments.

hotel org chart example

Click on the 'Tab' button on your keyboard to add additional departments to your organizational chart.

hotel org chart add category

Step 3: Customize the Templates

Once you have modified the content of your hotel organizational structure, it's time to customize the template as per your requirements. EdrawMind offers a wide range of customization options that help you to create a unique org chart.

Select any or all the parts of the hotel organizational chart that you need to customize and head to the right context menu to:

Change Layout: Select from a wide range of layout options that go along with your diagram.

Change Theme: From the drop-down menu, make changes to the theme's overall look and feel.

edrawmind org chart template

Font/Topic/Border: The second customization tab lets you make changes to the font, shapes, color, and border style. You can even make modifications to your Connector Style.

edrawmind org chart connector style

Images & Cliparts: The Hilton hotel organizational structure comes with different cliparts. If you want to remove them, simply click on them and hit delete. If you want to replace or add more cliparts, check the Clipart bar and search accordingly.

edrawmind org chart cliparts

Navigate to the Insert tab on the top toolbar to add images from your local storage or browse online through Pixabay.

edrawmind impage import option

Additionally, EdrawMind lets you create different Relationships within the organizational structure, and you can further create Boundaries or Summaries of different branches, as shown in the following image.

edrawmind org chart relationship

Step 4: AI Background

EdrawMind now comes with best-in-class AI assistance that helps create and modify different diagrams.

In order to create an AI-powered background image for your org chart, click on the Background Image option > select the AI-Generated Background option. In the text prompt, type the background-related text. You can further choose the dimensions and style before clicking on the Generate button.

edrawmind ai generated background

Part 3: Why EdrawMind for Organizational Chart?

EdrawMind offers a wide range of features that are helpful for beginners, students, and professionals alike. Some of the astounding features of EdrawMind are:

  • Template Gallery: This organizational structure maker comes with a wide range of templates that help create mind maps, timelines, org charts, fishbone diagrams, and radial charts.
  • Import Options: EdrawMind lets you import files from different tools, like Xmind, MindManager, FreeMind, and EdrawMax. It also lets you import different formats, like HTML, MS Word, POS, and more.
  • Export Options: With EdrawMind, you can export your mind maps and organizational structures into different formats, like Graphics (PNG/JPEG/ICO), PDF, Office (Word, Excel, PPTX), SVG, HTML, Text, MarkDown, and more. You can even export the organizational structure as video MP4 using AI smart recording.
  • AI Assistance: With built-in AI assistance, you can create mind maps, timelines, org charts, and more by simply typing the prompt on the homepage.
  • Collaboration Feature: EdrawMind offers a seamless collaboration feature. With the online version, users can create multiple teams and collaborate on different projects in real time.

Reasons to Try EdrawMind

Apart from the tons of latest customization features, EdrawMind stands out from other org chart makers for its effectiveness, pocket-friendliness, and other reasons, like:

  • Simple: To use EdrawMind, you do not need any tech or expert knowledge. The tool is designed so that even a novice or a first-timer can access all the features without any worry.
  • User-Friendly: With easy drag-and-drop features, you will not find difficulty placing any object or element anywhere in your organizational chart.
  • Affordable: EdrawMind offers a free trial that lets you create and customize your organizational structures. Even the premium plans are pretty affordable compared to the other org chart makers in the market.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: EdrawMind is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. So, the files downloaded from a Windows system can easily be accessed across different operating systems.
  • Cloud Files: Every account of EdrawMind comes with free cloud storage that lets you store your mind maps, org charts, and other diagrams online. This way, you can access them from anywhere in the world without any worry.

Part 4: Benefits of Using Organizational Charts

There are several benefits of using an organizational chart, like:

  • Clarity: Org charts provide a clear visual representation of the hierarchy structure within a hotel or any other company.
  • Improved Communication: With proper org charts in place, different departments can transfer information easily.
  • Decision Making: With a clear understanding of the hierarchy, it becomes easier for managers to make informed decisions quickly.
  • Identifying Redundancies: Org charts enable the team managers to identify gaps and redundancies in the roles and responsibilities.
  • Succession Planning: With org charts, teams can easily make decisions when it comes to promoting potential candidates.


Hilton Hotel's organizational structure serves as the foundation for efficient management and amazing guest experience. Through a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, different departments can streamline decision-making and even optimize resource allocations. As shown in this org chart guide, EdrawMind provides all the latest tools and features that help in creating and customizing similar org charts. You can download EdrawMind today and start customizing the Hilton hotel organizational structure and create your own org chart with ease and comfort.

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