Think Bigger From EdrawMind User Guide

Tarot Divination

EdrawMind's Tarot Divination feature combines ancient wisdom with advanced AI technology to provide a captivating and enjoyable method for seeking guidance and insights.

To explore the Tarot Divination feature in EdrawMind, follow these convenient entry points:

01 Tarot Divination through Floating Bar

  • Select the target topic in your mind map that you want to explore through Tarot divination.
  • In the floating toolbar, click the AI Generated Content button and choose Tarot Divination from the available choices.
edraw ai menu tarot

02 Tarot Divination through Right-Click

  • Right-click on the topic in your mind map that you wish to explore with Tarot Divination. Select AI Generated Content from the menu, and then choose Tarot Divination.
right click tarot
  • EdrawMind will generate three Tarot readings using the Rider-Waite Tarot deck and add them as subtopics to your mind map.
tarot result

03 3.Tarot Divination through Edraw AI Window

  • Access the Edraw AI window by either clicking the Edraw AI button in the AI menu at the top ribbon or the Edraw AI ball in the workspace.
  • In the Edraw AI window, go to the Pre-scene Setup menu and choose Tarot Divination as the desired option.
edraw ai pre scene tarot
  • Alternatively, you can click the AI Tarot Divination button under the AI menu, which will automatically direct you to the Edraw AI window with the Tarot Divination option selected.
ai tarot button
  • Enter your question or inquiry, such as "How is my fortune this year?" Edraw AI will conduct a Tarot divination and provide you with relevant insights.
pre scene tarot result
The Tarot readings generated by EdrawMind are intended for reference and entertainment purposes only. Enjoy the experience and gain inspiration from the ancient art of Tarot divination.