Process Mapping Examples

Learn how to make process maps to facilitate day-to-day business and planning processes. Work smart and use the pre-made templates from the EdrawMind template gallery


Process maps, often called process flowcharts, are visual management tools that depict the workflow. These maps show a series of events leading to an outcome. Process maps are game-changers in a business setup, as they help employees get a better sense of routine activities, bottlenecks, and expected delays

Want to know more about this powerful planning tool? This article exploresprocess mapping examples and techniques in detail

In this article
  1. Process Mapping Examples
  2. How to Make a Process Map in EdrawMind?
  3. Why Choose EdrawMind for Process Mapping?
  4. Tips and Techniques for Effective Process Mapping
  5. Conclusion

Part 1: Process Mapping Examples

Want to know more about process mapping techniques? Check out these process maps from the EdrawMind template gallery. Then, head to the software and explore similar examples

1. Commercial Project Process

Commercial project management is a complex task with multiple stakeholders and never-ending research queries. This project process map might help you track the progress of on-field activities, achieving profitability and coordination. It divides the process into five divisions, each expanding into detailed descriptive sub-branches

2. Healthcare Process Map

Here comes a simplified process map for clinical setups. This healthcare map allows you to understand how everything takes place in a hospital. Its easy cyclic structure and different colors make it visually appealing and provide many details in a quick look

3. Product and Content Process Map

This product and content process map is a roadmap for managers to develop and complete complex projects. It divides the main theme into several categories: marketing, program development, sales funnel, and product development. With this map, you can immediately identify what needs to be done and who is responsible for what

4. Dental Assistant Process Map

This Dental assistant process map illustrates routine activities in a dental clinic. It has a circular structure with detailed descriptions. The creator has also used images in this map to explain certain things, making it easy for the eyes

5. Integrated Logistics Operation Process Map

Integrated logistics are nightmares for managers, but no longer with this order management process map. It demonstrates critical aspects of integrated logistics, such as delivery, scheduling, inventory, financial management, and execution. With this, startups can allocate the right resources to improve product delivery and customer service

6. Editorial Process Map

Editors have many jobs in publishing setups, and approving content is one of them. This editorial process map is your guide to evaluating, refining, and preparing written content for publication. The defined content review categories help editors maintain the quality and coherence in the outcome

Part 2: How to Make a Process Map in EdrawMind?

Making a process mind requires expertise in graphics. However, tools like EdrawMind made it simpler so everyone can use the help of process maps. Its premade templates and advanced formatting options simplify the creation process. So, let’s see how it goes

Before you begin, download the EdrawMind desktop version or try it online for free. Log into your Wondershare ID or access the software using your social media accounts (Facebook, Google, etc)

Step 1:

Visit the Template Gallery from the EdrawMind main menu and type Process Maps in the search box. It will display several templates. Scroll down the right fit for your task and hit Duplicate


Step 2:

On the editing panel, adjust the process layout accordingly. Go to the Start tab at the top and add Topics, Sub-Topics,and Floating Topics. You can also use the Relationship button to build connections between steps

icon for note

Pro Tip:You can use the floating topics to label the connectors. Just select Floating Topic and double-click anywhere on the canvas


Step 3:

Once satisfied, it's time to start writing. Double-click any field and begin typing. Adjust the font style and size from the on-screen prompt. You can also replace the topic boxes with Images. Go to the Insert tab at the top and click Pictures > AI-Generated Images, Pictures, etc


Step 4:

Let’s add clipart to enhance its visual appeal and comprehension. Visit the right-side information setting panel and explore clipart. Drag and drop the images on the canvas


Step 5:

Congratulations, your process map is ready. All it needs is some graphic elements. Go to the Page Style tab and change its theme, color scheme, background image, etc


EdrawMind allows displaying your process maps directly from the canvas. Enable the Presentation Mode from the top-left corner and create a slideshow. Once done, press the F5 key on your keyboard to enter full-screen view


Part 3: Why Choose EdrawMind for Process Mapping?


Process Mapping demands constant data updates and substituting connections. Hence, it's best to ditch outdated brainstorming methods and try digital tools like EdrawMind. This collaborative mind-mapping tool has resourceful templates, an easy-to-use interface, and visual assistance. It supports three working modes for visualizing ideas, memorization concepts, and presentation

  • The Mind Map Mode facilitates brainstorming sessions with its preset mind map structures and expandable branches. You can produce extensive and visually attractive maps using its cross-linkages, media attachments, and clipart in this mode
  • The Outline Mode makes data organization easier with its linearly-listed topics. This mode enables users to rearrange topics and add text descriptions with a few clicks for better understanding
  • The Presentation Mode allows you to display your work on a full screen. It features automatic and AI-assisted slideshow makers to present your process maps, eliminating the need to switch between platforms

Key Features

  • Collaborative working space: EdrawMind has a Personal Cloud space that promotes communication channels between team members and external partners. It enables teams to arrange brainstorming sessions and discuss projects from anywhere
  • Preset structures: The EdrawMind editing panel has 22 preset structures for mind maps, tree diagrams, and other types of diagrams. It helps newbies get a hold of their map’s structure and put in minimal effort
  • AI tools:This mind mapping tool supports a collection of AI tools, such as presentation, image-to-text extraction, summary, drawing, and research. With this, you can streamline routine tasks and welcome productivity in the workspace
  • Easy-to-customize templates: EdrawMind features a gallery with numerous templates. Here, you can find mind maps, concept maps, tree diagrams, bubble maps, fishbone diagrams, and more. Just visit the gallery and find the best match for your task

Reasons to Try

  • Intuitive UI: Mind mapping is easier with EdrawMind’s beginner-friendly interface. You don’t require any training to get started with this software, thanks to its preset structure and easily accessible toolbar
  • Affordable:EdrawMind features several flexible paid subscriptions and a free version for freshers. So, you can allocate advanced resources to generate ideas at a lower cost
  • Productive:Working with a hectic schedule means you always need extra assistance. Here, EdrawMind is always ready to help with its AI tools and resourceful templates. Plus, the real-time collaborative space aids idea generation in half the effort and time

Software Ratings

  • G2: 4.6/5
  • Capterra Rating:4.6/5
  • Ease of Use: 4.5
  • Customer Service: 4.3
  • Features: 4.5
  • Value for Money: 4.4

Part 4: Tips and Techniques for Effective Process Mapping

Process mapping is useful in organizing and visualizing an occurrence. Here are a few tips that can help you effectively lay out events

Keep it Simple

The goal of process maps is to simplify complicated and lengthy processes. Hence, you can succeed in process mapping by being concise and making intelligent choices about symbols. Ideally, shapes like rectangles, circles, and arrows help establish the sequence of tasks

Label Everything

Process maps work best when they are conveying the necessary information. It is possible through correct labeled connections. The key is being patient. Give yourself time to identify each activity properly and then establish connections. Adding comments is always a bonus for viewers

Add Visual Details

Sometimes, process maps have to be treated like mind maps. Hence, using images and clipart to illustrate the steps may boost communication. It is especially resourceful in scenarios where putting steps in words is challenging

Use Colors and Symbols

Colors and symbols do not fail to amaze you. Using colors and symbols can help you differentiate between categories and activities when process mapping. EdrawMind has numerous color schemes and clipart to spice things up in your process maps.

Use Timelines

Timelines are a dynamic tool to demonstrate how long certain processes typically take. These layouts are especially helpful for corporate processes with unexpected delays and bottlenecks


Process maps are revolutionary for business owners and project managers struggling to meet deadlines and follow up on procedures. As helpful as they are, making them can be challenging, especially with no graphic assistance. You must establish labeled connections, use the correct color configuration, and effectively illustrate delays

In order to make the process simpler, try out EdrawMind. It is a smart, cloud-based mind-mapping tool with premade process mapping examples and preset process map structures. Give it a shot; you might like its beginner-friendly interface.

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