Decision Tree Template in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Reaching an effective outcome from multiple actions demands resources like decision trees. Check out these decision tree template on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and EdrawMind. Find a suitable tool for a quick yet effective decision-making process.

Decision tree template on Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Decision-making needs to be objective and pragmatic, backed by facts. Thus, it becomes inevitably difficult when dealing with complicated problems. These problems require multiple actions to reach an effective decision. This is where most experts utilize decision trees. These trees are a roadmap for finding the best path to a beneficial outcome.

However, plotting numerous actions from scratch and scaling them requires resources. It worsens when you are just stepping into the corporate life. What’s better is to turn to decision tree template on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. These pre-made decision tree examples are designed in MS Office tools so corporate workers can integrate them into routine tasks.

However, these decision tree templates have limited scope for expansion, which may not be the best alternative for multi-faceted problems. You can avoid this by using advanced diagramming tools like EdrawMind with complex vector-based decision tree templates. So, let us compare how Excel, Word, and PowerPoint decision tree templates compare with EdrawMind.

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What is a Decision Tree Template

Decision trees are flowcharts designed to dissect problems and find the best outcome. At the core, it is a tree that analyzes a problem through multiple action nodes. An average decision tree has a root problem extending into multiple nodes. These nodes illustrate possible problem-solving actions. The terminating nodes at the end of the tree focuses on the outcome of a decision by weighing its risks and rewards.

Decision trees are widely used across sectors to solve problems and make effective decisions. However, their creation and scalability take an eternity. Enters decision tree templates!

The decision-making process becomes accessible with these readymade templates. Decision tree examples with solutions are a resourceful tool for experts and beginners to jump directly to analysis and solutions. Anyone can leverage these examples to expand numerous decisions and see how everything proceeds to a favorable outcome.

Benefits of Decision Tree Templates

  • Solved decision tree examples are impressive discussion starters. They enable teams to analyze the actions taken and their scope in achieving beneficial results.
  • With decision tree templates, data preparation requires no time.
  • Pre-made decision trees help experts pick the best action.
  • They can be integrated with other decision-making tools like mind maps for effective problem-solving.

What Makes a Good Decision Tree Template

Creating a functional decision tree demands time and effort, especially for those just starting. Instead, decision tree templates might be a better choice. These premade tools replace the creation process with productive brainstorming sessions. However, not all of them are adequate. Here are your criteria for selecting a good decision tree template.

  • Striking Visuals: A good template always has visual elements like colors, connectors, and labels.
  • Ease of Use: It must be easy for beginners and professionals to customize.
  • Balanced Symmetry: Templates with attention to detail always hit the spot. Make sure your selected example follows reasonable hierarchy and decision tree shapes.
  • Accessibility: It must be available for multiple devices. So the entire team can edit them.

Decision Tree Template on Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Microsoft tools feature a SmartArt function with premade hierarchy templates. Though limited in functionality, these templates can be useful for day-to-day work. So, let us discuss a few decision tree template on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

1. Decision Tree Template Word

decision tree templates word

Managing a project demands numerous decisions, from allocating resources to tasks and managing finances. Budgeting is such a significant decision-making process. This decision tree template word is a typical representation of a budget decision tree.

This example addresses the possible financial resources to run a project. The creator has followed a vertical flowchart layout to plot action and decision nodes. These nodes help you understand and manage sufficient resources for favorable benefits within the timeline.

2. Decision Tree Template Excel

decision tree templates excel

This horizontal decision tree template Excel illustrates resolving a cocktail party problem. This tree comprises a series of easily understandable nodes and branches. These nodes represent action choices with different possible results. Hence, the viewer can easily understand the uncontrolled circumstances of their action choices.

The creator has showcased alternative scenarios using chance nodes. It further extends into branches offering the payoff for each possible event. So viewers can break down the issues with each possibility. Be mindful that it uses similar-looking nodes for action and decision.

3. Decision Tree Template PowerPoint

decision tree template powerpoint

Calculating different advertising strategies' expected costs and benefits can help you minimize risk and improve sales. This is where this PowerPoint decision tree template enters! It depicts the risks and rewards of an advertising campaign.

The creator has used labeled nodes to represent action and chance nodes. Here are a few takeaways from this risk vs. reward decision tree.

  • The paid Facebook ads cost more than the sponsorships offered to Instagram influencers.
  • The predicted success of both campaigns has similar outcomes.
  • Facebook campaigns have a 10% increase in the failure estimate.

Tips for Using Decision Tree Templates

Though premade decision tree templates are handy tools, you should be mindful of when and how to use them for maximum benefit. Let us discuss some ways you can effectively utilize.

1. Collaboration

Grab a decision tree example and gather your team. Customize everything from its connections to nodes and sequential events. Add supplementary notes and reference links for later brainstorming sessions.

2. Discussion Starters

Readymade templates are handy brainstorming tools. A premade decision tree allows you to discuss its prospects and solve problems that would otherwise take forever.

3. Creative Inspiration

Decision tree examples with solutions are your roadmap to problem-solving and decision-making. Use them to facilitate your creative process and explore new opportunities.

4. De-Cluttering Decision Trees Templates

Make sure your decision tree template has an established symmetry. If not, remove one or two elements until you are satisfied with the layout.

5. Go Beyond the Template Contents

Never close your ideas into a box. Decision tree examples undoubtedly have impressive ideas. However, you should encourage group participants to brainstorm innovative ideas.

Free Decision Tree Maker

free decision tree maker

Microsoft tools like Word and PowerPoint are useful in making basic decision trees. However, their inadequacy in expanding the action nodes may hinder your project’s scope. What’s better is an advanced mind-mapping tool like EdrawMind. It features a massive mind map gallery with premade decision tree examples solved, transforming your problem-solving journey. Here is why it might be a better choice.

  • Single-click AI-powered mind mapping function
  • Multi-format file export support, including Docx, PPT, and XLSL
  • 6000+ premade templates, including mind maps, decision trees, and brainstorming
  • Auto-presentation slideshow and slide creation
  • Edraw AI support for producing content and drawings
  • Vector-based extensive canvas to plot and expand decision trees


Decision tree examples come in handy when finding the effects of decisions and minimizing the risks. Microsoft Office tools incorporate useful tools like SmartArt templates for corporate workers to map decision trees. So, try the decision tree template on Word, Excel, PowerPoint whenever you want to save time from an already busy schedule.

However, be mindful that they have limited scope for scalability. So, if you are dealing with complicated problems and various risky decisions, mind mapping tools like EdrawMind might be a better choice. It features readymade decision tree templates for experts and beginners. Plus, you can export them to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with a few clicks.

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