Brace Maps Explained | 5 Free Templates & Examples

Brace maps simplify complex ideas by breaking them into manageable sections and showing connections. They narrow complex information into multiple branches and sub-branches to help understand things better and make decisions more efficiently.

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Brace maps were created in the 1980s by Dr. David Hyerle to help people think better and organize their ideas. They are now widely used in education and other areas to make complex things simpler to understand.

However, creating them can be a bit challenging. You need to think about how different ideas link together and how they fit into the main concept. So, let's learn in the following guide how to create brace maps easily, even if you are a beginner.

  1. What is a Brace Map
  2. What is a Brace Map Used For
  3. 5 Examples of Brace Map
  4. Conclusion

What is a Brace Map

A brace map is a simple diagram to organize ideas. It looks like a tree with branches that show how different ideas or things are connected.

It starts with a middle bracket in the center, representing the main idea. From this central bracket, branches spread out in all directions. Each branch can have further sub-branches related to the main idea.

For example, if you're learning about animals, you can create a brace map with the main idea of "animals" in the center. Then, you can add branches for different types of animals like mammals, birds, and reptiles. Each branch can have sub-branches, like "mammals" can further split into "dogs" and "cats." These branches can be a word, phrases, or even images to show the relationship between ideas.

Thus, the main benefit of a brace map is that it helps you see the big picture. It breaks down complex ideas into smaller parts, making them easier to understand. But brace maps also have other important benefits, such as:

  • They make it easy to see the main idea and how it relates to the details.
  • They break down complex topics into smaller parts so they are easier to grasp.
  • They're a great tool for studying, as they help with memory and comprehension.
  • They can be used to analyze problems and find solutions by breaking them down.
  • They can help you explore different aspects of an idea.

What is a Brace Map Used For

A brace map is a useful tool in many areas because it helps organize information simply and visually. Here, let's talk about some of the main uses of brace maps.

1. Learning and Studying

Brace maps are great for learning and studying. They help you break down big ideas into smaller, more manageable parts. For example, you can use a brace map to organize historical events in chronological order. This makes it easier to remember and understand complex topics.

2. Project Planning

A brace map can help you plan a project. Start with the main project goal at the center. Add branches where each branch represents different tasks related to the project. Sub-branches can contain details like task requirements, deadlines, and resources needed.

3. Problem-Solving

Brace maps are a valuable tool for solving problems. If you face a challenge, use a brace map to break it down. Start with the main problem in the center and add branches for possible solutions. Each solution branch can further branch into pros and cons. By doing this, you can weigh the options and make a well-informed decision.

4. Teaching and Presentation

Teachers use brace maps to simplify and organize their lessons. This makes it easier for students to grasp the material and for the teacher to present it in a structured way. For example, you can create a brace map of the "solar system ."Write the topic in the center and extend branches for each planet. Then, each planet branch can have sub-branches for size, shape, color, etc.

5. Writing and Storytelling

Writers often use brace maps to plan their stories or essays. If you're writing a story, you can create a brace map with the main plot in the center. Add branches for different story elements like characters, setting, and conflict. Sub-branches can contain more details about each character's traits, the story's location, and the nature of the conflict. This helps writers keep track of all the important elements in their stories.

6. Goal Setting and Tracking

For personal development, brace maps are helpful for setting and achieving goals. If you have a big goal, such as any fitness goal, you can create a brace map with this goal at the center. Then, add branches for different tasks like "exercise," "nutrition," and "progress tracking." For sub-branches, you can add tasks like morning exercise, no junk food, and drinking more water. This way, you can track your fitness journey and stay organized for a healthy lifestyle.

5 Examples of Brace Map

You can make a brace map from scratch, but it can be time-consuming. Instead, you can get a brace map example from the template gallery, which will save you time and effort. This will help in organizing your thoughts, making it simpler to plan, brainstorm, and present your ideas.

Here are several brace map template examples from the EdrawMind Template Gallery. All these and hundreds of other examples are completely editable and available for free. All you need is to pick one you need and edit it to make it your own.

1. Energy Brace Map

This simple template shows the basic structure of a brace map. It informs about different forms of energy in a clear and straightforward manner.

One look at the map suggests there are two types of energy: Potential and Kinetic. Both types have sub-branches to show more forms of energy. These sub-branches extend to even more branches, showing examples for all subtypes. This way, you can quickly explore all the different kinds of energy with easy examples.

2. Product Statement Brace Map

This product statement brace map template helps simplify the purpose of a product. It extends to various branches, each with one word to describe one aspect of the product. For sub-branches, you can add more details about different aspects of the product.

Brands can use this valuable template to define their products. They can outline their products’ features and shape their product vision. This will help them create a clear roadmap to market their products.

3. One-on-One Meeting Brace Map

This brace map template creatively uses branches and sub-branches to reflect on the one-on-one meeting. In simple words, one-on-one meetings are when an employee and a manager have planned talks without a set agenda.

This template shows the timeframe and details of each phase of the conversation. There are four branches, each with an explanation next to it, and extends to sub-branches, which are two examples of each. Team members can use this brace map template to a clearer insight into how the meeting went.

4. Brand Identity Brace Map

Brace maps are simple, yet they can hold a lot of information. Like this double brace map that extends both sides to show various aspects of brand identity.

With six branches in total, three on each side, it's like having two separate brace maps. The right side shows the brand's personality, culture, and self-image. While, the left side illustrates the brand’s physique, relationship, and reflection.

Each branch has more details in sub-branches. In some cases, branches even have their own mini brace maps. For example, "process" is divided into "teaching" and "learning," with more sub-branches for examples in each.

5. Meeting Minutes Brace Map

While the typical brace map has a middle bracket with three branches, it's not limited to only three. In reality, you can add as many branches as you need to create a more complex brace map. Like this meeting minutes brace map template, which extends to six branches. Each branch then explains an aspect of the meeting and gives more details for better understanding.

Learn more creative and useful mind map templates of EdrawMind.


Brace maps are a great way to organize your ideas. They simplify complex topics by breaking them into smaller parts for easy understanding. While you can create these maps from scratch, templates can be a much smarter and time-saving choice. And that's where EdrawMind comes in. EdrawMind is easy to use and comes with various pre-designed brace map templates. You can just select a template and edit it to save your time.

Moreover, EdrawMind now incorporates advanced AI features, such as AI PPT and AI video. With just a click, you can generate content, mind maps, lists, and text. This makes your work easier and helps you be more creative and productive.

You can activate Edraw AI through the toolbar, shortcut/icon, or right-clicking. This technology simplifies creating brace maps, presentations, and videos. So, give it a try to create brace maps easily.

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