5 Free Decision Tree Templates & Examples

Decision trees play a crucial role in business endeavors. In this comprehensive guide, we will present five free decision tree templates and examples that you can easily download from EdrawMind to customize as per your requirements.

Decision Tree Templates

When brainstorming on complex data and information, and when it becomes very difficult to reach a particular decision, most companies and project managers prefer making a decision tree. In business and personal endeavors, decision trees provide a structured framework that helps in understanding the potential outcomes of a given problem statement or a problem.

Decision trees serve many benefits, like:

  • Structured Clarity: Such extensive diagrams simplest complex decision-making processes.
  • Visual Planning: Decision trees facilitate strategic and visual planning that helps the users anticipate a potential outcome.
  • Risk Assessment: With the understanding of potential outcomes in place, teams can make informed decisions and create mitigation plans.

In this article, we will explore the importance of decision trees by providing you with free decision tree templates designed in EdrawMind. This way, you will easily learn through decision tree examples and will get a practical approach to use them for your projects.

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5 Free Decision Tree Templates & Examples

If you want to understand the importance of decision trees and get practical knowledge of them, we highly recommend checking out the following decision tree templates and examples. These free decision tree templates would serve several benefits, like:

  • You can easily download these free decision tree templatesand customize them.
  • You will get inspiration to create a decision tree for your work.
  • Such free decision tree examples would save you a lot of time.

1. Pros & Cons Decision-Making Template

The Pros and Cons Decision-Making template from EdrawMind provides a structured and insightful analysis of decision-making processes. As you can see in this well-designed template, we have outlined all the advantages and disadvantages of using decision trees. This decision tree template meticulously presents the Pros and Cons, shedding light on potential benefits, advantages, drawbacks, and challenges. In this decision-making template, we have also used an approach that helps in understanding the impact of each factor but also facilitates a balanced assessment for informed decision-making.

This decision tree template serves as a valuable tool for individuals or business owners seeking a structured overview to understand decision trees in detail.

2. Decision Tree Template Outlining Tree Usage

Ever wondered about the importance of trees in our lives? Well, this decision tree template illustrates the multifaceted roles that trees play in benefiting both the environment and human society. As illustrated in this decision tree template, trees contribute to the well-being of everyone. From the essential life-supporting function of providing us the oxygen to being a renewable resource for making boats, contributing to the construction of houses, and the production of books, trees benefit both humans and animals.

With a clearly appealing layout, this decision tree template serves as an educational tool for students who wish to write extensive essays on trees and how they contribute to our ecosystem and daily lives.

3. Managerial Decision-Making Template

The following managerial decision-making template is a great way to understand how managerial decisions actually take place in a vast organization. As explored in this template, there are different levels of intricacies that go into making decisions, like addressing the importance of group thinking, brainstorming, understanding intuition, and various organizational levels responsible for decision-making. By breaking down decision-making into comprehensible components, this template aids managers in navigating the complexities of strategic choices.

Such a managerial-level marketing template highlights the potential pitfalls of group thinking and even categorizes different decision types to facilitate a more targeted approach.

4. Consumer Behavior & Buyer Decision Process

The following consumer behavior decision process decision tree template is inspired by the insights of Author I. Radwan. As you can see, it serves as a guide to understand and navigate the intricacies of consumer decision-making. It further outlines various types of buying decisions that shed light on the complexities of consumer choices. As shown in the separate floating charts, it further delves into the buyer’s decision process, where we highlight what goes into a consumer’s mind from problem recognition to post-purchase evaluation.

With such decision tree templates, we can get insights into how innovations gain acceptance in the market and how we can grasp the nuances of consumer behavior to create strategic product planning.

5. Decision-Making Mind Map

The following decision-making mind map offers a systematic approach to choosing activities based on weather conditions and time constraints. As illustrated in this decision tree template, we have created three primary weather scenarios: Sunny, Cloudy, and Raining. If the Sun is up and the available time is less than 30 minutes, the recommended mode of travel is walking; otherwise, opting for the bus is suggested. In Cloudy conditions, the decision branches based on the severity of the weather. With Heavy conditions, one can opt for the bus, and other conditions favor a walk. In the case of Rain, the straightforward recommendation is to take the bus.

Such a visually engaging decision tree template simplifies the activity selections and even helps the students to decide the best mode of travel while facing varying weather conditions.

How to Use Decision Tree Templates

If you like any of the above-mentioned free decision tree templates from EdrawMind and would like to use them for your use, check out the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Launch EdrawMind

The first step in using such free decision tree templates is to download EdrawMind and register using your email address. Once you are in the mind mapping system, you will see ‘MindMap Gallery’ on the left context side and look for the decision tree template.

How to Use Decision Tree Templates

Step 2: Download Template

Additionally,’ you can hover to the template, and the ‘Download’ icon will appear. Once you click on it, the EDDX file of the template will be saved in your system.

Step 3: Open the Template

Now head to the homepage of EdrawMind > Open > Computer > Browse to browse the recently downloaded decision tree template.

How to Use Decision Tree Templates
Step 4: Customize

Once the decision tree is imported into your EdrawMind canvas, you can start making the relevant changes as required. From modifying the content to changing the background image, adding new layers, adding separate nodes, making new connections, changing the styles, and updating the entire theme, you can make different changes.

How to Use Decision Tree Templates
Step 5: Save or Export

After making the relevant changes to your decision tree template, you can save it in different formats. Head to the homepage > Save As > and from the drop-down menu, you can select the different file formats. Additionally, you can make your decision tree public by clicking on the ‘Share’ option that you will find inside the EdrawMind canvas.

How to Use Decision Tree Templates

👉 Learn about how to make your own decision tree online in EdrawMind.

When to use a Decision Tree Template

Decision trees and their templates or examples can be applied across different scenarios that improve the decision-making processes. Some of the key situations where you can easily use a decision tree template are:

  • Complex Decision-Making Process: If you are faced with intricate decisions that involve multiple factors and potential outcomes, we recommend checking out some pre-built templates that would make it easier for you to understand the implications of different choices.
  • Goal Planning: One can use decision tree templatesduring the strategic planning process, where decisions need to be aligned with the overall objective.
  • Risk Mitigation: When as a team, you are trying to evaluate risks associated with different courses, then you can create a template that you can modify for different aspects. This would allow your team to be well-informed and will also save multiple resources.

Free Decision Tree Maker

EdrawMind is one such mind-mapping tool that offers a wide range of customization options that make it the best decision tree app. Some of the most loved features of this free decision tree maker are:

EdrawMind V11

  • Layout: With this app, you can easily switch between different layout options, like timelines, radial charts, mind maps, and more.
  • Themes: This free decision tree maker comes with different theme options that instantly transform your theme as per your brand’s visibility.
  • Hand-Drawn: EdrawMind also comes with a hand-drawn theme, which transforms your decision tree into such a layout that it looks like it was drawn using traditional methods.
  • Outliner View: With one instant click, you can transform your entire decision tree into traditional notes, which would be easier for a few who still prefer note-taking methods.
  • Online Collaboration: With this decision tree maker’s online version, you can hop on the real-time remote collaboration with your team and brainstorm on different decisions to reach a potential outcome.


The free decision tree templates and examples provide inspiration to all the beginners who are planning to get started with decision tree making. At the same time, with the help of such decision tree templates, professionals can get ideas and work on their projects. If you liked any of the decision tree examples outlined here, you can hover over the image and instantly download them for your work. With EdrawMind, you can later make changes to it as per your company’s requirement and even add multiple different nodes to reach different outcomes.

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  • How user-friendly are these decision tree templates?
    These free decision tree templates are completely user-friendly. From changing the background to modifying the shapes, adding more data, and finding new connections, you can do almost anything with these templates.
  • How do Decision Tree Templates handle complex decision scenarios?
    The decision tree templates designed in EdrawMind simplify complex scenarios that provide a visual roadmap. With the help of this roadmap, one can break down intricate decisions into multiple clearer branches that enable effective analysis.
  • How do Decision Tree Templates help in avoiding decision-making pitfalls?
    Decision Tree templates mitigate decision-making pitfalls by visualizing potential risks and their outcomes. Such templates provide a structured framework that helps in making informed decisions, which helps in avoiding common pitfalls that might arise during the decision-making process.
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